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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Potsdam

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Potsdam

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This small German city has a lot of history: it was one of the places of residence of the Prussian kings and the German Kaiser until 1918. The architecture and atmosphere of the city have a combination of neoclassical buildings and works of art. In addition, you will also find great parks, such as the famous Sanssouci, rivers, lakes and other incredible monuments and buildings. A good way to get to know the city is by bike!

Potsdam is the perfect city to live in if you want to enjoy everything that Berlin has to offer, without living in the centre of that big city, with its daily hustle and bustle that can be overwhelming. It is located only 35 minutes by train from the German capital, so if you want to party in Berlin you will be able to do it without a problem.

Surely you are wondering, how much does it cost to live in Potsdam for students? This largely depends on the type of accommodation you choose. You can choose between apartments (studio type) for yourself, a flat to share with more students, or rooms in a flat where there are already more young people living. In the Erasmus Play search engine, you will be able to compare all the verified apartments and rooms from multiple online platforms at the same time to find the ideal accommodation.

Student apartments for rent in Potsdam

The price of a rental apartment in Potsdam depends on both its location and its characteristics. In general, the further away from the centre, the cheaper the monthly cost will be. For example, a studio apartment in a neighbourhood far from the centre has an average price of 600€. On the other hand, the cost of this type of accommodation in the city centre ranges from 1600€ onwards.

If you want to rent an apartment with more rooms to share, you have to know that the price goes from 2,250€ onwards, for one with two rooms.

Student room for rent in Potsdam

This alternative is one of the most chosen by young internationals who come to live their Erasmus experience in Potsdam. The price of a room in a private apartment in this German city ranges from 290€  onwards, with an average of 450€  per month.

Pay attention to the characteristics of the flat where the room is located. In addition, some of the apartments may have more than one bathroom to share among those who live there or other characteristics that may be of your interest.

Student accommodation in Potsdam

International young people looking for accommodation in Potsdam usually choose the following neighbourhoods to live in:

Apartments for rent in the Jägervorstadt neighbourhood 

This neighbourhood is located next to the city centre, to the north, and It is very close to the famous Sanssouci park and its castle. From this area, you will have easy access to the University of Potsdam and the University of Applied Sciences of the city.

Apartments in Bornstedt 

Bonstedt is located very close to the centre of Potsdam and several of the university campuses. In addition, it has several very beautiful parks that you will be able to enjoy in your leisure moments, as well as places of historical interest.

Rooms for Rent in Nördliche Innenstadt 

This central Potsdam district is home to several of the city's most famous landmarks, such as the Brandenburg Gate, as well as various museums and beautiful areas, such as the Dutch district. Here, the price of a room in a shared flat goes from 290€  onwards and can go up to 500€ .

Erasmus accommodation near the Universities of Potsdam 

The following are the two universities most chosen by international young people who come to this German city to study:

University of Potsdam 

This university has three different campuses:

- Campus Am Neuen Palais: It is the main campus and is located within the Sanssouci park. It has faculties such as Arts and Humanities.

- Golm: It is located on the outskirts of the city, in the Science Park. For this reason, the faculties that you will find here are those of Sciences and Human Sciences, with careers such as Psychology.

- Griebnitzsee: here are the faculties of Economics, Social Sciences, Law and Digital Engineering. You will be able to reach this campus in about 20 minutes by public transport from the centre of Potsdam.

Potsdam University of Applied Sciences 

The campus of this young but prestigious university is located in the Bornstedt neighbourhood, north of central Potsdam. If you want to stay near this institution, you can look for a flat or room in that neighbourhood, in Jägervorstadt and Nördliche Vorstädte. In addition, from Nördliche Innenstadt you will be able to get there in about 20 minutes on foot or 15 minutes by public transport.

University residence in Potsdam 

The University of Potsdam offers its students different accommodation options to live in during their stay in the city. We recommend that you define on which campus your faculty is located to choose the most convenient residence for you, or you can also choose one that is located in the centre of Potsdam.

Frequently asked questions about Potsdam

How to find a cheap rental flat in Potsdam?

Surely in the Erasmus Play search engine, you will find the ideal apartment for you. You will be able to compare the different characteristics, prices and locations of the flats in a very easy way. You just have to access the search engine and choose your preferred features.

What are the best areas to live in Potsdam?

Generally, students who move to this German city choose central neighbourhoods. Some of the more convenient ones you can choose from are Nördliche Innenstadt, Jägervorstadt, Nördliche Vorstädte, and Bornstedt.

How much does a room cost in Potsdam?

The monthly cost of a room in an apartment shared with other students has an average of 450€  per month. The minimum is usually 290€  and the maximum is 700€  per month.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Potsdam?

As in the rest of Germany, the cost of living in Potsdam is usually not cheap. However, it all depends on your lifestyle and the accommodation you choose. An advantage of studying in this area of ​​Germany is that, with your student card, you will be able to access public transport for free to move around the area of ​​the state of Brandenburg, including Berlin.

Why go on Erasmus to Potsdam?

This German city is perfect if you want to live close to the capital but in a quieter place. Here you will be able to learn the language and get in touch with the culture of the country. In addition, in Potsdam you will be able to enjoy both nature and very beautiful architecture, sharing with many international students.