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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Liverpool

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Liverpool

Private rooms Liverpool 474 779/month
Residences Liverpool 405 862/month
Studios Liverpool 211 1029/month
Apartments Liverpool 193 2251/month

The city that gave birth to The Beatles is waiting for people like you who have decided to spend time in this famous place in England. The first thing you need to know about Liverpool is that it is one of the cheapest cities in the UK. This will help you to enjoy a better standard of living, but is renting an apartment as cheap as renting a student room? 

Next, we will reveal the keys to living in Liverpool by recommending different types of accommodation that you can find in the city of Liverpool for students and young professionals.

Student apartments for rent in Liverpool

Liverpool has three universities within its district which makes it one of the most important destinations in the United Kingdom, with thousands of Erasmus students each year coming from countless places. It is a city prepared for student life and it has accommodation distributed throughout the city, highlighting the centre.

A very common type of accommodation in this city that has become very fashionable is studios, being a very recurrent option for students and other young people who travel to the Saxon country in search of a job.

They are ideal for all those who seek greater privacy. They are small and are characterized by having all everything in a single space. They are very comfortable accommodations and there are very cheap ones to check-in Liverpool.

The price of a studio, depending on the area, can be between 600-800 GBP (about 700-900 euros).

Student room for rent in Liverpool

Without a doubt, the star accommodation for Erasmus students in Liverpool are the rooms for rent, especially the private ones. You can also find shared rooms but, we do not recommend them if you do not know your roommate before and have no confidence in that person.

You can find accommodation both in shared houses and in student flats, both in the most central area and in other neighbourhoods of the city. Erasmus accommodation is very well distributed as it covers the three areas of the different university campuses in the city.

In addition, many of these rooms for rent are congregated near where the nightlife and shopping areas reside, or in places with very good transport connection.

Prices for private rooms in Liverpool are also very different and will depend on the area and the amenities of the accommodation. Generally speaking, the cheapest room rents will be around 300-400 GBP (between 350-450 euros).

Student accommodation in Liverpool

As we have already mentioned, in Liverpool there is a university that bears the city’s name, however, you can also find John Moores University and Liverpool Hope University. This means that each year they receive thousands of students from all over the world, something for which the region is perfectly prepared, making available to students a large number of accommodation of all types and in all neighbourhoods, covering very well all three college campuses. Here are some of the most famous ones.

Apartments for rent in the centre of Liverpool

The only problem you can find in the central area of ​​Liverpool is a higher demand for apartments and flats for rent. Everyone wants to be as close as possible to the services that this city offers and its nightlife, which is concentrated in this area. The average price of a room in the centre is 450 pounds per month (around 500 euros).

Apartments in Albert Dock

The Albert Dock area is highly valued as it is very close to the centre and has Grade I and II buildings, which means they are quite prominent. It is a port area on the banks of the River Mersey so many people demand these apartments in Albert Dock for their views of both the river and the city centre.

Room for rent in Baltic Triangle

Although it was once an area of ​​factories and workshops, today it is one of the best areas where you can stay and find a room to rent. Baltic Triangle is located just 10 minutes walk from the nerve centre of the city and also very close to the Albert Dock neighbourhood that we mentioned above.

Erasmus accommodation in RopeWalks

Students with a bohemian and cosmopolitan soul can find a place to feel comfortable with some Erasmus accommodation in the RopeWalks neighbourhood. It is a neighbourhood full of alternative stores and many artists on the streets. We recommend it as it is a quieter area and it is also just a 10-minute walk from the city centre.

University residence in Liverpool

The offer of university residences in Liverpool is also extensive, although places are limited and in high demand. The main reason is the price and that is that student residences are still the cheapest option for Erasmus students. In the case of Liverpool, the rents are not too expensive, so we do not think so much savings in this regard.

The price will vary according to the location and equipment of the buildings, being common for students to have a room with a private bathroom and share common areas such as the kitchen or the cafeteria.

The average price of student residences in Liverpool is around 300-350 pounds (between 350 and 400 euros).

Frequently asked questions about Liverpool 

How much does it cost to live in Liverpool?

Within the United Kingdom, there are very expensive cities to live in, such as London, Brighton or Hove. Among the most affordable we find Liverpool where you can live comfortably with a budget of € 800-1000 per month. 

Is it better to rent a room or a student residence in Liverpool?

The student residence option is always cheaper but we recommend that you make sure of certain aspects such as freedom of arrival and other issues that can tip the balance towards a private room.

Where to live in Liverpool?

Without a doubt, the centre of Liverpool is the one that will give us the most options when living, since it has all the basic services at hand. Neighbourhoods near the centre may be another option such as Albert Dock or RopeWalks.

How much does a student residence cost in Liverpool?

There is no single answer to this question as is often the case in other cities. Here it will depend on the area and the equipment, although the average is around 80 pounds per week (about 90 euros).

How to find cheap flats in Liverpool?

You have many options to find apartments in Liverpool, but if you really want to find something that suits your pocket and your needs, we recommend using the Erasmus Play search engine to find the ideal accommodation.