Renting flats, apartments and rooms near the University of Porto
University of Porto

Renting flats, apartments and rooms near the University of Porto

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The University of Porto is a highly chosen destination by Erasmus students, especially from southern Europe (Spain, France and Italy). It is a wonderful city located at the foot of the Douro River at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean. Thousands of students come to Porto every year attracted by its history, culture and lifestyle. 

The best thing about Porto is that it is not an expensive city and if you search well, you can find very cheap accommodation available for students. Here are some tips. 

Erasmus accommodation in Porto near the Universidade do Porto

The University of Porto is located in the heart of the city, right next to the famous Torre dos Clérigos, one of the historical symbols of this city. Next to the campus is the Jardim da Cordoaria, full of green areas to walk around and enjoy a little break with your friends. Generally, Erasmus students like to be located in central areas and as close to the University. 

Rooms for rent near the University of Porto

First advice; there are countless ways to reside in Porto, it will depend on your character whether you prefer to live alone or surrounded by other students. If you prefer to surround yourself and live with other people, our advice is to search among the thousands of rooms that we showcase at your disposal in our search engine, all of them in shared flats with other students. In addition, the monthly cost will be lower than in other types of housing.

University residences Oporto - UP

Another option is to live in a student residence. These spaces are equipped for young people, both national and international. So if you are Erasmus do not worry since you can also access them.

Generally, the price of living in a residence is higher than that of sharing a flat, so depending on your budget you will have to make one decision or another.

Apartments for students at the University of Porto

The university has a space on its website where it gives you some advice on finding accommodation. We have taken care of making a brief summary of them so you don't waste time. Next, we break down those key characteristics that you should consider when looking for an apartment in Porto:

  • Price of the room or apartment
  • Location, close to the University of Porto (faculty)
  • Characteristics of the apartment and its condition
  • Secure contracts and payments

We recommend that you do not make advance payments to individuals as there are a lot of scams to students. Therefore, all the accommodations that appear in Erasmus Play come from totally secure platforms, where their accommodations have been verified in advance.

Why go on Erasmus to the University of Porto?

Porto is a great city to carry out your Erasmus program, as well as for young professionals who have decided to travel to Portugal to grow professionally. The Universidade do Porto is characterized by having a wide range of studies. In addition, its location is perfect since it’s in one of the main Portuguese cities together with Lisbon. Your experience will be spectacular and you will be able to move around the country thanks to its good communication by land to visit the most wonderful places in Portugal.

Life at the University of Porto - Universidade do Porto

The University of Porto is mainly divided into 3 different areas:

  • Pole 1 (Center): Law, Pharmacy, Fine Arts, Sciences, etc.
  • Pole 2 (Asprela): Medicine, Psychology, Sports, Engineering, etc.
  • Pole 3 (Campo Alegre): Letters, Architecture, Sciences, etc.

Depending on where your faculty is located, we recommend that you look for accommodation in one place or another in order to be able to walk to your University every day and not waste too much time.