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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Hannover

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Hannover

Private rooms Hanover 204 1620/month
Studios Hanover 9 1155/month
Apartments Hanover 32 1752/month

Hannover is the capital and largest city of the state of Lower Saxony, located in northern Germany. It stands out for having very beautiful and well-kept green areas and other parts with lakes, which you will be able to enjoy by bike if you feel like it. You will also be able to walk its streets with modern and old architecture, thanks to its old town and new city.

Regarding the atmosphere, all the students say that Hannover is very dynamic and fun, with a young and modern atmosphere. In addition to activities, excursions, parties and barbecues being organized at the university, in the city of Hannover there are usually many cultural events and concerts to go to.

Surely you are wondering, how much does it cost to live in Hanover for students? This depends, mainly, on the lifestyle you lead and the type of accommodation you choose. In the Erasmus Play search engine, you will surely be able to find your ideal room or flat, whether you have a tight budget or a higher one.

Student apartments for rent in Hannover

Are you looking for student flats in Hannover? In this city of Lower Saxony, you will be able to choose between full studio apartments, just for you, or one with more rooms to share with friends or other students. Each accommodation has different characteristics, pay attention, for example, to how many rooms it has, what shared spaces it has and if service costs are included.

A studio apartment has a price that goes from € 550 onwards, with an average of € 750 per month. For its part, an apartment with more rooms to share starts at € 1000 and can go up to € 2400, always depending on their characteristics and locations. You will be able to see all these details on our map and compare the different options to choose the best one for you.

Student room for rent in Hannover

This alternative is one of the favourites for Erasmus students in the German city, as it allows them to share the experience with other young people more closely and save on rental costs and monthly bills.

The rooms offered are usually private, but you will have to share common spaces, such as the living room and kitchen, and most of the time also the bathroom. You have to pay attention to the characteristics of the room (wardrobe, bedding and desk) and also to those of the apartment itself. Most include basic appliances, such as a washing machine, oven and microwave, and some have extra details, such as a balcony and/or terrace. 

Take note of all the characteristics, since on some housing options only people of the same sex are accepted, especially when it comes to women. Through our search engine, you can find rooms for rent from € 500 per month.

Student accommodation in Hanover

This large German city has many beautiful neighbourhoods to live in. Next, we present some recommendations and details of the different and most chosen areas of the city by international students to live in, in Hanover.

Apartments for rent in Altstadt 

This neighbourhood is the historic centre of the city, with important monuments and cobbled streets. In addition, every weekend you will be able to go to a market held on the banks of the River Leine. In the Altstadt neighbourhood, a flat to share goes from € 1,500 onwards.

Apartments for rent in Nordstadt 

The Nordstadt area is popular with students as it is located close to the main campus of the Leibniz University of Hanover. This area also has a good public transport connection with the city centre, which you will be able to reach in approximately 15 minutes.

Rooms for rent in Calenberger Neustadt 

This neighbourhood is located on the left bank of the river Leine, between it and a branch called Ihme. It is just a few minutes walk from the centre of Hannover and has many entertainment venues to enjoy, such as an amusement park, green areas and easy access to Lake Maschsee.

Erasmus accommodation near the universities of Hannover 

These are the most recognized institutions in the city:

Leibniz University of Hannover (LUH) 

This university is one of the largest in Germany. Its campus is located north of the city centre, accessible in a few minutes on foot or by public transport. If you want to live nearby, you can consider neighbourhoods like Nordstadt, Oststadt, and Mitte.

University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Hochschule Hannover) 

The campus of this institution is located further south of the city, so some of the most convenient areas to live in would be Calenberger Neustadt and Linden-Süd.

Hannover Medical University 

This university is located east of Hannover Mitte, about 35 minutes from the centre by public transport. To live close to it you can consider neighbourhoods like Groß - Buchholz and Heideviertel.

University residence in Hannover 

There are several student residences scattered throughout the city, some specific to each university. You have to determine which one you will go to know in which residence you should apply for a place. The price is usually cheaper than other forms of accommodation, but keep in mind that they generally do not have a dining room, so you will have an extra cost of food. For this reason, it is not one of the most recommended options for students.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hannover 

How much does a student room cost in Hannover?

This depends on whether it is a private apartment or a residence. The average cost of a room in a private apartment is € 350 per month with expenses included. As for a residence, the average monthly price is € 360.

How to find a cheap apartment in Hanover?

In the Erasmus Play search engine, you will be able to compare all the verified apartment options available, from various companies and online platforms. You will be able to do it quickly and easily, filtering by the features that you like the most. You will surely find your ideal apartment!

Where to live in Hanover as a student?

This depends, above all, on the location of your university. However, from the centre, you will have a good connection with all the institutions. In addition, we recommend neighborhoods such as Nordstadt, Oststadt, Calenberger Neustadt and Linden-Süd.

What is the approximate monthly expenditure for a student in Hannover?

If you rent a room in a shared apartment (average price of € 350 per month), including food, entertainment and transport, it means that you must have between € 600-650 per month. But of course, it all depends on the lifestyle you lead and how many trips you make.

Why study in Hanover?

This German city has many advantages for international students, such as the possibility of learning their language. The environment for young people is perfect, with many activities to do during the day and party places to go at night. In addition, Hanover is close to other beautiful cities to visit, such as Hamburg and Bremen.