University of Malaga

Student housing at the University of Malaga

Student accommodation near the University of Malaga

The best accommodation for students in Malaga is the most difficult to find. There are many options for university accommodation and apartments in the centre of Malaga. The best areas to live if you are a student are Teatinos and El Ejido where you can find accommodation from € 200 per month.

Student residences near UMA, Malaga

Students who travel to Malaga have different accommodation options, a clear example is the university residences in Malaga. We collaborate with the best student residences in Malaga with a pool and gym. There are a variety of residences with different prices.

Flats for rent in Malaga near the University

Most students recommend sharing a flat in Malaga with other Spanish or international students. The monthly expenses are lower and will allow you to meet young people from all over the world. Compare between all the rental apartments near the University of Malaga to find the cheapest and best quality.

Apartments for students in the centre of Malaga

Many students decide to live in the centre of Malaga during their mobility period. The best apartments for students in the centre of Malaga are the most expensive and you can find them from € 500 per month.

Where can you live as a student in Malaga?

Most of the new students in Malaga do not know which are the best places to live. Thanks to our platform this is already possible. Compare student accommodation and find the cheapest and closest to the University of Malaga.

Studying at the University of Malaga

The University of Malaga is one of the most demanded Universities by international students due to its wide range of studies and the good location of the city of Malaga. It has more than 35,000 students and is constantly growing.

University campus in Malaga

The University of Malaga is divided into 2 campuses, located in different parts of Malaga: the Teatinos campus and the El Ejido campus, the former is located in the 11 Teatinos-University of Malaga district and the second in the historic centre of the city.


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