Student rooms, flats, apartment in Salamanca

Salamanca is a charming city, full of culture, churches, palaces and history. For all its charm and architectural wealth it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988. Being the University of Salamanca the first in Spain, the town has a great university atmosphere in all its splendour, with more than 40,000 university students between its two universities. All this makes the city a special one for Erasmus students.

Student rooms in Salamanca

The University of Salamanca, public, and the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, private, are in charge of educating university students in Salamanca. Surprisingly, the headquarters of both universities are just a few meters from each other, located in the heart of the city. Whereabound student apartments. 

Getting accommodation in Salamanca is not a tedious task due to the large number of university residences and apartments for rent for students. The services of the school, residence and dining room of Salamanca is impeccable and any student should consider it a privilege to be able to study in Salamanca.

The Miguel Unamuno Campus of the University of Salamanca holds a lot of the faculties in the San Bernardo neighbourhood. Living alone in an apartment for students, sharing an accommodation or flat for students with others or staying in a university residence will define the average price you have to pay. Note that the Faculty of Psychology, Occupational Therapy and Fine Arts shares a campus, northeast of the city almost on the outskirts, so your accommodation should be closer to the Buenos Aires neighbourhood or the Pizarrales district.

Student apartments in Salamanca

Through the Social Affairs Service (SAS), the University of Salamanca promotes the inclusion of older and isolated people by promoting and facilitating the accommodation of university students in the homes of older people. We put at your disposal hundreds of student accommodation in Salamanca to be surrounded by other students with all your basic needs covered.

Sharing a flat as a student is usually the best option due to socializing with people like you, the budget and the experience that this entails. 

As the Campus is very close to the centre, the best accommodation, studentlike everything else, is the first to be reserved. So you search and compare long in advance to have the best accommodation that suits you and your needs as a student. 

Rooms near the University of Salamanca

With 12% of its population being university students and as many international students arriving in Salamanca every year, the city has many student accommodations. 

In any of the two universities in Salamanca, the most sensible option to choose is to share a flat with colleagues. Near the University of Salamanca, rental apartments abound. Sharing an apartment with other students in Salamanca is the easiest option to make friends, meet and live with other students from other cultures, share experiences and feel at home. Normally they are three or four bedroom apartments of all sizes with equipped kitchens, living room, bathroom and common areas.  

It is vital to know in advance important points about sharing a student apartment, such as:

  • Its location
  • What is included in the rental price How
  • many people will you live with
  • It is fully furnished or not. This point is vital since as a tenant you will only be in said accommodation for a very determined time, so it is not advisable to furnish your house. It is expensive and many times, unfortunately, you cannot take it back when you finish your studies.
  • It has Wifi, tables and chairs to study and work.

Renting a room in Salamanca can cost between 250 € and 500 €, always depending on the type of floor you want and the location. In our search engine, you can filter the accommodation by rooms and set your maximum price to know the existing offer in the city. 

Student residences Salamanca

To live in a student residence in Salamanca you have several options to choose from. Prices and conditions vary according to each residence in Salamanca, the cost and conditions must be known before booking. There are a large number of residences in Salamanca since it is a student city and they come from all over the world to study there. Next, we are going to break down which are the university residences in Salamanca and the main major schools in Salamanca:

  • Colegio Mayor Tomás Luis de Victoria (Male)
  • University Residence Santa Rosa Mola (Female)
  • University Residence Atilano Coco (Mixed)
  • Colegio Mayor Guadalupe - University Residence (Mixed)
  • Colegio Mayor El Carmelo (Female)
  • University Residence Colegio de Oviedo (Mixed)
  • University Residence Colegio de Cuenca (Mixed)
  • Agustiniana University Residence (Mixed)
  • María Milagrosa University Residence (Female)
  • San Bartolomé University Residence (Mixed)
  • Sagrados Corazones University Residence (Female)
  • Lourdes Delgado Gil University Residence (Female)
  • Atenea University Residence (Mixed)

Know all the university residences in Salamanca and discover their prices, location, services, and distance to the university from the search engine. Living during your Erasmus in a residence can be a good alternative if you prefer not to complicate things, since many of these residences include cleaning services and food for students.

