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Information and tips for Erasmus students in Rome

Erasmus in Rome

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Rome

Private rooms Rome 3826 616/month
Residences Rome 138 617/month
Studios Rome 300 1343/month
Apartments Rome 1687 2305/month

Why do Erasmus in Rome? Generally, Italy is one of the most chosen countries by students to do their Erasmus. Rome, its capital, is one of the most demanded cities. There is no doubt that it is a wonderful destination to do an Erasmus, because of its climate, its people and everything you can do in this city.

We will give you all the most important tips and details that you should know about Rome before going there.

Cost of living in Rome, Italy

If you are thinking about doing your Erasmus in Rome, you should take into consideration that it is a city with a lot of student demand. That is a really good thing when you are trying to create a group of friends. However, it also means that some prices are going to be higher than in other countries. But don’t worry, here we will give you different options.

In most European countries, it is very common among exchange students to live in student dormitories. Well, in Rome it is more common to look for a room in a shared apartment, which costs around 350-450€. Dormitories tend to be more expensive and many of them aren’t located in the centric areas.

Regarding the “extra expenses” (eating out, partying, etc.) we recommend you to spend your money wisely. Living a great Erasmus experience doesn’t mean you need to eat out every day of the week. But, if you feel like doing that, enjoy it! There are so many restaurants with delicious food for very affordable prices.

Erasmus parties and leisure in Rome, Italy

As you can imagine, the fact that Rome welcomes so many students every year leads to the city always being full of life, party, music, diversity and adventures. You are going to enjoy it a lot, don’t doubt it. You have options for each day of the week, you can go to bars or nightclubs and have a great time while you meet new people.

You can also find several associations that organize parties and events for Erasmus students almost every day. Everything can happen during your Erasmus in Rome, whether it is you going out to party, visiting well-known places in Rome, or travelling to other countries.

Culture and gastronomy in Rome, Italy

Strolling through the streets of Rome will seem an incredible experience to you, you will love discovering everything the city has to offer. There are very tourist places in Rome that are impossible not to visit, such as the Colosseum or the Roman Forum. But living in this city will allow you to visit many other places, such as the Trastevere district, the Vatican City, Agrippa’s Pantheon, or the Domus Aurea. All of these are incredible places that you can’t miss, but, we are sure you will get to know many more.

Italian gastronomy, on the other hand, offers delicious dishes. Surely you know the main dishes and, without a doubt, you will enjoy pasta, pizza, lasagna… like never before. The restaurants and pizzerias in Rome where students usually go are not excessively expensive (around 10€), however, its dishes are delicious.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Rome, Italy

  • Discovering the capital of Italy like any tourist can.
  • Getting to know places as emblematic as the Colosseum or the Roman Forum.
  • Learning about the culture and history of Rome, known as the eternal city.
  • Getting to know and enjoy local traditions. Several associations prepare visits on important dates for the city so students can discover the traditions of Rome.
  • If you enjoy coffee, you will discover that in Rome getting coffee is one of the most important daily activities.

Cheap accommodation in Rome, Italy

Do you need accommodation in Rome? Don’t worry, on Erasmus Play we help you for free to compare the best flats, rooms and apartments for Students in Rome. Finding accommodation in Rome has never been so easy.

Frequently asked questions from students about doing Erasmus in Rome

How much does it cost to live in Rome as a student?

The cost of living in Rome depends on your priorities and what you are looking for. One of your biggest expenses will be the rent for your accommodation, around 350-500€ (it depends on the kind of accommodation, its locations, etc.).

How is student life in Rome?

This city is full of students, so the student atmosphere is always present, although you will also find libraries or quieter coffee shops where you can study. On Erasmus Play we tell you everything you need to know.

How much does student accommodation cost in Rome?

In Rome, students usually search for rooms in shared apartments, which cost around 350-450€ per month.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Rome?

The amount of the Erasmus scholarship will vary depending on the country of origin of each student. We recommend that you check with your university so they can give you the information you are looking for. The international relations office of your university will help you with anything you need.

Best areas to live in Rome?

The majority of students prefer to live in the center, where you can usually find a lively atmosphere during the whole week. You should also take into account that the prices of the rent will vary depending on the area. On Erasmus Play you can easily compare the rental prices of all the districts.