Student housing, apartments, and rooms for rent in Lansing

Student housing, apartments, and rooms for rent in Lansing

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Lansing is the capital of the state of Michigan and is located in the south-central area of ​​the state. Being the capital, this city has a great variety of places of interest to visit, such as the State Capitol and a great variety of museums of different themes.

From Lansing, international students take the opportunity to visit other nearby cities such as Detroit and Chicago.

Looking for student accommodation in Lansing? Pay attention to the recommendations that we give you in this article. We explain all the important tips you need to know to find accommodation in Lansing (apartments, residences, and rooms), as well as the characteristics that you have to pay attention to when looking for accommodation that you like. Remember that accommodation represents a large part of a student's budget, so choosing the right one for you will be essential if you have a specific monthly budget.

Student apartments for rent in Lansing

Looking for an apartment for rent in Lansing is not an easy process, so we are going to tell you what options exist so that you can analyze which one is the best for you. On one hand, there are apartments with two or more rooms, which the students rent to be able to live with other young people. Some of the advantages of this type of accommodation are that it is usually cheaper because the cost of rent and utility bills are divided among all who live there, and it allows you to share the experience closely with other students who are in the same situation.

On the other hand, in Lansing, you will also find studio flats, with a capacity for one or two people (ideally a couple). The cost of these is usually higher, but you will not have to share common areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, or living room, which are in a reduced space.

Student room for rent in Lansing

Are you looking for a cheap student room in Lansing? We recommend that you start your search at your earliest convenience as the demand for accommodation in this city is very high. The sooner you start looking, the more likely you are to find one that suits your needs, both due to its characteristics and its location.

Take a good look at the details that each room has. Most of the rooms that appear in our search engine are furnished with everything a student needs, such as a bed, wardrobe, and desk, but each one of them may have different characteristics.

The cost of rooms in shared flats usually goes from $ 350 onwards, with the average being $ 560 per month.

Student accommodation in Lansing

In this section, we will show you some of the areas preferred by international youth to live during their stay in Lansing.

Apartments for rent in East Lansing

East Lansing is another city that is adjacent to Lansing, to the east of it. It is one of the preferred areas to live for students going to Michigan State University since its main campus is located there. Thanks to this, in East Lansing you will find several affordable shops and restaurants for young people.

Apartments in Okemos

This more residential area is to the east of East Lansing, so it's also convenient if you're heading to Michigan State University. From here you will be close to several natural sites near the city, which you will be able to enjoy in your spare time.

Renting rooms in the center of Lansing

Living in the center of the city is always a good option since most of the places of interest most frequented by students are usually found here. Also, from here you will be able to reach the university campuses easily, both on foot and by public transport. In addition, in the center of Lansing, you will be able to enjoy several green areas and parks.

Accommodations near Lansing universities

Here are some of the higher-level institutions that have buildings in the Michigan capital:

Central Michigan University

This university has several buildings in the state of Michigan. Two of them are in Lansing, downtown, and one is in East Lansing. Conveniently, you should know which of the three you will be attending to find nearby and convenient accommodation according to you..

Michigan State University (MSU)

This institution has a large campus east of downtown Lansing. It occupies much of the south of the city of East Lansing. On this large campus, you will find all the university facilities, including its faculties, residences, sports areas, and research centers.

University residences in Lansing 

With so many students received each year, it is often difficult to find a place in a residence hall in Lansing. There are young people from previous years who recommend filling in the relevant forms to see if you can get a place in one of them as soon as possible because they usually have waiting lists. For this reason, many students prefer to rent rooms in shared flats, since the procedures are simpler.

Frequently Asked Questions about studying in Lansing

How much does a student room cost in Lansing?
The cost of rooms in shared flats usually goes from $ 350 onwards, with the average being $ 560 per month. Also, the price can go up to $ 1900 per month, depending on the location and the features it has.
How do get a scholarship to study in Lansing?
Each university offers different types of scholarships and requirements for them, so you have to find out what possibilities each one offers and apply to the one that best suits your particular case.
Where to find student accommodation in Lansing?
Thanks to the Erasmus Play search engine that we put at your disposal, you will be able to compare all the available accommodation options, from a multitude of companies and online accommodation platforms, quickly and easily to choose your preferred one.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Lansing?
The cost of living in Lansing is relatively cheap, compared to other cities in the States like Detroit, Chicago, or Milwaukee, for example. Estimate that you have to have about $ 1200- $ 1300 a month if you decide to rent cheap accommodation and add expenses for food and some entertainment
Why study at Lansing?
Many students choose this Michigan city to live in because of its universities and its relatively inexpensive cost of living. Here you will be able to enjoy all the historical sites, museums, restaurants, and other sites that the city has to offer, as well as travel to other surrounding cities with ease.