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Student housing, apartments and rooms for rent in San Diego
San Diego

Student housing, apartments and rooms for rent in San Diego

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This warm city is located on the west coast of the United States, in the south of the state of California. It is a city famous for its quality of life, with a wide range of leisure activities and natural sites to visit.

Students who live for a season in San Diego also take the opportunity to visit other nearby places, such as Los Angeles and several National Parks, and also to visit Mexico, which is within walking distance.

Looking for student accommodation in San Diego? We recommend that you start doing it well in advance, since this city attracts thousands of students every year, both national and international. The sooner you do the search, the more options you will have to find the ideal accommodation for you, that is, one that includes your preferred characteristics, that has a convenient location and an affordable price.

Student apartments for rent in San Diego

If you want to rent a complete apartment for yourself, in San Diego you will be able to choose between studio flats (with capacity for one or two people) or apartments with several rooms, to share with other young people. Generally, the second alternative is the most chosen, since the price of rent in San Diego is usually very high, and sharing a flat means that the cost of rent and monthly utility bills is divided among everyone who lives there.

For example, the cost for an apartment with three bedrooms is usually around $ 3000 per month and a two-bedroom apartment about $ 2000 per month. A studio apartment usually goes from $ 1130 onwards.

Student rooms for rent in San Diego

In this city, on the west coast of the United States, you will be able to find both single and shared rooms. In both cases, the rooms are usually fully furnished, with at least the basics for each student, such as a bed, bedding, desk, chair, and closet. Some of them also have extra details, such as a private bathroom and/or balcony, so you have to look closely at the characteristics of each room to be able to choose the one that meets your favorite details.

Rooms in shared flats in San Diego usually go from $ 500 and up, both in the case of singles and shared rooms. Likewise, the cost can amount to approximately $ 1130, depending on the location of the apartment and the characteristics of the accommodation.

Student accommodation in San Diego

In this section, we will tell you which are some of the areas preferred by international youth to live during their stay in San Diego.

Apartments for rent in University City

This area is part of the main campus of the University of California, San Diego, so it is usually full of students. It is a residential and commercial neighborhood that has several parks and green areas. Here there are also many shops and restaurants frequented by young people.

Apartments in College Area

This area was named like this because it is home to the main campus of San Diego State University. Although the one off-campus is a residential area, there are some places frequented by students, such as sports venues, shops, and various restaurants and bars.

Rooms for rent in Cortez Hill

Cortez Hill is a neighborhood that is very close to downtown San Diego, making it a convenient place to quickly reach various entertainment venues. It is also next to Balboa Park, so you will have access to its green areas very easily.

Accommodation near the universities of San Diego

These are some of the institutions with a presence in the city of California:

The University of California, San Diego

This institution has its main campus in the Laneighborhood Jolla, north of Downtown San Diego. It is divided into two different zones, connected by transport offered by the same university. To find accommodation near the University of California, San Diego, you can consider neighborhoods like La Jolla Village, University City, and Torrey Pines.

San Diego State University (SDSU)

The campus of this university is located in the neighborhood called College Area. It is located northeast of the city center, approximately one hour from it by public transport. If you want to live near this institution, you should look for accommodation in College Area, Talmadge and Rolando, for example.

University residences in San Diego

In this city of California, you will find residences for students both on campus (within the university) and off-campus. Generally, residences on campus have more restrictions and are more stringent. Due to this, international students tend to prefer residences off-campus or also rent a flat or private room, to have more independence in terms of mobility and schedules.

Frequently Asked Questions about studying in San Diego

How much does a student apartment cost in San Diego?

The cost of a studio apartment usually goes from $ 1130 onwards, an apartment with three bedrooms usually costs around $ 3000 per month and a two-bedroom apartment usually costs $ 2000 per month.

Why share an apartment with other students in San Diego?

This alternative is usually preferred by international young people to save on the monthly cost of rent and services since in shared flats these expenses are divided among all who live there. You will also be able to live the experience more closely with other students who are in a situation similar to you, making day-to-day more fun.

How is the student atmosphere in San Diego?

The atmosphere for young people in this city is very lively and dynamic. There is a wide range of activities that can be done, both outdoors and indoors, and several nearby places where you will be able to travel easily. In San Diego, you will also be able to enjoy parties and different events throughout the year.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in San Diego?

The cost of living in San Diego is usually quite high. You will have to have, on average, about $ 1800- $ 2000 each month to pay for rent, food, entertainment and transportation in San Diego.

Why study in San Diego?

In this city of California, you will be able to enjoy an incredible climate throughout the year, which allows you to make the most of the natural surroundings of the city. In San Diego you will be able to share the day-to-day with students from all over the world, learning at the same time about the American culture and thier way of life.