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Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Sunderland
Flatshare in Sunderland

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Sunderland

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type.residence 36 716/month 28 710/month
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The University of Sunderland is one of the cheapest in the country, attracting numerous national and international students every year. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy a student life sharing moments with young people from different parts of the world.

The preferred accommodations by students in Sunderland are shared flats, where the cost of rent and utilities is split between everyone who lives there. In addition, if you live with students of different nationalities, you will be able to learn from their culture and practice English even more, which is surely one of the reasons why students go to the United Kingdom on an exchange!

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Sunderland

If you have not yet decided if this is the ideal accommodation for you, consider the following pros and cons to make the decision:

Advantages of sharing a flat in Sunderland

  • You will surely find a room in a location close to the University of Sunderland campus you plan to attend.

  • Some rooms have details that differentiate them, such as a private bathroom or balcony.

  • You can choose between spare rooms in both private shared flats and student residences, which can include game rooms, a cinema, a gym, a shared kitchen and a study area.

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Sunderland

  • This city welcomes numerous students every year, so the search for shared flats can be very competitive. You have to do it well in advance.

  • Your room is the only space that you will have complete for yourself. We suggest you make it comfortable and cosy.

Apps for your international exchange in Sunderland

Are you planning your stay in Sunderland and want the experience to be the best it can be? We suggest you use the Apps for exchanges available, where you will find a lot of advice and relevant information about your experience in the English city. You will also be able to read testimonials from students from previous years, who usually give tips, such as that the English climate does not turn you back and go out and enjoy everything that Sunderland offers, including its beaches and outdoor spaces.

How to meet people in Sunderland

A very important part of your Erasmus is indeed the people you enjoy it with, so here are some ideas on how to meet other young people in Sunderland. Of course, we also recommend that you befriend your roommates and classmates.

Student Associations in Sunderland

Like most UK institutions, the University of Sunderland has a wide range of societies and clubs that you can join. We assure you that you will find one that meets your interests because there are the most diverse fields. For example, there are societies for music, performing arts, volunteers, religions, academics and a large number of sports.

Facebook groups for international students in Sunderland

On this social network, there are several groups that you can join, all of them created by young people who go to the University of Sunderland. For example, you can find a general one for international students, one with information about the "Fresher's week" that takes place at the beginning of classes and others from different societies.

Whatsapp groups for international students in Sunderland

As a general rule, from societies, clubs and Facebook groups, WhatsApp or Telegram groups are also usually created so that the students who comprise them can be connected more simply. Take the opportunity to join the plans proposed by others, but also to invite other young people to join the ones you want to do.

Tips for living in a shared student apartment in Sunderland

We give you some tips for you to consider when living in a shared flat in the English city:

  • Take advantage of your stay to share different moments with your flatmates, like attending the Festival of Light that takes place every year and in which different parts of the city are illuminated with light designs. There are other events during the days of the festival, such as different shows.

  • Remember that some preferred neighbourhoods to live in by young people are generally the city centre, Monkwearmouth and Millfield.

Frequently asked questions about sharing a flat in Sunderland

How much does a shared flat in Sunderland cost?

A spare room in a private shared flat or residence can start from £290 and up, but the average cost is around £330 a month.

Where to look for shared flats in Sunderland?

We recommend you search in Erasmus Play, an online community in which you will be able to compare the different alternatives of shared flats available and verified in the English city at the same time.

How to meet people in Sunderland?

There are different ways to meet other students in this city: living in a shared flat with other students, joining the societies and clubs of the University of Sunderland and joining the Facebook and Whatsapp groups for international students.

Share a flat or live alone in Sunderland?

The cost of education in this city is indeed cheaper than in other English cities, but even so, we recommend that you share a flat so that you can have more of your budget to enjoy activities and experiences.

What to ask before entering a flat share in Sunderland?

You have to ask what the basic rules of the apartment are, including how the cleaning tasks are shared if you can invite visitors or have parties, and how the heating is used in winter, among others.