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Information and tips for Erasmus students in Ponta Delgada

Erasmus in Ponta Delgada

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Ponta Delgada

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Why do your Erasmus in Ponta Delgada? It is a small city on the island of São Miguel, which belongs to the Azores archipelago. On this island you will be able to enjoy a very varied nature, such as beaches, hot springs, mountains and cliffs, together with other international students who are living the same experience as you.

Next, we explain everything you need to know about Ponta Delgada so that your Erasmus in the city is the best.

Cost of living in Ponta Delgada, Portugal

Living in Ponta Delgada, and in the Azores in general, is quite cheap compared to other cities in Portugal. Adding rent, food and possible leisure activities, we estimate that you should have a budget of around €600-700 per month.

Keep in mind that the most likely thing is that most of your budget will go into renting the accommodation. Therefore, make sure you start looking early to find the best deals. The accommodation alternative preferred by most students is renting a room in a shared flat with other young people. This option is usually the most economical, since costs are shared among everyone, and you will have more freedom than in other types of accommodation. The average cost of these rooms is usually around €250-300 per month, depending on their location characteristics.

You won't have to worry about public transport expenses, as it is rarely used on the island. However, you may want to visit another island, so you will have to take into account this expense.

Student life, Erasmus parties and leisure in Ponta Delgada

Ponta Delgada enjoys great tranquillity, where young people take the opportunity to focus on their studies, while they enjoy making plans and discovering its fantastic nature. The island has many perfect places to go both in summer and winter, from parks, picnic areas and beaches to spectacular viewpoints and thermal pools rich in minerals. Regarding cultural activities, throughout the year they organise sporting events, concerts, and festivals. However, if what you want is to know all the Azores, take the opportunity to travel the maximum possible.

This island does not stand out for its great nightlife, but you will find a wide variety of bars, such as Cais Da Sardinha and Cantinho dos Anjos, and nightclubs, such as Karma Privé and Ibiza Club, where many students meet. In addition, you will be able to go to karaoke bars and enjoy unforgettable nights with your friends.

Culture and gastronomy in Ponta Delgada

The best way to discover a city is to get lost in its streets and be curious. In this way, you will explore every last corner. During these walks, in Ponta Delgada you will meet churches, convents and stately homes that define its old town. Some of the most important places worth visiting are:

  • Igreja Matriz de São Sebastião (Matrix Church of San Sebastian),
  • Portas da Cidade (The gates of the City),
  • Forte de São Bráss (Fort of San Blas),
  • Jardim Botânico António Borges (António Borges Botanical Garden),
  • Miradouro do Ilhéu de Rosto de Cão (Viewpoint of the Islet of Face of Cão).

As for gastronomy, you will be able to try a great variety of traditional Portuguese dishes. However, the cuisine of the Azores islands is different. Fresh cheeses, pineapples and seafood are their hallmarks. Some specialties that you should try are the “salada de polvo” (octopus salad), the “caldo verde” (soup with mashed potatoes and Galician couva strips) and the “alcatra” (a special cut of sirloin). In addition, without a doubt, one of the star dishes of the island of San Miguel is the “Cozido na Caldeira das Furnas”, which is a stew that is made over low heat in the bowels of the Furnas Volcano.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Ponta Delgada

The best thing about doing your Erasmus in this city is that you can learn the language of the country, practice and improve your English, taste its gastronomy, delve into other cultures and get to know the local people and all their traditions. In addition, dozens of plans are at your fingertips: go hiking, surfing, camping, exploring extraordinary places and even go whale watching. From Ponta Delgada, students also take the opportunity to travel to other islands of the Azores, thanks to its good connection. Surely with all the experiences you live, you will realise that you could not have chosen a better destination!

Cheap student accommodation in Ponta Delgada

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Frequently asked questions about doing Erasmus in Ponta Delgada

How much does it cost to live in Ponta Delgada as a student?

Adding the cost of rent, food and possible leisure activities, he estimates that you have to have a budget of around €600-700 per month if you want to live in Ponta Delgada. However, remember that this expense can vary greatly depending on your lifestyle and the type of accommodation in which you live.

What is student life like in Ponta Delgada?

Even though it is a small city, it usually has a good student atmosphere, since it is the most important municipality in the Azores. You will be able to enjoy its wonderful nature, as well as all its places full of charm. Much of the nightlife is centred around small bars, but you will also be able to go out to nightclubs and karaoke bars.  

How much does student accommodation cost in Ponta Delgada?

Most students prefer to rent a room in a shared apartment with other young people. Their prices depend on the characteristics of the apartment, as well as the location in which it is located, although the average cost of these rooms is usually around €250-300 per month.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Ponta Delgada?

The amount that each student receives depends on the place they go to and their country of origin since each one has different rules from the rest. For this reason, we recommend that you consult the international relations office of your institution.

Best areas to live in Ponta Delgada?

The neighbourhoods preferred by most students are the central neighbourhoods, such as San Pedro, San José and Matriz, since this is where the campus of the University of the Azores and the entertainment venues most popular with young people are located.