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Student housing, apartments and rooms for rent in Raleigh

Student housing, apartments and rooms for rent in Raleigh

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type.residence 4 716/month
type.short.houses 4 716/month

Raleigh is the capital of the state of North Carolina, which is in the eastern United States. It is a large but relatively quiet city, so you will be able to enjoy everything it has to offer without the stress of big cities. In Raleigh, students take the opportunity to visit the historic center, museums, different places of leisure and entertainment and its wide variety of restaurants. From here you will also be able to explore nearby natural sites and do different sports.

If you are wondering, How much does it cost to live in Raleigh for students? We tell you that your budget will depend largely on your lifestyle and the type of accommodation you choose. Due to the high cost of complete apartments, international youth often prefer rooms in private flats or residences. In this article, we will tell you the different details that you have to pay attention to find the ideal accommodation for you.

Student apartments for rent in Raleigh

If you want to rent an entire apartment for yourself, you have to know that in Raleigh most of the apartments available correspond to studio apartments. In these there is a capacity for one or two people, ideally a couple, since the different areas (room, bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.) are usually arranged in a small space and with little privacy among those who live there.

The cost of studio flats usually goes from $ 1000 a month onwards and can go up to $ 1700, always according to their facilities. 

Student rooms for rent in Raleigh

Looking for a student room for rent in Raleigh? We tell you that in this North Carolina city you will be able to choose between rooms in residences or private apartments. Many young people prefer the last option since it usually gives more independence than living in a residence, in which you will have to comply with the established rules.

So that you have it as a reference, the cost of the rooms usually goes from $ 390 onwards and can go up to $ 920 per month depending on what each accommodation includes and its location. For example, some of them may have access to an outdoor pool or gym, which often increases the cost of the rent.

Student accommodation in Raleigh

In this section, we will tell you which are some of the preferred areas to live in by international students who move to live for a season in the capital of North Carolina.

Apartments for rent in University Park

This area is highly chosen by students, as it is very close to universities such as North Carolina State University and Meredith College. It is a residential area with some restaurants in the surroundings.

Apartments in Hinton

Hinton is the area to the west of the North Carolina State University campus. It is usually packed with students and has some affordable restaurants and shops for young people. From Hinton, you will be able to easily reach green areas, such as Lake Johnson Park.

Rooms for rent in Glenwood South

This area is closer to downtown Raleigh, also to the west. It has a bohemian atmosphere, with art galleries, vintage clothing stores, bars and restaurants with live music and other places, such as yoga studios.

Accommodations near Raleigh universities

Here are some of the higher-level institutions that host international students every year in the city of North Carolina:

North Carolina State University (NCSU)

The large campus of this institution is divided into four campuses, called Centennial, West, North, South and Central. Most of the faculties and departments are located on the North campus, as well as some residences. In the South, there are training areas, Greek fraternities and conference rooms. For its part, within the Central campus, there are facilities such as gyms, cafeterias and residences. In the Centennial campus, the one that is more to the south, are the faculties of Engineering, for example. Lastly, on the West campus are the greenhouses and related college departments.

Meredith College

This institution has a campus where all its facilities are located, including colleges, residences, and sports and leisure areas. It is located northwest of downtown Raleigh, between the University Park and Method areas.

Shaw University

The campus is located south of the city center, most of it in the South Park neighborhood. 

University residences in Raleigh

As is customary in the United States, in Raleigh you will be able to find residences in almost all the universities with campuses in that city. There is usually a wide variety of accommodation available in them, such as single rooms, shared rooms and studio apartments. Likewise, each of the residences has its characteristics, so we recommend that you make a comparison between them to be able to request a place in the one that best suits your preferences.

Frequently asked questions about studying in Raleigh

How much does a student room cost in Raleigh?

The price of rooms in shared flats in Raleigh is usually set between a range of $ 390 and $ 920 a month, always according to what each accommodation includes and the location in which it is in the city.

How to find cheap student accommodation in Raleigh?

We recommend that you use the Erasmus Play search engine and compare the verified accommodation available for students in this city in North Carolina. In the search engine, you will be able to see the images, prices, locations and characteristics of each accommodation, so it will be easier for you to find the ideal one for you.

What are the best areas to live in Raleigh as a student?

The western part of the city is quite popular with young people, as there are several universities there. However, you can also choose accommodation in the city center, to be close to many entertainment venues frequented by students and other universities.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Raleigh?

The cost of living in Raleigh is generally cheaper than in other cities in the United States. Estimate that you have to have about $ 1,200 a month if you choose a cheap rent and add expenses for food and entertainment.

Why should I study in Raleigh?

In the capital of North Carolina, you will be able to immerse yourself in the culture of the southern United States to the fullest. You will be able to enjoy both the city and the surroundings, where you will find a varied nature.