Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Hagen

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Hagen

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Hagen is a German city located in the Ruhr region, in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is a very green city that is surrounded by mountainous landscapes and water reservoirs.

International students who choose to make their mobility in Hagen, in addition to enjoying everything the city has to offer, take the opportunity to travel to other nearby cities. For example, you will be able to reach Wuppertal and Dortmund in around 20 minutes by public transport, Essen in just over 30 minutes and Düsseldorf and Cologne in around an hour.

Are you looking for student accommodation in Hagen? First of all, we recommend that you read this article to the end, in which we give you several tips you need to know to find your ideal accommodation easily. Secondly, we suggest that you use the Erasmus Play housing search engine that we put at your disposal. In which you will be able to compare verified Hagen apartments, rooms and residences from a wide variety of online platforms and websites specialized in accommodation in Hagen.

Student apartments for rent in Hagen

If your preferred alternative is to rent a whole place for yourself, you have to know that in Hagen you will find a multitude of studio apartments available for students. These flats have the capacity for one or two people, ideally couples, and have a bathroom, kitchen and living room that you will not have to share with other colleagues.

However, keep in mind that the cost may be higher than that of a shared apartment. As a reference, the price of a studio apartment in Hagen is usually between € 450 and € 1550 per month, always depending on the characteristics it has and the location in which it is.

On the other hand, you will also have the option of renting an apartment with several rooms to share with other young people. In this case, the cost is usually a little cheaper, since you can divide the rent and the expenses of the utility bills among everyone who lives there. The price of shared apartments usually goes from € 550 onwards for one with two rooms. 

Student room for rent in Hagen

Do you want to rent a room in a shared apartment in Hagen? In Hagen, there is a high demand for rooms for rent and that is why we recommend that you start your search as soon as possible. The rooms at Hagen are usually individual and spacious, being furnished with everything a student needs, such as a bed, wardrobe and desk. Of course, pay attention to the characteristics because many of them have special details (TV or a window with beautiful views of the city, etc).

In general, the cost of rooms in shared flats in Hagen usually goes from € 250 onwards and can go up to € 300 per month. The average price is around € 280 per month.

Student accommodation in Hagen

Hagen is indeed a relatively small city, but there are different areas of the city that you can consider when looking for accommodation as a student. In this section, we tell you which are the preferred areas to live for international youth.

Apartments for rent in Hagen Mitte 

This neighbourhood is the centre of the city. As is to be expected, you will find a great variety of places of interest for young people, including bars, restaurants, theatres, historical buildings, museums, among others. 

Apartments in Altenhagen 

Altenhagen is an area located north of the centre of Hagen, very close to the main train station of the city. Young people who choose this location to live often enjoy the green spaces and shops found in the neighbourhood.

Rooms for Rent in Fley 

The Fley neighbourhood is located between the centre of Hagen and the University campus, making it a good location if you want to be close to both areas. Here you will be able to enjoy several green areas, in which you will also be able to practice sports.

Erasmus accommodation near the FernUniversität Hagen 

This institution is the largest in Germany, being the only distance education university in the country that is funded by the state. The courses it offers may be part of its face-to-face curriculum so, despite being a distance university, it also welcomes many students to its Hagen campus. The main campus is located in the university district, called “Hochschulviertel” in German, east of the city centre, approximately 15 minutes by public transport from it.

University residence in Hagen 

The FernUniversität Hagen offers its students several residences and hostels in which you will be able to apply for a place if you wish. In most of these residences, the available accommodation corresponds to single or double rooms, with the rest of the facilities to be shared among all the students who live there. It is convenient that you compare between the different residences to be able to choose the ideal one for you.

Frequently asked questions about studying in Hagen

How much does a student flat cost in Hagen?

The price of shared apartments usually goes from € 550 onwards for a two-bedroom apartment and the price of a studio flat is usually between € 450 and € 1,550 per month.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship for students in Hagen?

The amount of the Erasmus grant will depend on your country of origin. And is that each country is governed by its own regulations and the amount of the allocation varies from one to the other.

How to find cheap student accommodation in Hagen?

We suggest that you make use of the Erasmus Play search engine, in which you will be able to compare the different accommodations in a simple way, viewing the images, descriptions, prices, locations and entry requirements. You will also be able to make the reservation safely and completely online, which will facilitate the process.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student at Hagen?

This largely depends on the type of accommodation you choose and the lifestyle you lead. He estimates that you will have to have around € 700-750 a month for rent, food, leisure and some cheap trips.

Why go on Erasmus to Hagen?

During your Erasmus experience in Hagen, you will be able to delve into German culture, learning about its traditions, its way of life, its gastronomy and its people. You will also be able to share the experience with other international students. Of course, several young people from previous years recommend knowing German before living in this city, both to be able to follow the classes easily and to be able to interact with the locals.