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Flats, rooms and residences near the UL
Student accommodation near the University of Lorraine

Flats, rooms and residences near the UL

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The University of Lorraine (UL), "Université de Lorraine" in French, is a prestigious public university located in the northeastern region of France. Established in 2012, it is the result of the merger between the universities of Nancy and Metz. The UL has a strong multicultural perspective and actively promotes internationalisation by welcoming exchange students from all over the world. Are you going to be one of them and you are looking for accommodation? Keep reading! In the following sections, you will find important information about the UL, making it easier for you to search for student accommodation near the Université de Lorraine.

Flats and spare rooms for students near the UL

The best thing you can do is first determine which city you will be going to among those where the UL is present. Then consider the locations of the campuses in relation to the neighbourhoods of that city.

Where is the University of Lorraine located?

The University of Lorraine has several campuses spread across the cities of Nancy, Metz, and other locations in the region. The most important ones include:

Campuses in Nancy

The institution's largest campuses are located in this city.

  • Coeur de Ville Campus: As its name suggests, it is located in the heart of Nancy. It consists of different buildings housing various departments, including Film and Audiovisual, Digital Sciences, Law, Economics and Management, and Chemical Industries.
  • Artem Campus: It is dedicated to Arts, Technology, and Administration and is located south of downtown Nancy.
  • Brabois Santé and Brabois-Ingénierie Campuses: They are in Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy and are home to the faculties of Dentistry, Medicine and Health Professions, and Pharmacy on one side, and Geology, Electricity and Mechanics, and Agronomy and Food Industries on the other.

Campuses in Metz

The most outstanding campuses in this city are:

  • Metz Technopôle: It houses several faculties and research institutes, including the UFR of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, UFR of Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics, School of Management, and the National School of Engineers of Metz.
  • Saulcy Campus: It is located west of downtown Metz, on Saulcy Island (Île du Saulcy). It houses faculties such as Law, Economics and Administration, Institute of Technology (IUT Metz), Arts, Letters and Languages, and Human and Social Sciences.
  • Bridoux Campus: Located east of Metz, it houses the UFR of Fundamental and Applied Sciences.
  • INSPÉ - Montigny-Lès-Metz: It is in the Montigny-Lès-Metz neighbourhood of that city and is home to the National Institute for Teacher Training and Education.

Best neighbourhoods to live in near UL

Here are some neighbourhoods that you can consider for living near the institution:


Located on the outskirts of Nancy, this neighbourhood is the closest to the Brabois Santé and Brabois-Ingénierie Campuses. It offers various accommodation options and is well-connected to the campus and the city centre by public transport.

Rives de Meurthe, Saint-Sébastien - Charles III and Artem (Nancy)

These three neighbourhoods in Nancy are very convenient if you are going to one of the campuses located in the city centre, such as the Coeur de Ville Campus and the Artem Campus.

The centre of Metz, Le Sablon, Montigny-lès-Metz, and Technopôle

These areas of Metz are some of the ones you can consider living in the city, depending on which campus you will go to. For example, Technopôle is ideal if you are going to the Metz Technopôle Campus, and from the centre of Metz, you will be close to both the Campus Bridoux and the Campus Saulcy.

Student residences near the UL

In Nancy, you will find private university residences near the institution, so that can be an option. On the other hand, both Nancy and Metz have student residences managed by CROUS, called Cités U. Keep in mind that priority in these residences is given to students whose stays are between six and twelve months, so if you are going for a shorter period, it may be difficult to find a place there.

Erasmus in the University of Lorraine

Keep in mind these details when undertaking your mobility at the French institution:

  • You can access discounts on transport for students, such as in the company Stan, which operates public transport in Nancy, or in the company FLUO, which offers transport tickets so you can explore the Grand Est region.
  • Although French is the main language of instruction, the university offers numerous programs taught in English for international students. Language courses are also available for those who wish to improve their French skills. Take advantage of them and return home speaking the local language fluently!

FAQ about the University of Lorraine

Where do University of Lorraine students live?

This depends on which campus they will go to. For example, in Nancy, they usually choose neighbourhoods such as Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, Rives de Meurthe, Saint-Sébastien - Charles III, and Artem. In Metz, the most chosen areas by students are the city centre, Le Sablon, Montigny-lès-Metz, and Technopôle.

What’s near the University of Lorraine?

Being located in relatively small cities, the different campuses of the institution are close to most leisure places frequented by students, as well as sites and monuments of interest most visited by young people. Take the opportunity to explore your destination city to the fullest!

How much does student housing cost near UL?

If you choose a room in a shared apartment, one of the preferred options for international students, expect to pay around €400 per month in Nancy and around €580 per month in Metz. However, this always depends on the characteristics of the room itself and the apartment where it is located.

Which are the best Apps for Erasmus students at the UL?

One of the best apps you can use is ours! With the Erasmus Play app, you will have the possibility to join groups and meet other students who will be at UL at the same time as you, even studying the same major. You can take the opportunity to make new friends, get your questions answered, and even find people to share an apartment with.

How is student life at UL?

The Lorraine region has a rich cultural heritage and offers a wide range of cultural, social, and recreational activities. As an exchange student, you will have the opportunity to explore vibrant cities, historical monuments, museums, festivals, and gastronomy, immersing yourself in the local culture alongside new friends.