Renting flats, apartments and rooms near the Roma Tre University
Roma Tre University

Renting flats, apartments and rooms near the Roma Tre University

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The Roma Tre University, also known as the Università degli Studi Roma Tre, is the second University in Rome with the most students enrolled. That is why it is a university with a large number of incoming and outgoing students who decide to do the Erasmus + program every year.

This university is located in the Ostiense-Marconi neighborhood and is very well connected to the city center by public transport, so you can find accommodation in either of the two areas. Here are some interesting tips for student accommodation at Roma Tre University.

Erasmus housing in Rome near the Università degli Studi Roma Tre

Most Erasmus students like to live with other students in an apartment near the University, to save time on transportation. The University of Roma Tre, is characterized by being very well connected to the city center by metro line B and different urban buses. This is good news, as the options for finding student accommodation anywhere in Rome are increasing. We recommend you search in advance, because in this city student flats are in high demand and as time goes by it is more difficult to find them.

Cheap rooms for rent near Roma Tre University

Next, our team will explain the easiest way to find accommodation as a student at Roma Tre University.

The first thing you should do is know what day you want to travel to the city and when your classes / exams end approximately. Afterwards, it will be necessary to set a maximum monthly budget to spend on rent (don't worry, if you search early you can find very good accommodations at affordable prices). Last and most important, search and compare the entire offer of flats available for students at the Roma Tre University. Erasmus Play is here to help you!!! In its housing search engine you will find the entire offer of rooms from the main online accommodation websites, so that you do not waste time searching and comparing, we will do it for you.

Student residences near the Roma Tre University

Rome is characterized by being a student city and that is why there are different university residences where you can stay during your studies.

The location of these residences are all over the city and depending on the services they include, they will be more or less expensive.

Access our search engine and filter by residences to know the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Apartments for students of UNIROMA3 - Rome Tre  University

A very advisable option is to rent an apartment or shared student flat. We make it easy! It is not necessary to start looking for roommates, since all housing options in Erasmus Play search engine are intended to share accommodation with other students or young professionals. Access the widest network of furnished flats for students and young professionals easily and do not hesitate to ask us any questions that may arise.

Apartments for rent for students of the Roma Tre University

Renting a peak in the center of Rome will surely be more expensive than doing it in a neighborhood or area a little less central. The Garbatella neighborhood is an ideal area to live if you are studying at the University of Roma Tre. It is a neighborhood with a wide range of apartments for students, leisure and supermarkets. In addition, it will only cost you to get to the University 15 minutes walking. Many Erasmus students who have lived through the experience recommend looking for accommodation in this area.