Rent of flats, apartments and rooms near the University of Lisbon
University of Lisbon

Rent of flats, apartments and rooms near the University of Lisbon

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type.residence 220 771/month 229 1213/month
stats.apartment.2 1332 2148/month
stats.apartment.3 954 1473/month
stats.apartment.4 1064 886/month

The University of Lisbon is one of the TOP 5 Universities in Portugal. Thousands of Erasmus students study in Portugal's capital. The first thing you should do when you know your destination is to quickly look for an apartment for rent near the University of Lisbon. If you search early, you will get cheap and quality Erasmus accommodation. Living near the University has many advantages: you save time traveling, university life, youth atmosphere, etc. Student housing in the capital city of Portugal can be hard to come by if you are a last minute person.

Erasmus accommodation in Lisbon near the University of Lisbon

The University of Lisbon is located next to the Hospital de Santa María, a few minutes from the city center and is an ideal place to live. You can enjoy university life in a wonderful way if you find an accommodation near the University. It is a wonderful area, surrounded by green areas where you can go running and do sports with your friends. In addition, it will only cost you 30 minutes to get to Plaza del Comercio by public transport.

Rooms for rent near the University of Lisbon

As recommended by most Erasmus students from previous years, the best option when you go on Erasmus is to find a room in a shared flat with more students. Our recommendation is that you share a flat with students of other nationalities in order to practice the language and make the most of your Erasmus experience. In our search engine, you can compare the best rooms for rent in Lisbon and we have put them at your fingertips to make it as simple as possible.

Student residences University of Lisbon

Another very valid option for living in Lisbon is to look for a student residence. The difference of living here instead of in a shared apartment is that you probably have to share common areas with many more people than you would in an apartment. If you prefer to have your  space and everything tidy, it may not be the best option, since you will live continuously stressed.

If that doesn't matter to you and you want to live with students from all over the world and meet new people, this may be your place. Select your dates, filter by residences and compare them all until you find the one you like the most.

Apartments for students near the University of Lisbon

As we have already explained throughout the page, there are different options for living in Lisbon. Renting a furnished student apartment can also be a good option. Surely you need a higher budget, but if you are one of those who prefer to live alone, we advise you to look for a cheap apartment in Lisbon.

Apartments for rent for students of the University of Lisbon

Most mobility students seeking Erasmus accommodation in Lisbon, especially if they are Spanish and / or Latino, do so with the intention of sharing a flat with more people. It is something fantastic but the difficult thing is to find people who are looking for the same thing as you. Therefore, all the accommodations that appear in our search engine are intended for students and young professionals. In this way, we avoid the effort of looking for partners, we do it for you. Find accommodation in shared flats and you can live with other international students like you.

Life at the University of Lisbon - Universidade de Lisboa

On the main campus of the University of Lisbon (ISCTE) there are some faculties such as Sciences, Law, Pharmacy, Letters, etc. If you want to live in this area, we recommend you look in these areas:

  • Campo Grande
  • Lumiar
  • Avenida de Roma
  • Entrecampos
  • Quinta das Conchas
  • Laranjeiras