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Shares apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Pilsen

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This city in the Czech Republic may indeed attract less attention than its capital, Prague. However, know that it is a university city with several institutions that welcome international students every year, such as Charles University, Pilsen, the University of West Bohemia and the Metropolitní Univerzita Praha. Thanks to this, if you decide to live in a shared flat, it is most likely that you will live with roommates from different parts of the world who move to Pilsen for their exchange.

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    Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Pilsen

    The following are some of the most relevant aspects of living in shared flats in this Czech city:

    Advantages of sharing a flat in Pilsen

    • If one of your roommates is Czech, you will most likely meet a fun and friendly person who wants to share details about their culture. You can even tour part of their country with him/her.
    • You can choose between single rooms and shared rooms that are part of private apartments or student residences. You will surely find your ideal accommodation easily!
    • There is a wide variety of accommodations in the most chosen neighbourhoods by students, such as the centre and historic centre of Pilsen, Východní Předměstí and Roudná.

    Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Pilsen

    • The demand for rooms is very high, so you should do your search well in advance and don't wait until just before classes start to reserve one.
    • If you choose to live in a shared room to have a lower cost of rent, you will not have any whole space for yourself in the apartment.

    Erasmus App for your exchange programme in Pilsen

    These apps for Erasmus+ are very useful, both in planning and in the experience of the exchange. In them, you will find a lot of useful information about life in Pilsen, so that your experience is the best possible. For example, one of the data that you have to take into account is that ticket inspectors in public transport are very frequent, and they fine you if you do not have a valid ticket for the journey. You should buy the ticket instead of paying the fine.

    How to meet people in Pilsen

    During your exchange, you have several ways to connect with different people in this Czech city, such as befriending your flatmates. Also, you can consider some of the following alternatives:

    Student associations in Pilsen

    In Pilsen, you can join the Erasmus Student Network called ESC Pilsen, an acronym for Erasmus Student Club Pilsen. With this association, you get to be part of numerous fun activities and plans with other exchange students in the Czech city.

    Facebook groups for Erasmus in Pilsen

    One of the best groups you can join is that of the ESC Pilsen since in it you can find out about all the monthly planned activities, as well as glimpse photos of previous plans. Some of them can be international dinners, walks through the forest, barbecues, and cultural visits such as Radyne Castle, among others.

    Whatsapp groups for Erasmus in Pilsen

    These groups are usually created both before and during the exchange. If you find groups to join before arriving in Pilsen, you will have the possibility to contact other students who are going to go to the Czech city, being able to know some of their interests to plan activities between you.

    Tips for sharing a student flat in Pilsen

    These are some recommendations to take into account when living in a shared flat in the Czech city:

    • Take advantage of the savings on rent to travel to the cities around Pilsen They are very pretty and have a good connection. Some of them are Stribro, Klatovy and Domazlice.
    • You should identify where the campus of the university you are attending is before renting a spare room, so you can ensure that you have easy access to it from your flat. However, keep in mind that most of them are close to the historical centre of Pilsen.

    Frequently asked questions about sharing a flat in Pilsen

    How much does a spare room in a shared flat cost in Pilsen?
    In general, the cost of a two-bedroom apartment is around €700 a month, although you have to check if that amount includes utility costs or if you have to add an extra at the end of each month to pay for them.
    How to meet people in Pilsen?
    You can join Facebook and WhatsApp groups before arriving in the city, so you get to know other young people who will be there at the same time. In addition, we suggest you join ESC Pilsen, the most active association for international students in the city.
    What are the advantages of sharing a flat in Pilsen?
    By having a lower rental cost than a full apartment, the biggest advantage is that you get to have more of your budget to invest in amazing activities and trips in the Czech Republic and other countries.
    How to choose ideal roommates in Pilsen?
    We believe that the ideal situation is for everyone to have different nationalities, so they can enrich their experience by getting to know other cultures up close. This is especially if one of your classmates is local, that way you will be able to delve even deeper into local life!
    What are the best apps to find roommates in Pilsen?
    If you want to find flatmates and verified rooms easily and quickly, we recommend that you use Erasmus Play for the search. On this platform, you get to compare the different options easily.