Flatshare in Stockholm

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Stockholm

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The universities in the Swedish capital have a high academic level, such as the University of Stockholm, the Royal Institute of Technology and the Karolinska Institute. This, along with the chance to experience Nordic culture first-hand, attracts many young internationals looking to live in shared flats.

Don't worry if you can't speak Swedish! As a multicultural city, most people speak English, so we recommend that you master that language so that you can easily communicate with your flatmates. However, learning the basics of Swedish can be helpful as locals will be more welcoming when they see you trying to learn their language.

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Stockholm


In this section we mention some of the pros and cons of living in shared flats in the Swedish capital:

Advantages of sharing a flat in Stockholm 

  • Finding a spare room in a shared apartment will help you get more options in terms of location and features since the cost of rent will take up less of your total budget. You can choose, for example, to live in Sibirien or Vasastaden if you want to be close to the universities.

  • Some apartments are located in areas far from the centre, so having roommates will make you not feel so alone when you are at home.

  • If any of your roommates is Swedish, you will be able to get to know the culture and gastronomy more closely.

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Stockholm 

  • Swedes have priority on the waiting list to enter to live in rooms in residences, so that type of accommodation is difficult to obtain being international.

  • Rent in Stockholm is so expensive that many of the available accommodations are located in areas far from the city centre, so you will have to invest time and money in public transport.

  • You have to find out if the cost of the bills is included in the rent or not since the cost of electricity is quite high and can increase a lot in the winter with heating.

Erasmus App for your exchange programme in Stockholm 

In the Apps for Erasmus+, you will have access to a lot of useful information, both regarding procedures and life in the city. One of the tips often given by students is that, the best way to get to know Swedish culture is to have local flatmates or join student associations to carry out activities at affordable prices.

How to meet people in Stockholm? 


One of the simplest ways to meet people is by sharing a flat in which you can befriend your roommates, by doing different activities with them. Here are other ways you can meet people in the Swedish capital:

Student associations in Stockholm 

In the universities, you will find several associations, called Student unions, which you can join. However, the preferred association for Erasmus is the ESN Stockholm, which is mainly aimed at young internationals who go to Stockholm for a season on an exchange.

Facebook groups for Erasmus in Stockholm 

There are several Facebook groups created according to the academic year, where you can connect with other students who will be there at the same time as you. In the ESN Stockholm Facebook group, you will see the calendar of activities that you can join, which include game nights, excursions around the city or to nearby places such as Gotland, and days of sports such as climbing, hiking or cycling.

WhatsApp groups for Erasmus in Stockholm

In the WhatsApp groups, it will be easier for you to introduce yourself and meet other students who have similar interests to yours, being able to organize plans on your own. You will also have the opportunity to join activities that the other young people organize during the day.

Tips for living in a shared apartment in Stockholm

We give you some tips for living in the capital of Sweden for you to take into account:

  • You will surely get used to enjoying fika. It is a deeply rooted custom in Sweden in which locals take a break from work or study to meet friends for coffee and a snack. Take advantage of these moments to try a chokladboll (chocolate ball) or a kanelbullar (cinnamon roll).

  • Going out at night to bars or clubs is expensive, so students do not usually do it every night. Instead, they gather in residences or flats, so you should find out what the atmosphere of the apartment you are going to live in is, depending on whether you prefer one with many gatherings or a quieter one.

Frequently asked questions about sharing a flat in Stockholm 

How much does a shared flat in Stockholm cost?
Spare rooms in shared flats start at €450 and up, and it largely depends on where it is located. A two-bedroom apartment usually starts at €1,000 per month.
How to find roommates in Stockholm?
Search in online communities such as Erasmus Play, where you will also see available and verified accommodation that you can rent.
How to meet people in Stockholm?
Join student associations like ESN Stockholm and you will meet people while performing different activities. You can also be part of the Facebook and WhatsApp groups.
Should I share a flat or live alone in Stockholm?
If you go with a student budget, it is best to share a flat, because the rental cost in the Swedish capital is very high. It will also make the experience more fun and that you are accompanied when you feel alone.
What to ask before entering a flatshare in Stockholm?
Ask if the utility bills are included in the monthly rent, especially electricity because it is usually expensive. You should also organize clear schedules with your housemates to avoid any conflicts, the cleaning schedule and other issues such as visits, smoking, etc, should be pretty clear.