Renting flats, apartments and rooms near the University of Padua
University of Padua

Renting flats, apartments and rooms near the University of Padua

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The University of Padua is a destination highly demanded by Erasmus students, despite the fact that the city is small, it attracts a large number of students every year due to its culture, the student environment and the quality of university studies. This city has a peculiarity, the apartments for rent available for students sell out quickly.

We recommend that you do not leave the most important thing until the end and start searching as soon as possible.

Erasmus accommodation in Padua near the University of Padova

The University of Padua is located in the centre of the city, a few meters from the Palazzo Zabarella, the Palazzo Della Ragione (very beautiful) and the Piazza dei Signori, that is to say, its location is ideal.

As it is a small city, you will be able to move anywhere in it on foot and therefore it will be great that your apartment is close to the UNIPD.

Rooms for rent near the University of Padua

Normally, university students and young professionals who travel to Padua share a flat with other people. This is good news since it will not be necessary to rent an entire apartment and waste time looking for roommates, in Padua, you will be able to rent a room easily and completely safe. Compare all the rooms and always choose the one you like the most and contains everything you will need, since it will be the place where you will live for the next few months.

Student residences University of Padua

Another option that we all know are the university residences. In Padua, there is little offer of make the most of your experience in Padua. Being a very well connected city by train, you can travel a lot throughout the country. You have very beautiful cities like Venice and Verona less than an hour by train.

Apartments for rent for students of the University of Padova

The first thing you should do once you know that your Erasmus destination is Padua is to look for an apartment for rent available for students, which is fully furnished, since you are going to be for a short period of time and you don't want to spend on furniture. In our search engine, all the flats are fully furnished and intended for students and young professionals, so you won't have any problems. Compare the entire offer and find the ideal room at the best price!