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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Katowice

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Katowice

Private rooms Katowice 5 444/month
Apartments Katowice 3 1043/month

Katowice is located in southern Poland, in the Upper Silesia region. This city is in constant renovation and has a large number of places of interest to enjoy. Some of them are parks, squares, streets and shopping centres, an old town and also quieter places to rest.

Katowice has an ideal student environment for international young people, as it attracts thousands of students from all over the world every year, and they tend to party or do different activities every day of the week. In this Polish city, there is a wide variety of places to enjoy the nightlife, no matter what your music or party taste is, you will surely find something for you.

Katowice's location in Europe is very good for travel, as it is close to different capitals of nearby countries, such as Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Berlin. It also has easy access to other Polish cities, such as Krakow and Warsaw. This makes it possible for young people to travel economically constantly.

Surely you are wondering, how much does it cost to live in Katowice for students? The cost of living in this city is usually low because Poland is a cheap country, which means that students can enjoy more of their money travelling to different places and enjoying all the activities that the city offers.

Student apartments for rent in Katowice

In Katowice, there is usually a lot of demand for flats, especially when the beginning of the school year approaches, so we recommend that you start looking as soon as you can. When you find one that meets all the important features for you, do not hesitate and rent it. In this way, you will make sure you get an ideal apartment without having to be in constant search nor stress.

Apartments in Katowice are generally furnished with basic appliances such as a refrigerator, oven and microwave. In addition, they usually have heating for the wintertime.

The monthly cost of a studio apartment starts at € 150 per month and an apartment with more rooms to share from € 360 onwards.

Student rooms for rent in Katowice

There is a wide variety of verified rooms on offer that you will be able to compare in the Erasmus Play search engine. Be assured of their locations and the key characteristics of each one of them. Most usually include the basics, such as a bed with linens, a closet, and a desk.

The price of the rooms usually goes from € 90 onwards and can go up to € 620 per month. Of course, the average is usually around € 200 with expenses included.

Student accommodation in Katowice

We are going to inform you of the most chosen neighbourhoods by international students to live in this Polish city:

Apartments for rent in the centre of Katowice

Living in this area is always a good idea as you will be close to the most crowded places of leisure, to several of the universities and you will have good transport communication with the rest of the city and other nearby cities.

Apartments in Paderewskiego

This neighbourhood is located next to the centre, to the south of the train tracks. It has many libraries, a small lake and some green areas to enjoy. It is one of the neighbourhoods preferred by students.

Rooms for rent in Śródmieście

This is the area next to the old quarter, further west. Many of the university buildings are located here, so it is usually packed with students both during the day and at night.

Erasmus accommodation near the Katowice universities

Katowice Silesian University

It has 12 faculties and its buildings are scattered around the city centre and its surroundings. Therefore, you should determine where your faculty is located and look for accommodation near that area.

Katowice University of Economics (UEK)

It is one of the most prestigious universities in Poland. The main campus is close to the city centre, so that neighbourhood and Paderewskiego are convenient to live in. It has another building in Śródmieście, west of Paderewskiego and south of the main train station.

Katowice Academy of Physical Education and Katowice Academy of Fine Arts

These institutions have their main buildings in the Śródmieście neighbourhood. You can look for accommodation in that neighbourhood, in the centre of Katowice and Paderewskiego.

Katowice Music Academy

The main building is located near the Katowice main train station in Paderewskiego. In addition to that neighbourhood and the centre, you can consider Bogucice, from which you will arrive in less than 30 minutes on foot.

University residence in Katowice

In Katowice, several student residences host many young people from all over the world every year. The price of a room in a residence is usually between € 90 and € 120 per month. Remember to request a place well in advance, they tend to run out quickly due to the number of students who move to Katowice to study every year.

Frequently Asked Questions about living in Katowice

How much does a student flat cost in Katowice?

It depends if it is a flat for one person or with rooms to share. A studio apartment has a minimum price of around € 150 and an apartment with more rooms usually goes from € 360 per month onwards.

Why share a flat in Katowice?

Full apartment rentals in this Polish city are indeed cheap, but if you rent a room you will have more possibilities of travelling or doing other activities with the money you save. In addition, sharing a flat allows you to live the experience more closely with other people who will become like your family.

Where to live in Katowice as a student?

With cheap rental costs, it would be best to choose central accommodation to be close to universities, places of entertainment and interest, and the train station to travel more easily.

What is the cost of living for a student in Katowice?

Prices in this city, and Poland in general, are low. As an estimate, adding the costs of rent, food, leisure and some trips, means that you should have around € 400 per month.

Why study in Katowice?

There are many reasons to go on Erasmus to Katowice. The student atmosphere is one of the best in Poland, with a wide variety of parties and a wide range of leisure activities. The prices are very cheap and it has a good location in Europe, which makes it easy and cheap to travel to other nearby cities. In addition, you will be able to delve into Polish culture and get to know it up close.