Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Münster

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Münster

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Located in western Germany, this city is part of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Its size is perfect to live the Erasmus experience for a season since it is small to be able to easily get from one side to the other but large enough to have a wide range of activities and cultural events to enjoy. In addition, Münster is considered "the city of the bike", since here they usually move around by bicycle.

The student atmosphere in Münster is very good and international. You will always be able to find something to do during the day and parties in discos or residences at night. In addition, you will be able to enjoy its parks, Lake Aasee, its historic centre with medieval streets and its hundreds of shops.

Surely you are wondering, How to find student accommodation in Münster? What you have to do is start the search well in advance. Good and cheap accommodations tend to sell out quickly, and prices tend to rise as school approaches. However, from Erasmus Play we make it easy for you: in our student housing search engine, you will be able to compare verified accommodations of different platforms and websites, until you find the ideal one for you.

Student apartments for rent in Münster

Many young university students are looking for a rental apartment in Münster, both private and shared. That is, you can find a studio apartment for rent just for yourself or with more rooms to find friends or other students to share it with. Pay attention to the features, as each apartment has different details. Of course, almost all include basic appliances such as a washing machine, microwave, oven and refrigerator. The monthly costs of the internet and other services such as water, electricity and gas are also usually included in the price.

The monthly cost of a studio flat starts at € 580 but can go up to € 1800. If you start looking in advance in the Erasmus Play comparator you will have a better chance of finding one at an affordable price. An apartment with more rooms has an average price of € 1,700 per month.

Student room for rent in Münster

Choosing a room in a shared apartment in Münster is one of the preferred options for international students who move to the city to live their Erasmus experience. If you choose this alternative, you have to pay attention to both the characteristics of your room and the entire floor.

The monthly cost of a room usually goes from € 580 onwards and can go up to € 750 per month. Keep in mind that the most expensive rooms are usually those that include a private bathroom or more than one shared bathroom per floor.

Without a doubt, renting a room in Münster is the cheapest option you can find if you are a student or a young professional.

Student accommodation in Münster

In this city, you will be able to easily reach everywhere, so it is not difficult to find accommodation in a good location. However, we are going to inform you on some of the most chosen neighbourhoods by university students:

Apartments for rent in the centre of Münster 

This area of ​​the city is always a good place to find accommodation based on its location. Mainly because it tends to be where many of the popular entertainment venues for students are and also has a good connection to all the faculties of the University of Münster. But keep in mind that prices are usually a bit higher than in neighbourhoods far from the centre. For example, a studio apartment has an average price of € 1600 per month.

Apartments in Pluggendorf 

The neighbourhood Pluggendorf is perfect if you want to be close to the centre and nature, as it is located on the right bank of Lake Aasee and close to some of its parks. In addition, from here you will be able to quickly access several faculties, both on foot, by bicycle and by public transport.

Rooms for rent in Geist 

This area is located a little further south than Pluggendorf, but from Geist, you will also have easy access to Lake Aasee, several parks and the university. Also, this neighbourhood is very close to Münster's main train station, so you will have a good connection with other cities.

Erasmus accommodation near the University of Münster

This institution, called Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU) in German, has a very large campus that extends to the west of the city centre and also has some buildings scattered around in downtown areas. For this reason, it is convenient to determine well in which area your faculty is located, to be able to choose a neighbourhood that is nearby. However, some areas of the city centre such as Dom, Überwasser or Martini are convenient to be close to the entertainment areas and the university.

University residence in Münster

Getting a place in student residences in this German city is often a challenge. The demand is very high, which is why, normally, international young people tend to choose to rent a flat or room in a shared apartment on their own.

If you want to get a place in a residence hall, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the rooms are usually private, but the kitchen and other services are shared.

Frequently Asked Questions about Münster 

How much does a student room cost in Münster?

The price of a room in a shared apartment in this German city has an average of € 650 per month. The minimum is usually € 580 and the maximum is € 750 per month.

How to find cheap accommodation in Münster?

We recommend that you use the Erasmus Play search engine and start your search as soon as possible. Many students choose this city to do their Erasmus, so the demand is high the closer the classes get and the accommodations are quickly sold out.

What are the best areas to live in Münster as a student?

There are different neighbourhoods that you can consider, taking into account that the university's faculties are located in the centre and west of it. We recommend that you look in areas like Geist, Pluggendorf, Dom, and Überwasser.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Münster?

The monthly cost is relatively high, although it always depends on your lifestyle. An advantage for students in Münster is that the public transport semester ticket is free. Also, if you want, you can surely get a reduced-hour job to raise extra money during your stay.

Why go Erasmus to Münster?

If you decide to go to study in this city, you will find a very international environment where you will be able to immerse yourself in a different culture. You will also be able to learn or improve the German language, andtravel to nearby places for free with the university transport pass.