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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Jaen

Information about Jaén

Jaen is the capital of one of the 8 provinces that make up the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, located in the south of Spain. It is an area highly appreciated for its landscapes, the climate and the warmth of its people. Jaen is not one of the most requested Erasmus destinations in Spain, but all the students who have already been there say the same thing: it is an incredible city to live the Erasmus experience!

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One of the great advantages that Jaen has is that it is a very economical city, one of the cheapest that you can find in Spain, and we will also notice this when we look for accommodation. With this guide, we are going to try to give you the necessary keys to find accommodation for rent in Jaen in an easy way.

Our website has a student accommodation search engine where you can find dozens of different options. You should know that all the accommodations that we include in our search engine have been previously verified so that you can make a secure booking.

Student apartments for rent in Jaen

We have to tell you that if you are looking for student rental apartments in Jaen for a single person, it is quite difficult to find them and the prices can skyrocket. Many times the best option is to share a flat with more people, whether they are friends of yours or young people who are in the same situation as you and need to find roommates.

The offer of apartments for rent in Jaen is limited, so it is sometimes a bit difficult to find medium-term accommodation (4-9 months) and that is why we recommend you look for other options such as renting a room. Here are more details.

Student room for rent in Jaen

Here the variety is much greater and it is logical because the owners tend to obtain higher returns when renting the apartment by rooms. The good thing about the offer is that it influences prices and in Jaen, you can find very cheap rooms for rent for students.

The average price per room for students in Jaen is around 200-250 euros per month. Prices tend to rise as we get closer to the city centre, around 300 euros, which is still quite cheap when compared to other cities in Spain or even in Europe where you can go on Erasmus.

Student accommodation in Jaen

In addition to everything mentioned above, you have to know that the location will affect the rental price, but the difference may not be so much as to give up its comforts. Not only the centre is a good option to live in, but there are also other areas that you may like better, either because of the proximity to the university or because you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Next, we will tell you which are some of the most demanded neighbourhoods in Jaen.

Apartments for rent in the centre of Jaen

To live in the centre of Jaen is to locate yourself in the heart of the old town, with the cathedral, Plaza de la Constitución or Avda de Granada. All these places are very good to look for apartments for rent, there is variety between the buildings (old and modern). The prices are somewhat more expensive, but there is not too great a difference compared to other areas of the city.

Apartments in Las Lagunillas

The University of Jaen is located in Las Lagunillas, which makes this area a very suitable place to find apartments for students. It is located north of Jaen and communication with the centre is good. The surroundings of the Las Lagunillas Campus of the UJA are full of options for people who come to spend a school year.

Rooms for rent in Bulevard

Bulevard is full of flats in private urbanizations where you can find a wide variety of rentals. It is very close to the Renfe station, so if you plan to tour the rest of Spain, this will come in handy. Prices are around € 250 per room per month, one of the cheapest options in the city.

Erasmus accommodation in Santa Isabel

Another recommended location for its tranquillity and good prices is Santa Isabel. Here you will also find a variety of Erasmus accommodation and there are many services nearby. It is practically close to everything, both the university and the centre, so we consider it to be a good area.

University residence in Jaen

The option of university residences in Jaen is also very present and there is a wide variety of them. To qualify for a room you will have to be aware of the application deadline since they have limited places and many of them may be sold out soon. The prices depend a lot on the type of room and if it includes any type of pension or cleaning service, which would make the monthly cost more expensive.

Frequently asked questions about Jaen

How much does it cost to live in Jaen?
Jaen is one of the five cheapest cities to live in Spain. Accommodations can cost around 200 euros per room and the cost of living is cheap. You will need a budget of 500-600 a month so as not to deprive yourself of anything.
Where to find rental apartments for students in Jaen?
You are in the best place to find rental apartments for students in Jaen because with our search engine you will access cheap and verified accommodation, for your greater security.
Why study at the University of Jaen?
The academic offer available at the UJA is very wide and you can easily find any university degree. If you want to know the south of Spain, Jaen is an ideal place to reside for a few months and live the experience to the fullest.
How to find student accommodation in Jaen?
Finding accommodation in Jaen is not difficult, however, we recommend that you start looking as soon as possible since the best ones are rented right away. Through our search engine, you can consult all the accommodations available in Jaen.
How much does a university residence cost in Jaen?
It depends on the residence, the cheapest being the one offered by the University (UJA) itself, around € 200 per month for a single room. The rest offer board and cleaning, so the price increases considerably.

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