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The Maastricht University is a higher education school in high demand by international students. It is the most international university in the Netherlands. It has around 20,000 students of which 40% are international. Being a city full of students, finding rooms in Maastricht is difficult.

For this reason, it is highly recommended not to leave the most important thing to the last minute, finding accommodation to live in Maastricht. Search for rooms, apartments and student residences in Maastricht as soon as possible.

Erasmus accommodation in Maastricht near Maastricht University

The Maastricht University is located south of the city of Maastricht a few meters from the River Meuse, which runs through the city. Being a small city, moving from one place to another is relatively easy. Urban transport works very well and in just 25 minutes you are anywhere.

As it is a small city, you will be able to move anywhere on foot and therefore it is necessary that your apartment is close to the MU.

Rooms for rent near Maastricht University

For students in Maastricht, sharing a flat or apartment with other people is the cheapest way to live there. Finding cheap rooms in Maastricht is a difficult task due to the large volume of students that this city hosts. Students start looking for rooms in Maastricht very early so as not to be left out. The best accommodation and the cheapest rooms are the first to be booked in Maastricht. However, we have good news for you, on the Erasmus Play platform, we have grouped all the available accommodations in the city so that you can compare all the available rooms. Compare all the rooms and always choose the one you like the most and contains everything you will need, since it will be the place where you will live for the next few months.

Student residences, Maastricht University, UM

One option used by students to live in Maastricht is residences. Like any university that is appreciated and has a high volume of students, the Maastricht University also has residences and a service that is responsible for accommodating students. With more than 20,000 students at the Maastricht University, it becomes an impossible task to accommodate them all in their residences. They have a long waiting list for the specified number of accommodations they can offer. As comfortable as the residences are, because of their waiting lists and how expensive they can get. We always recommend renting a place where you think you will be comfortable and you will be able to make the most of your experience in Maastricht. Being a very well communicated city, you can travel a lot throughout the country. You have very beautiful cities like Berlin, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Apartments in Maastricht, Maastricht University

The first thing you should do once you know that your Erasmus destination is Maastricht, is look for an apartment for rent available for students, which is fully furnished, since you are going to be there for a period of time reduced and you don't want to spend on furniture. In our search engine, all the flats are fully furnished and intended for students and young professionals, so you won't have any problems. Compare the entire offer and find the ideal room at the best price!

Study at the Maastricht University

Once you have chosen Maastricht as your Erasmus destination, it is important to know the faculty where you are going to study. That will roughly dictate the area you must live in to be closer to your college.

The Maastricht University consists of two campuses (City Center and Randwyck) and six faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • School of Business and Economics
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Humanities and Sciences
  • Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences
  • Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience


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