Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Leeds

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Leeds

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Leeds is one of the fastest-growing cities in England. Located in the heart of the region, it is not only characterized by being a very large city, but by having a perfect size to accommodate both its people and the hundreds of students who have chosen this location as their destination.

If the latter is your case, then stick with us until the end as we are going to provide you with a complete guide to accommodation for students in Leeds. To do this, we are going to show you the types of accommodation you can find and their price. 

Once you have read this article, you will only have to use our search engine Erasmus Play and find a cheap rental with total guarantee and security.

Student apartments for rent in Leeds

It is not difficult to find student rental apartments in Leeds and, as we have mentioned, more and more people are choosing this destination to carry out part of their studies or learn English. In part, this is due to the fame of its two universities, the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University.

For those who do not want to share a room, they have the possibility of staying in rented apartments for one person, studio type. Or, if you travel with colleagues, you have the option of finding a flat to stay in with your peers.

There is a wide range of student apartments for rent in the city of Leeds and in the Erasmus Play search engine you can find some at a very good price. Everything will depend on the area you choose, however, the rent of a studio can be around 400-600 pounds (about 500-600 euros), although it is true that prices can exceed 1000 pounds the closer you get to the centre.

Student room for rent in Leeds

One of the favourite options for students is rooms for rent and in Leeds there are many of them. Not only is it beneficial if you are looking to interact with people from other cultures, but also because it is the most economic method of spending your stay as a student in England.

You can find private rooms for students in Leeds from 200-250 pounds, which would be around 300-350 euros, not bad for being in England, although as always, the price of accommodation is something that will depend on the area or the neighbourhood in which you want to locate.

From there upwards, the offer is brutal and you have a lot to choose from. Of course, always use reliable sources when making reservations. For example, with the Erasmus Play search engine, you make sure you have access to 100% verified and totally safe accommodation.

Student accommodation in Leeds

As we are used to doing, we like to recap neighbourhoods that can be of reference when choosing your student accommodation in Leeds. Location is very important, that's why the Erasmus Play search engine offers a map so that you can position yourself well and know exactly where the rental apartment you are booking is located.

Headingley Apartments for Rent

A highly recommended place to look for apartments for rent is in the Headingley neighbourhood, where many chalets abound. It is located just 10-15 minutes from downtown and is in a very well connected location. It is a cheaper area than the centre and there is a very good atmosphere, with nightlife and restaurants nearby.

Apartments in Hyde Park

The Hyde Park area is also highly recommended for finding student apartments for rent, as it is quite close to the University. It is also close to the centre, so it is well connected, to which we must add that its price is cheaper than going to the city centre itself.

Rooms for rent in Horsforth

The next neighbourhood that we are going to recommend is Horsforth, which is in a situation very similar to the previous ones, although it is perhaps a little further from the University. They are areas with a fairly decent price when it comes to finding room rental for students, that is why it is one of the most recommended areas.

Erasmus accommodation in Leeds Center

The centre of Leeds is a continuous flow of people, mixed between locals and passing students who come to soak up the culture. Finding Erasmus accommodation in Leeds city centre is not difficult, although it will be somewhat more expensive. If you can afford it, it's great to have all the services close by.

University residence in Leeds

Leeds is quite prepared to receive students and finding accommodation is not complicated because the same university can offer it to you in one of the rooms of the many university residences that exist in the city.

Most of them are located in the neighbourhoods of Headingley, Hyde Park and Burley, the closest to the university. The price per week can be around 80-100 pounds, which would mean a price of about 400 pounds per month (500 euros).

As you can see, there are much more profitable options, such as renting a private room for students, a saving that you will need because life in Leeds is not excessively cheap.

Frequently asked questions about Leeds

Why choose Leeds to study?
Leeds is a little known destination in England and choosing it can lead you to live a more enjoyable experience and with better results by mixing with people of all cultures.
How much does it cost to live in Leeds?
Life in Leeds, as we have seen in other cities in the United Kingdom, is much more expensive than the average for countries but, you can manage well if you know how to manage money and your savings.
Is it difficult to find student accommodation in Leeds?
No, the same universities offer student accommodation so it is relatively easy to get something. Although without a doubt, the best option is to use the Erasmus Play search engine and book accommodation in a totally secure way.
How much does a residence in Leeds cost?
It varies according to the residence and its amenities but, making an estimate, the price is usually around 80-100 pounds (180-200 euros) per week, to which you will have to add the food costs.
How many universities are there in Leeds? 
In Leeds, we find the University of Leeds (the oldest and most famous), Leeds Beckett University (in the heart of the city) and Leeds Trinity University (located on the outskirts).