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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Maribor


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Apartment at Smetanova ulica, Maribor


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Apartment at Gregorčičeva ulica, Maribor


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Apartment at Gorkega ulica, Maribor


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Room at Maistrova ulica, Maribor


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Apartment at Plečnikova ulica, Maribor


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Apartment at Razlagova ulica, Maribor

Information about Maribor

In this article, you’ll find the most important information to know if you’re looking for student accommodation in Maribor. From the different types of apartments, rooms and residences, to the best neighbourhoods to live in, this information is sure to interest you if you’re going to do your Erasmus in the Slovenian city!

Available accommodationTotalAverage price
Private room Maribor1€200
Residence Maribor0
Studio Maribor0
Entire place Maribor5€680
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As the second largest city in Slovenia, Maribor combines the charm of a small town with the advantages of a larger city, offering a comprehensive experience academically speaking, as well as culturally and socially. You'll be able to enjoy theatres, museums, the famous Maribor Philharmonic, and various festivals organised throughout the year, such as the Lent festival.

Surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, Maribor is perfect for nature lovers. In winter, skiing is a popular activity, and in summer, the nearby hills and the Drava River are ideal for hiking, cycling and water sports. Also, although quieter than Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital, Maribor has a lively nightlife. There are numerous bars, pubs and clubs where students can socialise and enjoy the nightlife. Welcome to Maribor! Or, rather, dobrodošli!

Student apartments for rent in Maribor

There are two types of student rental apartments that are very different from each other.

Many students choose to rent shared apartments. This option is not only economical, since the rent is divided among everyone living there, but it also offers a great opportunity to socialise and meet other students. Apartments are usually furnished and equipped with the necessities for daily life.

For those seeking more independence, renting a studio apartment is a good option. While it may be more expensive, it provides greater privacy, something many may prefer.

Student rooms for rent in Maribor

Rooms in this Slovenian city can be either individual or shared. The latter are usually cheaper than the former, but have less privacy and time to be alone. In addition, rooms can be part of both private shared apartments and university residences.

Remember that it’s important to review and understand the terms of the rental agreement, including the duration, additional costs (such as utilities, internet, and electricity if not included in the price), and the conditions of the security deposit that’s usually required.

Student accommodation in Maribor

In this section, you’ll find the favourite areas for students to look for accommodation in this Slovenian city:

Flats for rent in Maribor City Centre

The heart of the city is ideal for students who want to be close to the action. Here, you'll find a mix of cafes, shops, and cultural venues. It's perfect for those looking for a lively urban life and want to be close to the main attractions and amenities.

Apartments in Studenci

Known as the student district par excellence, Studenci is perfect for an active university life. It’s full of affordable student accommodation close to the university, and offers a young and dynamic atmosphere, with easy access to leisure and study areas.

Rooms for rent in Tabor

Tabor is a quieter, residential area, ideal for students seeking a balance between study and rest. Although it’s a little further away from the bustle of downtown, it offers a relaxed atmosphere, green areas, and good access to services, making it an excellent option for those who prefer a more serene environment.

Student accommodation near the University of Maribor

Most of the buildings of the University of Maribor are located in the centre of the Slovenian city. Moreover, there are other faculties in the neighbourhood of Tabor and in Pivola. All those neighbourhoods, as well as Studenci, are good alternatives for finding housing near the UM campus.

Student residences in Maribor

In Maribor, you’ll find several private student residences. Their size is usually small, but they have good amenities. For its part, the University of Maribor offers several student halls, providing a convenient and economical option. These residences usually include basic amenities and are located close to campus, although the number of bathrooms per number of rooms is usually very low.

Frequently asked questions about studying in Maribor

What are the best Apps if I’m going on Erasmus to Maribor?
The Erasmus Play App is one of the best, as it allows you to be part of a community of international students with whom you’ll be able to make friends and even find roommates.
Which are the best neighbourhoods to live in Maribor as a student?
The areas of the city most often chosen by students to live in are the centre of Maribor, Studenci and Tabor, although if you don't mind living a little further away, you can consider Nova Vas.
How much does it cost to live in Maribor as a student?
Slovenia is an inexpensive country compared to other European countries, so the cost of living in Maribor isn’t high. Rents are usually affordable and you can also apply for "student coupons", which are discounts in restaurants offered by the government.
Why go on Erasmus in Maribor?
Erasmus in Maribor offers a rich cultural experience, with festivals, art and music, in a historic setting. It’s ideal for nature lovers, as it’s surrounded by breathtaking scenery and opportunities for outdoor activities. Moreover, the student life is active, with a diverse international community, and it’s affordable.
How much is the Erasmus scholarship for studying in Maribor?
The reality is that there’s no stipulated amount for Erasmus scholarships in Maribor, nor in any other destination, so you have to contact the international office of your institution. The amount of the scholarship generally depends on both the home and host university.

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