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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Saint-Étienne

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Saint-Étienne

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This eastern French city is the capital of the Loire department, located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alps region. It is a small city but it has a lot to offer young people, from various museums and monuments to nature in the National Parks that are located nearby, such as the Pilat Regional National Park.

The student atmosphere in Saint-Étienne is quieter than in the nearby city of Lyon, but not more boring for that. There are different activities to do, nightlife spots to go to and sports events to enjoy. Some organizations run student activities of all kinds, from events to parties to cheap trips.

Are you looking for a student rental apartment in Saint-Étienne? Keep reading, since in this article we will advise you on everything you need to know when looking for your ideal accommodation for your Erasmus experience in this French city.

Student apartments for rent in Saint-Étienne

In this French city, there is a wide variety of apartments for rent available, from studios to apartments with more than one room to share with other young people. This last option is usually the most chosen by students since expenses can be divided and the cost of rent decreases considerably. The floors differ in the features they offer, but most of them include basic appliances, heating, a common living room and a shared bathroom between the different rooms they have.

The monthly cost of a studio flat in Saint-Étienne ranges from € 260 onwards, with an average of € 430. A flat of this type can also cost up to € 1,500 per month, always depending on its location and its characteristics. On the other hand, an apartment with more rooms to share with other students has a price that starts at € 900 per month for one with three rooms.

Student room for rent in Saint-Étienne

When you are looking for a room for rent for your Erasmus, you have to take into account different peculiarities. For example, you have to see if the room has bedding, desk, closet and/or private bathroom. As for the apartment, you have to pay attention to all the shared rooms and facilities they have, as they may have some special details, such as a balcony or terrace.

The price of a room in a shared flat range from € 260 onwards and can go up to € 500 per month. Make sure you pay attention to the details, especially if the costs of the invoices are included in the price.

Student accommodation in Saint-Étienne

Young internationals and Erasmus students always opt for furnished accommodation, with a good price and a good location, both close to the university and close to the leisure places most frequented by students. Here are some of the most chosen areas by international youth to live in Saint-Étienne:

Apartments for rent in Center Ville

This neighbourhood is the centre of the city and part of the historic centre. It has several shops, businesses and restaurants, and is connected to the rest of the city by public transport, mainly by tram. In Center Ville, an apartment costs from € 310 onwards for a studio flat.

Apartments in Center Deux

Located further south to the centre of Saint-Étienne, this is one of the most chosen neighbourhoods by students since you can find the main campus of the university here, the Tréfilerie campus. A studio apartment in this area has an average price of € 350 per month.

Rooms for rent in Saint-Roch - Badouillère - Chavanelle

These three neighbourhoods are located between Center Ville and Center Deux, so they have easy access to both. They also have a good connection to other campuses, such as Bellevue. The average cost of a room in a shared apartment in these neighbourhoods is € 370 per month.

Erasmus accommodation near the Jean Monnet University

This institution is part of the University of Lyon, which is one of the most prestigious in France. It has several campuses in the city. The main one is located in the Tréfilerie area and houses the faculties of Arts, Languages, Letters, Law, Economics, Business Administration and Human Sciences. Other campuses are Metare (here some Science and Sports careers are studied), Carnot (where there are Optics and Vision careers and the Telecom Engineering school) and Bellevue (Medicine is studied here). You have to know which campus you are going to, to be sure of which are the most convenient areas to find accommodation near Jean Monnet University.

University residence in Saint-Étienne

There are several student residences available in Saint-Étienne, each with different facilities and locations. Generally, the cost for accommodation in these residences is usually higher than that of a room or a private flat, so international students tend to prefer to live outside the residences. This will also give you more independence.

Frequently asked questions about Saint-Étienne

How much does a flat in Saint-Étienne cost?

This depends on the size of the apartment as well as its location and the characteristics it has. A studio apartment has an average price of € 430 and one with more rooms to share goes from € 900 per month onwards.

Why share a flat in Saint-Étienne?

Most Erasmus students from other years recommend sharing a flat because of the low cost it implies. And because of the lifestyle you get to live, developing camaraderie and sharing experiences with other students in the same situation.

What are the best areas to live near Saint-Étienne university?

The main university in the city is Jean Monnet. It has four different campuses in the city of Saint-Étienne so, depending on your campus you should decide the best areas according to what we state above. You should determine this before you start looking for your apartment or room.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Saint-Étienne?

Living in this small city is much cheaper than in other larger cities such as Paris or Lyon, although the cost of living can also be high, always depending on the lifestyle you lead. If you rent a room in a shared flat, estimate that you should have between € 600-700 per month between rent, food and leisure expenses.

Why study in Saint-Étienne?

Here you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in French culture from a small town and also to learn its language. In addition, you will be able to meet students from all over the world and enjoy different activities. From this city, you will also be able to travel to other nearby cities such as Lyon.