However, if you prefer more freedom and be more independent, we recommend you to choose to rent an Erasmus accommodation or apartment, to live with other international students like you during your stay in Salamanca, as this will allow you meet new people in Salamanca and also improve your English or Spanish, since you will be able to practice it daily.

Universities in Salamanca

The University of Salamanca (USAL), created in 1218, is the first university in Spain, accompanied by the private Pontifical University of Salamanca (UPSA), are the two choices that every university student has if they want to study In Salamanca. More than 100 degrees are offered between the two in all categories of education.

Between the two Universities, there are more than 40,000 students, representing 12% of its population, which is around 330,000 inhabitants. Between the two universities, they offer more than 100 different degrees for students and for this reason it has one of the most active university cities in Spain.

List of faculties of the University of Salamanca:

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Faculty of Biology
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental
  • Faculty of Chemical Sciences
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Economics and Business
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Philology
  • Faculty of Philosophy
  • Faculty of Geography and History
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • Faculty of Translation and Documentation

List of faculties of the Pontifical University of Salamanca:

  • Faculty of Communication
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Theology
  • Faculty of Canon Law
  • Faculty of Informatics
  • Faculty of Sciences Insurance, Legal and Company

Transport in Salamanca

Mobility in Salamanca is made relatively easy with the 13 bus lines that run through the city connecting the different districts. The average frequency of buses is around 10-15 minutes. The cost for each bus trip costs € 1.05, however by paying a unit price of € 2 you can get a transport card that will lower the price to € 0.59. The transfer, from one bus to another, is free before the first 45 minutes. There are different types of monthly and quarterly passes that you can take if you are going to travel a lot by bus. The pedestrian streets of the old town make it easy to get to other parts on foot.

Another form of efficient and easy mobility is using the bicycle. The city has a bicycle rental service called SalenBici. Although it is a much more dedicated service to the resident citizens of Salamanca, there are other brands of rental bikes that can be used to move from accommodation to university.

Frequently asked questions about Salamanca

How much does a student apartment cost in Salamanca?
In Salamanca, the average price of a complete apartment ranges from 450 euros, but this will depend on factors such as the location and characteristics of the property (elevator, garage, air conditioning, heating, etc.).
How to find cheap apartments in Salamanca?
Thanks to the tool developed in Erasmus Play you will be able to quickly compare all the flats, apartments and rooms for students in Salamanca. Also, you can make a reservation in a completely secure way on the website of our trusted partners.
Where to live in Salamanca?
We recommend that you look for your study, room, flat, apartment or student residence near the university. This will save you time on the daily commute and you can make the most of your stay in the city of Salamanca.
How much does a university residence cost in Salamanca?
In Salamanca, there are different student residences. The average prices for university residences are 600 euros per month and this will depend on the services included in the residence.
Are you going to Erasmus to Salamanca?
Salamanca is an ideal city for your international mobility. Here you can find a wide range of accommodation and select the one that best suits your needs.
How long do I look for accommodation in Salamanca?
We recommend that you always search before choosing the destination of your mobility, so you can get an idea of ​​what life costs in each city. If you already know that your destination is Salamanca, the sooner you look for the better, since the best accommodations, apartments and rooms for students are the first to be sold out. Do not waste time! and find your ideal accommodation as soon as possible.
Sharing a flat with other students in Salamanca?
One of the best options is to share a flat with other students or young professionals like you. This will allow you to share rental expenses and therefore, you can locate yourself in the best places in Salamanca.
How to find an apartment near the University in Salamanca?
Erasmus Play makes it easy for you, thanks to the development of personalized maps for the Universities of Salamanca, you will be able to search for your new home knowing at all times how far it is from your faculty. This will save you a lot of time comparing on different websites.


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