Erasmus in Leeds

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Leeds

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Is Leeds the ideal place for Erasmus students? Leeds is a city with all the characteristics that students need, and it is more affordable than London or Manchester. The University of Leeds has two excellent study libraries, three clubs to join during leisure time and a few bars with nightlife. And if you need anything else, the stores on campus are always ready to help you. All of this makes Leeds one of the best student cities in England.

Cost of living in Leeds, England

Leeds is a UK city that can be an expensive place to live, but if you know how to manage your money and save for what matters most, life here won't seem so hard. Renting a fully furnished flat can cost around £ 1,178 a month while staying in a studio costs roughly £ 790 a month. This is why we recommend that you look to rent a room in a shared flat since it is the cheapest option, you can find rooms for 350 pounds a month. The monthly pass for public transport, such as the train or the bus, also cost about 70 pounds.

Student life, parties and leisure in Leeds, England

Leeds is a city of nightlife, and there are entertainment options for all tastes. For those who enjoy a beer with friends, we recommend the local pubs like the Eldon Pub on Tuesdays (there is a discount for students). For those who want to dance the night away, we recommend going to the Halo - formerly a church turned nightclub inside the building of University; Fruity also offers discounts to students of the University of Leeds; whatever your taste is Leeds has it all! There are also some great shopping areas, like Corn Exchange and Kirkgate Market. If nature is your thing, the Yorkshire Dales National Park, located on the outskirts of the city, is an ideal place to walk and unwind from the stress daily.

Culture and gastronomy in Leeds, England

Leeds is home to the Leeds City Museum, the Yorkshire Gallery and Kirkstall Abbey where you can see a variety of works of art. 

Leeds is a cosmopolitan city with cuisine from around the world. There are international offers of Italian, Japanese and Latin American cuisine among others.

Today, Leeds boasts one of the most varied dining options in the world: from traditional English breakfasts in the city's cafes, served alongside tea time classics such as 'Scones' and cakes from cream. Such an appetising delicacy! 

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Leeds, England

  • You can choose to study at the University of Leeds or Beckett University, which has one of the best university campuses in England.
  • Practising English will be an everyday thing, either in classes or in the city.
  • Leeds has a party life, so you will meet a lot of new people and your age.
  • This city is not expensive like London or Liverpool, so you can get to know English culture at a low cost.

Cheap student accommodation in Leeds, England

Leeds is a great destination to live your Erasmus experience, however, you might still not know which part of the city is the best to live in?  Erasmus Play helps you find the best place to live in Leeds, England. From our housing search engine, you can easily compare the entire offer of apartments, rooms and student residences in Leeds.

Frequently asked questions about doing Erasmus students in Leeds

How much does it cost to live in Leeds as a student?
Leeds is a much cheaper option than other UK cities such as London or Manchester. The cost of living should be around £ 800 per month, which also includes the cost of entertainment and nightlife.
What is student life like in Leeds?
Leeds is for all tastes, whether you want to enjoy the charm of nature or if you want to go to the disco or bar. This is a cultural city full of students from all over the world. Students have a lot to do on the weekends, such as partying at one of the many venues in the city, going on excursions to nearby places, exploring every corner of the city, etc.
How much does student accommodation cost in Leeds?
The cost of living in Leeds depends on the accommodation you choose to live in. In areas like Hyde Park, Chapeltown or Headingley the rent can range from £ 300-500 per month. A more central room that includes Internet access could cost around 450 euros.
How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Leeds?
The Erasmus scholarship lasts between 3 and 9 months and the amount of money you will receive each month is based on the cost of living in the destination country as well as your country of origin and university. We recommend that you always ask and inform yourself at your university to know all the details.
What are the best areas to live in in Leeds?
Leeds is a city that has a lot of student accommodation. The Headingley neighbourhood offers villas with easy access to the centre of Leeds and the Hyde Park area is a preferred site for many Erasmus. Horsforth also offers an opportunity for students seeking out-of-town residences or living in more suburban settings, while being close to the Tinshill train station.