Student housing, apartments and rooms for rent in Seattle

Student housing, apartments and rooms for rent in Seattle

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This city on the west coast of the United States is the capital of the state of Washington and is located along the Pacific Ocean. It is known not only for being the birthplace of many well-known international companies - including Starbucks, Amazon and Microsoft - but also for its music scene that saw artists such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Ray Charles and Jimi Hendrix develop. Thanks to this, in Seattle you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of events and activities to do covering very different areas.

Students who move to Seattle for a season take the opportunity to explore the abundant nature of the city and the surroundings, as well as travel to other nearby cities such as Portland or Vancouver.

Looking for student accommodation in Seattle? We recommend that you start your search well in advance because the sooner you start, the more chances you will have of finding quality accommodation at an affordable price.

Student apartments for rent in Seattle

Surely you might be wondering, How to find a cheap student apartment in Seattle? From Erasmus Play we make it easy for you! In the search engine, you will be able to see the verified apartments that are available in Seattle, from a wide variety of online platforms and websites, and you will be able to compare the characteristics, prices, and locations of each one.

Pay special attention to the details of each floor as, although most are furnished, some may not be. Likewise, the apartments can be studios (for one or two people), or they can have several rooms to share. All these characteristics and the facilities available to the building in which they are located influence the monthly price of the apartment.

Typically, the price of student apartments in Seattle averages $ 1,400 per month.

Student room for rent in Seattle

The cost of renting in Seattle is usually very high, so renting a room in a shared apartment or residence is usually the alternative most chosen by international students who move to live there city ​​for a season. And it is that one of the advantages of this type of accommodation is that it is usually cheaper than a complete apartment since the rental costs and bills are divided among all the roommates. In addition, renting a room will allow you to share your day-to-day more closely with other students who are in the same situation as you, making the experience more enjoyable.

The price of student rooms in Seattle averages around $ 1000- $ 1050 a month, although it usually ranges from $ 780 and up and can go up to $ 1400 a month.

Student accommodation in Seattle

Next, we will tell you which are some of the areas preferred by local and international students to live during their stay in the capital of Washington.

Apartments for rent in Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is one of the preferred areas for young people to spend their afternoons and nights off. Thanks to this, here you will find a wide variety of bars and clubs, although there are also several affordable restaurants and cafes, parks and shops.

Apartments in Fremont

This neighborhood is located north of downtown Seattle, along the Fremont Canal. It is a residential neighborhood with a bohemian vibe that includes eateries, independent shops, sculptures, and an antique market.

Room for rent in University District

This district has a very young atmosphere since it is the campus of the University of Washington. It is packed with affordable restaurants, bars, and shops, and there are also some museums, parks and other entertainment venues.

Accommodations near Seattle Universities

These are some of the higher-level institutions that welcome international students every year:

University of Washington (UW)

The campus of this institution is said to be one of the most beautiful in the country. It is located in the University district, north of downtown Seattle. Due to its large size, the campus is divided into four, but the four locations are found next to each other.

University of Seattle

The main campus of this institution is located in the First Hill neighborhood, east of Downtown Seattle. In that area, you can find all the university facilities.

Seattle Pacific University

The seat of this university is in the North Queen Anne area, along the Fremont Canal and north of downtown Seattle. All the institution's facilities are located on this campus, including its residences and sports center.

University residences in Seattle

Most of the residences offered by the universities in this city are located on or near the campus. Each residence has different entry requirements and characteristics, so take a good look at the details of each one to find out which one is best for you to apply for a place.

Frequently asked questions about studying in Seattle

How much does a student room cost in Seattle?
The price of student rooms in Seattle averages around $ 1000- $ 1050 a month, although it usually ranges from $ 780 and up and can go up to $ 1400 a month.
What are the best areas to live in Seattle as a student?
The most convenient thing would be to rent accommodation in neighborhoods close to the institution you are going to go to, so you have to identify where your university is located to choose the best neighborhood. However, some of the most chosen neighborhoods by international youth are Capitol Hill, Fremont, Queen Anne, University District, Pike / Pine, First Hill, and Minor.
How is student life in Seattle like?
The student atmosphere in this city of Washington usually revolves around the activities that are organized by the universities, which may include events, festivals, sports activities, among others. Remember the name of the Capitol Hill neighborhood, where the nightlife venues most popular with young people are.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Seattle?
This city is one of the most expensive in the country. Estimate that you should have about $ 1900- $ 2000 a month for rent, food, and some entertainment.
Why study in Seattle?
This city on the west coast of the United States offers an ideal environment for students, with many young people and a wide variety of activities to do. Seattle is packed with museums, entertainment venues, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and events to go to. Another of the great advantages of this city is the proximity it has with nature, which provides the possibility of hiking and other outdoor sports with ease.