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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Ponta Delgada

Ponta Delgada is a city on the island of São Miguel, which belongs to the Azores archipelago. It is a historic city that has a multitude of ancient buildings and monuments, including the famous city gates and the Gothic Cathedral. On the island of San Miguel, you will be able to enjoy a varied nature, such as its beaches, hot springs, mountains, cliffs, among others. And, if you are lucky, you will be able to see even whales and dolphins.

Ponta Delgada is a quiet city, where young people take the opportunity to focus on their studies while making plans among themselves to discover the incredible nature of the island. Several events take place in San Miguel throughout the year, including festivals, sporting events, concerts, and New Year's Eve parties.

Are you looking for student accommodation in Ponta Delgada? Keep reading! In this article, we tell you everything you have to take into account when looking for the ideal accommodation for you, both for its characteristics and its location.

Student apartments for rent in Ponta Delgada

The apartments available for rent for students in Ponta Delgada can be a studio type or they can have more rooms to share. In the case of studio apartments, you will find both units within a building and small constructions (cabin style) that have access to a garden and other facilities. All apartments are usually fully furnished, with everything you need to move into from the beginning of the rental.

Regarding the price of the apartments, a studio flat usually goes from € 570 onwards and can go up to € 1920 per month. For its part, an apartment with more rooms to share starts from € 680 onwards, approximately.

Student room for rent in Ponta Delgada

Are you looking for a room for rent for students in Ponta Delgada? In this city of the Azores, you will find both individual and shared rooms. For this reason, we recommend that you pay attention to the description, where it is usually explained if the price that appears is per person or for the entire room. You also have to look at the characteristics included in each room and the apartment it is in since some of them include access to special common places such as a swimming pool, garden and/or terrace.

The cost of rooms in Ponta Delgada usually ranges from € 330 onwards for a single room.

Student accommodation in Ponta Delgada

In this section, we will tell you which are some of the most chosen areas by international and national students to live in Ponta Delgada and on the island of São Miguel.

Apartments for rent in the centre of Ponta Delgada

This is usually the preferred neighbourhood by students who move to Ponta Delgada to live their Erasmus experience. Mainly because here you can find most of the entertainment venues popular with young people are concentrated, as well as the campus of the University of the Azores. From the centre of the city, you will also have an easy connection with the rest of San Miguel and the other islands.

Apartments in Arrifes

If you want to live close to the centre but in a quieter area, Arrifes may be a neighbourhood to consider. It is relatively close to the centre by public transport, although it always depends on the location of your apartment.

Rooms for rent in Candelária or Ginetes

These two areas are located to the west of the island of San Miguel, just under an hour away by public transport from the centre of Ponta Delgada. It is especially convenient for those students who do not have to go to classes many days a week and who want to be close to natural sites.

Erasmus accommodation near the University of the Azores

The campus of this institution in Ponta Delgada is located in the centre of the city, so it has an excellent location close to all the places of interest most frequented by young people. It is located, for example, near the José do Canto Botanical Garden, the Carlos Machado Museum and the city's port. If you want to live near the University of the Azores, some of the neighbourhoods you can choose from are San Pedro, San José and Matriz.

University residence in Ponta Delgada

The University of the Azores offers some residences where Erasmus students can apply for a place. The buildings are usually located in the centre of the city, so they have a good location. Each of the residences offers different characteristics and types of accommodation, so you will have to compare each of them to see which one includes your preferred characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions about studying in Ponta Delgada

How much does a student flat cost in Ponta Delgada?
The cost of a studio flat usually goes from € 570 onwards, having the capacity for one or two people. On the other hand, an apartment with more rooms to share starts at € 680 generally, but it always depends on the number of rooms it has and the number of people who can live in it.
What are the best areas to live in Ponta Delgada as a student?
Most international youth choose to live in central neighbourhoods, such as San Pedro, San José, and Matriz. However, you can also consider other areas according to your preferences, such as Arrifes or the remote Candelária and Ginetes.
How is the student atmosphere in Ponta Delgada?
It is a small city but it is the most important in the Azores, so it usually has a good student atmosphere. However, remember that Ponta Delgada is a quiet city with a lot of nature that surrounds it. Much of the nightlife in this city revolves around bars with live music, although there are also discos and karaoke bars.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Ponta Delgada?
Here estimate that you have to have a budget of € 700-800 per month if you want to live in Ponta Delgada as a student, including renting a room, food and leisure expenses. However, remember that the monthly expense always depends on your lifestyle.
Why go on Erasmus to Ponta Delgada?
In Ponta Delgada you will be able to delve into the island culture of Portugal, enjoying its traditions and all the corners of the island. From here students also take the opportunity to get to know other places in the Azores, since it is the most important city and has a good connection with the rest of the islands. In Ponta Delgada, you will be able to learn Portuguese and improve your English as well.


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