Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Philadelphia
Flatshare in Philadelphia

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Philadelphia

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This historic and multicultural city in the eastern United States provides a great opportunity for international students to fully immerse themselves in American culture. Here you will discover monuments, museums, outdoor life and local gastronomy. Thanks to this, many young people choose to do an exchange every year here. It is considered one of the great university cities in the country. There are several institutions where you can go to study. Some of them are the University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson University, and Drexel University, for example.

Are you going on an exchange with a student budget? We tell you that living in a shared flat is going to be ideal for you. It is the most chosen alternative by young people since you can divide the rental costs among your roommates and also live in a multicultural and fun environment.

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Philadelphia

If you still have not decided if renting a shared flat is the best option for you, you should pay attention to the details listed in this section:

Advantages of sharing a flat in Philadelphia

  • You will be able to select either a single room or a shared room. The latter is usually cheaper. You will also be able to choose between spare rooms that are part of shared private apartments or residences, which may have access to facilities such as a gym, games area and terrace with bar.
  • You will surely find an apartment that has a convenient location for you, according to the proximity to the university you are going to go to and the busiest entertainment venues. Some preferred neighbourhoods by young people are Spruce Hill, Powelton, Cedar Park and Cecil B. Moore.

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Philadelphia

  • If you choose a room share to save even more on the cost of rent, you won't have any of the entire flat space to yourself easily.
  • You have to agree with your roommates about the use of air conditioning and heating in their respective seasons.

Apps for your international exchange programme in Philadelphia

There are several apps that you can download to access data and information about the exchange in the city, the universities and life in this American city. Among the information, you can see there is usually advice from students of previous years. These ensure that you should take advantage of the discounts that are typically available for students in different cultural sites in Philadelphia, such as museums and monuments.

How do you meet people in Philadelphia?

The following are some alternatives you have to connect with young people in this American city, in addition to befriending your roommates:

Student associations in Philadelphia

In addition to fraternities and sororities, in the universities of this city, you will be able to join several clubs and societies of different themes. So you will be able to meet like-minded people easily. Some of them are, of various nationalities, religions, political parties, careers and other hobbies and interests.

Facebook groups for international students in Philadelphia

In this social network, you will have the possibility to join different groups of international students, both corresponding to universities and other organizations. Some of these groups are, for example, “ISI Philly (International Students Inc. Philadelphia)”, “Assembly of International Students” and “International Student and Scholar Services at Penn”.

WhatsApp groups for international students in Philadelphia

You will probably find student groups on Whatsapp or Telegram that you can join. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself and suggest things to do with other young people, such as visiting the Reading Terminal Market, eating a Philly Cheesesteak or visiting one of the museums on Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Tips for sharing a student apartment in Philadelphia

Keep these tips in mind when living in a shared flat in this American city:

  • Due to the multicultural environment in Philadelphia, you can enjoy many events throughout the year. Among them are “Mummers Parade” at New Years, “Philadelphia Flower Show”, “St. Patrick's Day Parade”, “Shofuso Cherry Blossom Festival” and “Longwood Gardens Festival of Fountains”.
  • The public transport system in this city is excellent. It includes buses, trams and trains. You can get a discounted university pass as a student, so it's a good idea to check fares.

Frequently asked questions about apartment sharing in Philadelphia

How much does a spare room in a shared flat cost in Philadelphia?

A room in a shared apartment usually costs $600 per month, although it may be less or more depending on the characteristics it has.

How to find roommates in Philadelphia?

We believe that the most convenient thing is to search in online communities. For this reason, we offer you Erasmus Play, in which you will also be able to compare the different verified and available accommodations in this historic American city.

How to meet people in Philadelphia?

You have the option of joining different societies, clubs, sororities and fraternities at Philadelphia institutions, you just have to choose the one that is right for you. In addition, you will find several Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram groups made up of other international students.

Share a flat or live alone in Philadelphia?

The cost of living in this city is usually high, so it would be best to share a flat, living on a student budget. That way you'll be able to take advantage of all that Philadelphia has to offer, as well as travel to other nearby cities like New York, Baltimore, and Washington DC.

What to ask before entering to share a flat in Philadelphia?

You should ask what the established rules of the house are in terms of schedules, visits, cleaning, etc. This way, you get to make a living together more pleasant and avoid misunderstandings.