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Flats, rooms and residences near the U.Porto
Student accommodation near the University of Porto

Flats, rooms and residences near the U.Porto

Private rooms Porto 1641 612/month
Residences Porto 834 687/month
Studios Porto 501 1021/month
Apartments Porto 1918 2009/month

Founded in 1911 and called “Universidade do Porto” in Portuguese, U.Porto is the largest higher-level institution in Portugal nowadays. This, added to the good lifestyle that the Portuguese city has, makes many young people choose to do their exchange at this institution.

Students often advise you to look for accommodation near the University of Porto, to avoid morning traffic and rush hours on public transport. It is a city with many inhabitants and that receives many tourists! Pay attention to the information that we give you below to find the ideal accommodation for you simply.

Flats and rooms for students near the U.Porto

In general, the further away from the city centre, the cheaper the accommodation tends to be. However, proximity to your college is also important, so you avoid investing a lot of time and money in getting there. For this, we tell you where the campuses are and which are the most convenient neighbourhoods to live near the University of Porto.

Where is the University of Porto located?

This institution has three campuses, or "Polos", in different parts of the city:

Polo 1, Centre

This pole does not have one single complex, but the faculties are in different parts of the city centre. Here are the faculties of:

  • Fine Arts, in the Fontaínhas area
  • Law, in the Torrinha area
  • Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences in the Palacio de Cristal area

Polo 2, Asprela

This pole is the furthest from the city centre, approximately 25 minutes away by metro. It is the largest complex of the institution, also having the most extensive areas for sports. In this polo you will find the faculties of:

  • Economy
  • Dental Medicine
  • Medicine
  • Psychology and Educational Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Sports

Polo 3, Campo Alegre

This campus is located to the west of the centre of Porto, which you can reach in approximately 15 minutes by bus. It is very close to the banks of the Douro River and has the following faculties:

  • Letters
  • Architecture
  • Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, etc.)
  • Nutrition and Food Sciences

Best neighbourhoods to live in near the University of Porto

These are some of the most chosen by young people every year due to their proximity to the different faculties:


This area of ​​the city, which includes neighbourhoods such as Outeiro and Paranhos, is ideal for those students who are going to Polo 2, Asprela of the University of Porto. It is an area full of students, so you will also be able to find different places frequented by young people, such as restaurants and shops. In addition, Asprela is very well-connected to the city centre through the metro and buses.

Centre of Porto

The central area of ​​Porto, especially the neighbourhoods of Miragaia, Clérigos, Bolhão and Fontaínhas, is convenient if you go to Polo 1, Centro of the U.Porto. In addition, from here there is an easy connection by public transport with the rest of the polos and facilities of the institution. Another advantage is that you will be close to the entertainment venues most frequented by young people, as well as the most important places of cultural interest in the city.


This neighbourhood is located to the west of the city centre, a few minutes from it by public transport. Living in Massarelos is ideal if you want your accommodation to be close to the Polo 3, Campo Alegre of the institution.

Student residences near the U.Porto

The institution has 10 residences, offering places to both local and international students, which are distributed among the different campuses. However, the priority in this type of accommodation are young people who have scholarships, so it can be difficult to find a place. Keep in mind that you will also be able to choose a private student residence to live in. There is a wide variety of them in the city, and you can choose the one you like the most.

Erasmus in the University of Porto

We give you some information for you to consider during your mobility:

  • You can't miss the event called “Queima das Fitas” if you're going to be in town when it's celebrated, usually at the end of May. It is a festival that lasts a week and in which 12 different events are held, you will surely have a great time!
  • Take advantage of your stay to taste the local gastronomy as much as you can. From “Francesinhas” to “Caldo Verde”, passing through “Pasteles de Nata” and “Bacalao Ze do Pipo”, you will easily find a typical dish that you like.

FAQ about the University of Porto

What courses can you study at the University of Porto?

The University of Porto is mainly divided into 3 different areas: Polo 1 in the Center, with faculties such as Law, Pharmacy, Fine Arts and Sciences; Polo 2 in Asprela, with faculties such as Medicine, Psychology, Sports and Engineering; Polo 3 in Campo Alegre, with the Departments of Letters, Architecture and Sciences.

How is student life at U.Porto?

Student life is very lively, with numerous associations and sports clubs that you can join during your stay. In addition, different celebrations and fun events are usually held throughout the year, such as the “Queima das Fitas” or the “Festa das Latas”.

What’s near the University of Porto?

Part of the University of Porto is located in the heart of the city, right next to the famous Torre dos Clérigos, one of the historical symbols of this city. Next to the campus is the Jardim da Cordoaria, full of green areas to walk around and enjoy a short break with your friends.

How much does student housing cost near the U.Porto?

The best thing about Porto is that it is not an expensive city and if you search well, you can find very cheap accommodation available for students. The average price of a room near the University of Porto is around €500 per month with bills included.

Which are the best Apps for Erasmus students at the University of Porto?

The Erasmus Play app provides many facilities if you are an Erasmus student. In it, for example, you will be able to compare different accommodations near the institution, choosing the ideal one for you easily. In addition, you will be able to meet other young people who are going to be in Porto at the same time as you.