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Flats, rooms and residences near the Roma Tre
Student Accommodation near the Roma Tre University

Flats, rooms and residences near the Roma Tre

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The Roma Tre University, known as "Università degli Studi Roma Tre" in Italian, is the second-largest university in Rome in terms of enrolled students. That's why it is a university with many incoming students who decide to participate in the Erasmus+ program every year. Here are some interesting tips for finding student accommodation near Roma Tre University with all the important features for you.

Flats and rooms for students near Roma Tre

This university is located in the Ostiense-Marconi neighbourhood. It is very well-connected to the city centre by public transport, so you can look for accommodation in either of the two areas. We'll give you some details so you can decide which is the ideal location for you:

Where is Roma Tre University located?

Its faculties are mostly located in the same area, but there are some differences in locations:

Roma Tre Campus

The largest area of the campus is located between the Ostiense and Marconi neighbourhoods, near the Marconi metro stop and the Basilica S. Paolo train station. It consists of different buildings arranged in the area, not a single complex. Among the faculties you will find here are:

  • Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences
  • Engineering
  • School of Humanities
  • Philosophy and Languages
  • Economics and Business Sciences
  • Political Sciences
  • Communication
  • Performing Arts

Buildings near the Main Campus of Roma 3

The departments that are a little further from the location mentioned above are:

  • Department of Law and the University Language Centre: they are north of the main campus, very close to it but closer to the Garbatella metro stop.
  • Department of Architecture: is even further north, in the Rione XX Testaccio neighbourhood, next to the Tevere river and near the Roma Porta S. Paolo and Roma Ostiense train stations.

Best neighbourhoods to live in near Roma 3

These are some of the most convenient neighbourhoods to look for accommodation with easy access to the Italian institution:


Between these two neighbourhoods is the main Campus of the University, so it is ideal if you want to be close to the faculties located there. The area is usually full of students every day of the week, thanks to which there is a great variety of affordable restaurants and shops. Also, you will be able to reach the centre of Rome in a few minutes to enjoy all its leisure offerings.

Garbatella Neighbourhood

The Garbatella neighbourhood is an ideal area to live if you are studying at Roma Tre University. It is a neighbourhood with a great offer of flats for students, leisure and supermarkets. In addition, you will be able to reach some faculties of Roma 3 and the main Campus of the University in about 15 minutes on foot.


Portuense is on the other side of the Tevere river from the Campus of Roma Tre University, but it has very good bus connections to get there. You can even get there by bike in a few minutes. This area usually has more affordable prices than the centre of Rome, so it is a good alternative to finding more affordable accommodation.

Student residences near the Roma Tre University

Rome is known for being a very student-friendly city, which is why there are various university residences where you can stay during your studies. The location of these residences varies greatly, and the cost will depend on the services they offer. For your information, the cost of university residences near Roma 3 usually ranges from €230 for a shared room to €300 or more per month for a single room.

Erasmus in the Roma Tre University

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your mobility at the institution:

  • At the Centro Linguistico di Ateneo, you can attend free Italian classes. We highly recommend that you sign up, not only to improve your language fluency but also to immerse yourself in the local culture and communicate with locals.
  • As a student in Rome, you'll have access to many discounts in areas such as transportation, food, and various cultural sites. If you're studying architecture, be sure to check the conditions carefully because you may have free entry to some monuments!

FAQ about the Roma Tre University

Where do Roma Tre students live?

To live near Roma 3, students typically consider the neighbourhoods of Ostiense-Marconi, Garbatella, and Portuense. We recommend that you start your search early because student apartments in this city are in high demand, and it becomes increasingly difficult to find them as time passes.

What’s near Roma Tre?

There are interesting places near this institution, such as "Porta San Paolo" and "Piramide di Caio Cestio". You can also quickly reach the most famous sites by public transportation, including the "Colosseo" and "Fontana di Trevi". Towards the south, you'll find the curious neighbourhood of EUR, with several places to visit.

How much does student housing cost near Roma Tre?

As it's located south of the centre of Rome, the cost of accommodation is usually slightly more affordable than in central neighbourhoods. Expect the minimum for a shared room to be around €280 per month, while a single room typically costs €350 or more.

How to get to Rome Tre?

The University of Roma Tre is well-connected to the centre of Rome by the metro line B and different urban buses. Additionally, if you live near the campus, you can easily get there by bike.

Which are the best Apps for Erasmus students at Roma Tre?

The Erasmus Play app is one of the best apps to download for planning your mobility. You can meet other international students who will be in Rome at the same time as you, even those who will be in your faculty or come from your country. This way, you'll feel more accompanied from the start!