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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Linz

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Linz

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This Austrian city is the capital of the federal state of Upper Austria and is located to the northeast of the city. It is the third most populous city in the country, but it is still a charming little town. It is crossed by the Danube River, which gives it a very beautiful atmosphere with walks along with it.

Despite its small size, student life is usually very lively and interesting, with different plans to do and places to visit both during the day and at night. You will surely find something to do at all times! 

Are you looking for student accommodation in Linz? We recommend that you do it well in advance, as there is usually a lot of competition and most students are looking for furnished accommodation, with a good price and a good location, that is, close to the university and leisure places. In the Erasmus Play housing search engine, you will be able to see the verified offer of rooms and apartments for rent in Linz, from different websites and online platforms.

Student apartments for rent in Linz

Are you looking for cheap student flats in Linz? We advise you that most of the apartments available in this city correspond to studio flats (for one or two people), in which you will not have to share common areas such as bathroom, kitchen and living room. Most of the apartments are fully furnished and have basic appliances such as a refrigerator, oven and microwave. However, each of them has different characteristics, so you should pay attention to the details that each apartment has.

The cost of a flat (studio type) can range from € 440 onwards and can go up to € 2340 per month, always depending on its details and the location it has. The average price of this type of accommodation is usually around € 1000 per month.

Student room for rent in Linz

There is a wide variety of private rooms for rent in Linz, coming from a multitude of online platforms and websites. In this case, you also have to be sure of its location and study the characteristics of each of the rooms. Most usually include the basics for a student, such as a bed, closet, desk, study chair, etc.

The average cost of rooms in Linz, both in shared flats and in residences, is usually € 350 per month.

Student accommodation in Linz

Here are some of the most chosen neighbourhoods by international students who come to live their Erasmus experience in Linz.

Apartments for rent in Altstadtviertel

This is the historic part of the city, where many of Linz's must-see sights are located, such as the central Hauptplatz square and the Town Hall. Altstadtviertel is full of restaurants, bars, shops and other entertainment venues popular with students, making it a good area to live if you want to be close to them.

Apartments in Rathausviertel

Rathausviertel is a neighbourhood that is located next to the historic centre of Linz but is quieter. It has some green areas, including areas along the Danube, with several museums and a well-known concert hall, the Brucknerhaus Linz.

Rooms for Rent in Sankt Magdalena

This neighbourhood is located a little further from the city centre, towards the northeast. It is ideal for young people who are going to study on the Johannes Kepler University campus and want to live close to it. Sankt Magdalena is usually full of students, so here you will also find several shops, bars and restaurants that are affordable for students.

Erasmus accommodation near the universities of Linz

These are the two universities that host the most international students every year in the city of Linz:

Johannes Kepler University of Linz (JKU)

The main campus of this institution is located northeast of the city. Here are most of its faculties, such as Law, Economics, Medicine, Engineering and Social Sciences. If you want to live near the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, we recommend that you look for accommodation in the Sankt Magdalena neighbourhood, which is located next to the institution's campus.

Linz University of Art and Design

This institution, called “Kunstuniversität Linz” in German, has its main building in the city centre, very close to the Danube river and the Nibelungenbrücke bridge. If you are going to study at this university, you can look for accommodation in the centre of Linz, and thus you will also be close to the leisure places most frequented by students.

University residence in Linz

If you want to live in a student residence, in this Austrian city you will be able to choose between several. Take a good look at the characteristics included in each residence, as they vary from one another. You also have to pay attention to the location in which each one is located, to be able to stay in the one that is closest to your University. For reference, the average cost of a single room in a residence is usually € 345 per month and that of a shared room € 260 per month per person.

Frequently Asked Questions studying in about Linz 

How much does a student room cost in Linz?

On average, the cost of a room in a shared flat or residence is usually € 350 per month.

How to find a cheap apartment in Linz?

In the Erasmus Play search engine, you will be able to do it in a simple and fast way. Access the city map, where you will see the accommodations available for each area of ​​the city. Compare the characteristics of each apartment, choose your favourite and reserve it 100% securely online.

Why share a flat with other students in Linz?

If you rent a room, you will have a better chance of travelling or doing other activities with the money you save from rent. In addition, sharing a flat allows you to live the experience more closely with other people who will become like your family.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Linz?

Living in Linz usually has a high cost of living, like the rest of Austria, but it is usually cheaper than living in Vienna. Here estimates that you have to have around € 800-850 per month between rent, food and leisure expenses.

Why go on Erasmus to Linz?

In this city you will be able to delve into Austrian culture from a small town, enjoying all its traditions and way of life. Linz is well connected to the rest of Austria, so you'll also be able to travel around the country with ease, as well as to nearby Germany and the Czech Republic.