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Flats, rooms and residences near the ULisboa
Student accommodation near the University of Lisbon

Flats, rooms and residences near the ULisboa

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Residences Lisbon 350 741/month
Studios Lisbon 379 1291/month
Apartments Lisbon 3761 2763/month

The University of Lisbon is one of the Top 5 Universities in Portugal. In addition, thousands of Erasmus students are studying mobility in the Portuguese capital. Because of this, the first thing you should do when being assigned your destination is to quickly search for an apartment for rent near the University of Lisbon. If you look ahead of time, you will find accommodation with all the features you want and at a good price. Living near the University has many advantages: you save time travelling, there is a lot of university life and a youthful atmosphere.

Flats and spare rooms near ULisboa

We give you some information so that you can find your ideal accommodation easily.

Where is the University of Lisbon?

Being the union of various institutions, it is to be expected that ULisboa will have several campuses in the capital. There are eight of them, which are:

University City Campus

It is the main campus and the largest of the institution, and is located in the University City of Lisbon, north of downtown. This campus is shared with ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute. It is the main headquarters of the faculties of:

  • Sciences
  • Law
  • Pharmacy
  • Letters
  • Medicine
  • Dental Medicine
  • Psychology

Ajuda Campus

Located in the Ajuda area, more specifically in Alto da Ajuda and about 30 minutes by transport from the centre of Lisbon, this complex houses the faculties of:

  • Architecture
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Agronomy
  • Social and Political Sciences

Campus da Alameda

This campus is located in the area with the same name, Alameda, north of the centre of Lisbon. Limit the Higher Technical Institute of the university.

Chiado Campus

Located in a full historic area from the Portuguese capital is the headquarters of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon.

Campus do Jamor

Located in the area of Algés, to the west of the centre of Lisbon and about 15 minutes by train from it, this campus has the Faculty of Human Motricity. It is the headquarters of several sports centres and high-performance high centres of the university.

Loures Campus

This campus is located north of the Portuguese capital, in the neighbourhood of Bobadela, approximately 50 minutes from downtown. The Technological and Nuclear Campus of the Institution's Higher Technical Institute is located here.

Quelhas Campus

It is in the district of Estrela of Lisbon, in the neighbourhood of Lapa. This campus includes the Higher Institute of Economics and Management (ISEG).

Campus do Tagus Park

It is located to the west of Lisbon, in the Talaide area, approximately one hour from the centre. On this campus classes are taught by the Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa.

What are the best neighbourhoods to live near the ULisboa?

We suggest that you consider the following neighbourhoods according to the campus where you are going to study:

Arroios and Areeiro

These are two neighbourhoods located to the north of the centre of Lisbon, being very convenient if you are going to the Campus da Cidade Universitària or Campus da Alameda. This area is usually full of students since several universities are based here. In addition, the cost of rent is usually a little cheaper than in the central area of ​​the capital.

Chiado and Bairro Alto

These two central areas of Lisbon are ideal, especially if you are going to the Chiado Campus of the institution, and included at Quelhas Campus. In addition, these are areas with a bohemian and alternative atmosphere, where many of the nightlife venues frequented by students are located.

Ajuda and Alto da Ajuda

Located west of downtown and north of Belém, these two neighbourhoods are very convenient if you are going to study at the Ajuda Campus of the institution. From Ajuda you will also be closer to the Campus do Jamor de la ULisboa, which you will be able to reach in about 15 minutes by train.

Student residences near the ULisboa

This prestigious Portuguese institution has 20 student residences distributed in different areas of Lisbon, so you should identify which of the campuses you are going to to find a residence near the ULisboa convenient for you. Also, there is a wide variety of private residences in this Portuguese city, among which you will be able to easily compare on our website.

Erasmus at the University of Lisbon

We give you some information that you should keep in mind during mobility:

  • You can process the European Youth Card (“EYC Youth Card (EURO <29)”)during your stay. With it, you will be able to access different benefits, including discounts at cinemas, music festivals, sporting events, museums, and monuments, among others.
  • As an exchange student, you will be able to access free Portuguese courses at ULisboa to give you credits for your studies. Take advantage of them so you can get as deep into the local culture as possible!

FAQ about the University of Lisbon

What are the campuses of the University of Lisbon?

This prestigious institution accounts for eight campuses. These are: Campus da Cidade Universitária, Campus do Chiado, Campus do Jamor, Campus de Loures, Campus da Alameda, Campus do Quelhas and Campus do Tagus Park.        

Are there student flats near ULisboa?

Yeah! There is a wide variety of apartments, rooms and residences available near the different campuses of the institution. Some of the neighbourhoods that young people usually choose to live in Arroios, Areeiro, Chiado, Bairro Alto, Ajuda and Alto de Ajuda.    

How to get to the University of Lisbon?

All campuses have good public transport connections. Those located in more central neighbourhoods are connected by metro, bus and tram. For their part, those who are further away usually have easy access to train or bus stations.    

What are the best Apps to use for Erasmus at the University of Lisbon?

We recommend that you download our Erasmus Play App, which will make planning your mobility easier. In addition to meeting other students who are going to be in Lisbon at the same time as you, and making friends even before your arrival, you will be able to compare the different types of accommodation verified and available for your stay.    

What is student life like at the University of Lisbon??

It has more than 50,000 students every year, counting approximately more than 100 nationalities and almost 9,000 international students every year. Thanks to this, there is no doubt that student life at the institution is very lively! In addition, being located in the Portuguese capital there is a wide variety of leisure and entertainment options that you will be able to enjoy during your mobility with your friends.