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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Nuremberg

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Nuremberg

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Nuremberg is the second-largest city in the state of Bavaria, in Germany. It is a city that perfectly mixes the modern with the traditional and old. Here you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the German and Bavarian culture, knowing all its traditions, architecture and part of its gastronomy.

When it comes to the student atmosphere, in Nuremberg it is very difficult to get bored. There is a wide variety of leisure and entertainment offers, plus you will be able to visit other nearby cities with ease. This city is packed with students during the school year, so there are always parties and events to go to as well.

Are you looking for student accommodation in Nuremberg? This can indeed be a bit complicated, especially if you are looking for cheap furnished accommodation with a good location. Due to the number of students the city receives, there is usually a high demand. But don't worry, from Erasmus Play we make your search easier: in the search engine you will be able to compare between different verified accommodations, viewing all their characteristics, locations and prices.

Student apartments for rent in Nuremberg

If you want to rent a cheap apartment for students in Nuremberg, we recommend that you start your search well in advance. Since the cost of entire apartments in this German city is usually high, so finding one with all the characteristics that are important to you and at a good price can be somewhat complicated. Thanks to the Erasmus Play search engine you will be able to compare different verified apartments from various online platforms, you will surely find your ideal apartment!

For reference, the cost of a studio flat starts at € 600 and an apartment with more rooms starts at € 1150 onwards.

Student room for rent in Nuremberg

In this German city, you will find a wide variety of rooms for rent. Generally, you will share the flat with other students who are moving to live their Erasmus experience in Nuremberg.

We suggest that you take a good look at the characteristics of the room and the flat, to choose the ideal option for you. Please note that most rooms include a desk, wardrobe, bedding and towels. In addition, some may include extra amenities, such as a TV or balcony. Regarding the characteristics of the apartment, make sure that it has basic appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, oven and microwave) and with the details that you want.

The monthly cost of a room in a shared apartment in Nuremberg has an average price of € 400.

Student accommodation in Nuremberg

We advise you on the most chosen neighbourhoods by students to live in, in Nuremberg. With this information you will surely be close to the universities and the most popular entertainment venues.

Apartments for rent in Altstadt - St. Lorenz 

This central neighbourhood is mostly a pedestrian area. It has cobbled streets, Gothic churches, wooden buildings and ornate fountains. It is a very nice neighbourhood to live in and it is in front of the old town, across the Pegnitz river. It is also close to the central train station, Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof. Here, a studio apartment has an average monthly cost of € 1,200.

Apartments in Glockenhof and Galgenhof 

These two neighbourhoods are located next to the central train station, but further south. For that reason, here you will find prices a little cheaper than in central neighbourhoods. For example, a studio flat goes from € 600 onwards.

Rooms for rent in Altstadt - St. Sebald 

If you choose to live in the old city of Nuremberg, you will be surrounded by historical and important monuments, and you will be close to some university faculties. Also, if you are lucky enough to be here for the Christmas season, in this area you will find its great Christmas Market. A room in St. Sebald has an average monthly cost of € 400.

Erasmus accommodation near the universities of Nuremberg 

These are the most chosen institutions by international students:

University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) 

  • Ludwig-Erhard building and Lange Gasse: they are located in the city centre and they have the faculties of Business, Economics and Social Sciences.
  • Campus Regensburger Straße: It is located southeast of Nuremberg, about 30 minutes by public transport. Most of its faculties are destined to the area of ​​Education.
  • Helmholtz Institute, Nürnberg Energy Campus: located west of the city, about 20 minutes by public transport from the centre. It has subjects such as Engineering and Computer Systems.

Nuremberg University of Applied Sciences 

Also known as the Technische Hochschule Georg Simon Ohm in German, this institution has its campus west of the city centre, in the Wöhrd neighbourhood. You can look for accommodation in that area, in the centre and neighbourhoods such as Marienvorstadt and the old town.

University residence in Nuremberg 

In this German city, you will find residences at affordable prices. However, you will have to request your place well in advance, since the cheapest apartments sell out quickly. In the accommodation offered within the residences, you will be able to choose between studio flats, private rooms or to share between two and three people.

The price of university residences ranges from € 350 to € 750 per month. The monthly price of each residence depends on the services they include (cleaning, dining room, gym, etc). 

Frequently Asked Questions about Nuremberg

Why share a flat with other students in Nuremberg?

This alternative is the most chosen by international youth since rental prices in the German city are usually very high. By sharing a flat, you will be able to divide the rental costs and utility bills every month among those who live in the apartment.

Where to live in Nuremberg as a student?

We recommend that you look for accommodation both in central neighbourhoods and in others that are a little further away. Some convenient ones are: Altstadt - St. Lorenz, Altstadt - St. Sebald, Gostenhof, Glockenhof and Galgenhof.

How much does a student residence cost in Nuremberg?

This depends on whether you choose a private room, a shared room, or an entire studio apartment for yourself. The price usually ranges from € 150 to € 285 per month.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Nuremberg?

It can be said that the cost of living in Nuremberg is medium since it is not as expensive as big cities like Berlin or Munich. Suppose that, between expenses for accommodation, food, transport and some leisure, you will need about € 800 per month.

Why go on Erasmus to Nuremberg?

Nuremberg is a perfect city for students for several reasons. First, because you will be able to learn German. Second, because it has a wide variety of activities and leisure offers to enjoy. Third, because it is a city that perfectly combines history and modernity.