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Student housing, apartments and rooms for rent in Minneapolis

Student housing, apartments and rooms for rent in Minneapolis

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Minneapolis is located in the state of Minnesota, located north of the Midwest of the United States. This city together with the state capital, St. Paul, make up the area called "Twin Cities" because they are located next to each other. It is crossed by the Mississippi River, which gives the city a very beautiful environment with parks and some lakes. In Minneapolis, you will also find several cultural and historical sites, so there is usually a wide variety of activities to do.

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Student apartments for rent in Minneapolis

If you are looking for a flat for students in Minneapolis, you have to know that the most common option you will find is studio flats. In these, the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom are arranged in a small space. For this reason, they usually have the capacity for one or two people. Apartments in Minneapolis are usually fully furnished, including basic appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, oven, etc.).

For your reference, the average price of a studio apartment in Minneapolis is usually around $1,290 per month.

Student room for rent in Minneapolis

The rooms available for students in Minneapolis can be part of either a private flat or a residence. Keep in mind that in the residences you generally have to comply with more regulations, so it is one of the details you have to keep in mind when booking. Also, take a good look at the characteristics of each room, since they can be individual or shared. Of course, all of them usually have beds, wardrobes and desks for each student, and in some cases, the bathroom can be private for each room.

The price of single rooms is usually around $950 per month and shared rooms are around $700 per month. Keep in mind that the cost of the rooms does not only depend on the characteristics of the room itself, but also on the details that include the apartment it is in and its location.

Student accommodation in Minneapolis

Below we will inform you on which are some of the most chosen areas by young internationals to live in, in Minneapolis.

Apartments for rent in Prospect Park

This neighborhood is home to the campus of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, so it is usually packed with students. It is located on the banks of the Mississippi River and has several green spaces to enjoy, as well as affordable restaurants and bars.

Apartments in Marcy-Holmes

Marcy-Holmes is the oldest neighborhood in Minneapolis and is located across the river from downtown. It has a very good public transport connection with the rest of the city.

Rooms for rent in Dinkytown

This neighborhood is one of the most chosen by students to live in the city. This is because it is very close to the universities and has a wide variety of shops, entertainment venues, restaurants and bars. It is on the banks of the Mississippi River and is part of Marcy-Holmes.

Accommodation near the universities of Minneapolis

These are some of the institutions that receive most international students every year in the city of Minneapolis:

University of Minnesota

This university has two campuses in the Twin Cities area and one of them is located in the city of Minneapolis, in the Prospect Park area.

North Central University

The main campus of this institution is located in the Elliot Park neighborhood, one of those that make up the downtown area of ​​Minneapolis.

University of St. Thomas

This institution has one of its campuses in downtown Minneapolis, in the area called Downtown West.

University residences in Minneapolis

In Minnesota, you will find several residence options in which you will be able to apply for a room. Most universities offer their own residences to their students and each one of them has different requirements and characteristics, so you have to compare them to find the ideal one for you. In Minneapolis you will also find private student residences, although they all tend to have similar prices when it comes to the same type of accommodation within them.

Frequently Asked Questions about studying in Minneapolis

How much does a student room cost in Minneapolis?

The price of single rooms in Minneapolis is usually around $950 per month and shared rooms are around $700 per month. Remember that the price depends on the characteristics of the accommodation and the location in which it is.

Where to look for a cheap apartment for students in Minneapolis?

We recommend that you use the Erasmus Play search engine. In it you will be able to compare the available apartments for students in Minneapolis, seeing all their images, characteristics, prices, locations and entry requirements. When you find the ideal one for you using the search engine filters, try to make the reservation as soon as possible, don't let others rent it before you do!

What is student life in Minneapolis like?

Young people in this city can enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year, even in the snowy winter season. You will also be able to go to different cultural and sporting events, as well as enjoy some historical sites.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Minneapolis?

The cost of living in Minneapolis is usually quite high. Estimate that you have to have about $800 for food, entertainment, transportation, etc., in addition to the monthly rental price, which will depend on the type of accommodation you choose.

Why study in Minneapolis?

Living in this Minnesota city will allow you to immerse yourself in the North American culture to the fullest, being able to learn about its way of life, its people and its traditions. Remember that if you live in Minneapolis you will also be able to enjoy everything that St. Paul has to offer, since the capital is next to each other and has a very good connection between them. From here you will also have easy access to different natural areas, such as lakes, where students take advantage of different outdoor activities.