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Information and tips for Erasmus students in Turin

Erasmus in Turin

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Turin

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What is Turin like as an Erasmus destination? Why do your Erasmus in Turin? This city is full of international students who come wanting to learn and enjoy their experience. There are always things to do in Turin, lots of events and festivities. These are some reasons why this city is a very popular destination for Erasmus students. Below we advise you on everything that Turin has to offer. Let’s begin!!!

Cost of living in Turin, Italy

Although Turin is a very popular and well-known city in Italy, it is not as expensive as Milan or Rome, for example. The budget that each student can spend in a month depends on their lifestyle and needs, however, we could say that the average student spends around € 700-800 per month. This amount includes the purchase of food, transportation and leisure activities.

One of the biggest expenses you will have when you start your Erasmus experience will be the rental of accommodation. We recommend that you start searching in good time before arriving in the city. From our Erasmus Play platform, you can compare options and reserve them with the certainty that the process will be simple and safe. You can find rooms in student flats for € 150-200. The rental price depends, in part, on the type of accommodation and its location.

Erasmus parties and leisure in Turin, Italy

A very important part of any Erasmus is the party. Surely you have heard former students talk about how incredible and mythical Erasmus parties are. Well, once you get to Turin, you will realize that it is completely true. A city like this, full of young people and students, has all the characteristics to be a city with a lot of atmosphere and party, that is, a perfect Erasmus destination. In the centre of the city, you will find a street full of bars and places full of people such as the well-known Quadrilatero. In addition, you can also find several nightclubs, although many are not usually in the most central part of the city or many parties in student flats and residences. The latter is very common in almost any Erasmus city.

Now, if you don't like partying too much, you can also make other plans such as sightseeing around the city or going to nearby towns and cities. We recommend that you join a student association in Turin, as they usually organize various fun events and activities that are often aimed at Erasmus students.

Culture and gastronomy in Turin, Italy

Walking through the streets of Turin will show you a part of the incredible history and culture of this city. It is advisable to do some kind of excursion or guided tour of Turin, both during the day and at night, since the city is dressed up and looks like another. These activities can be found online or in a tourist office. Some sites that you cannot miss in this city are the central square of Turin (Piazza Castello) where the Palazzo Madama (which was originally the site of the Parliament) and the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) is located. You can also find places like the Market Balon (with antiques, clothes and other objects), the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, the Museum of Contemporary Art or the Basilica of Superga. There are so many incredible places to visit in Turin that it is very difficult to mention them all.

On the other hand, something that you are also going to enjoy and possibly discover is the typical gastronomy of this city. In Turin, it is very common to start meals with starters and continue with typical pasta, rice or stew dishes. Some examples are vitel tonne (as a starter), anglotti (a kind of stuffed pasta), rice with mushrooms or truffle, etc. There is a great variety of dishes and they are delicious, do not stay only with the most typical ones! 

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Turin, Italy

Living in this city can bring you a lot and make your Erasmus experience incredible. On one hand, the local people are very friendly and will help you with whatever you need. In addition, Turin is one of the European cities with the most history, you can learn a lot. Also, if you don't know how to speak Italian, this is the perfect time to start studying it. A very important point is that it is not one of the most expensive cities in Europe, however, it is better if you keep track of your expenses. As a student (and especially if you join an association) you can receive a large number of discounts and offers on both food and transport.

Take advantage of all the advantages and opportunities that Turin offers!

Cheap Erasmus Apartments in Turin, Italy

What are the best student accommodations in Turin? On our Erasmus Play platform, you will be able to compare a wide variety of offers and find the best flats, rooms and apartments for students in Turin quickly and safely. All our accommodations are verified, so you can book them easily and without problems.

Frequently asked questions from students doing Erasmus in Turin

How much does it cost to live in Turin as a student?

An Erasmus student in Turin can spend, on average, around € 700-800 per month. This amount is only an approximation where the rental price, the everyday costs and possible leisure activities are included.

How is student life in Turin?

The student atmosphere in Turin is very international and lively. There are always things to know in the city or activities and events to attend. It is a very dynamic city, perfect to be an Erasmus destination.

How much does student accommodation cost in Turin?

If your idea is to stay in a room in a shared flat, you can find offers for € 150-200 per month. You can also look for rooms in residences, although this option is not the most chosen by students.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Turin?

To find out the exact amount you will receive with the Erasmus grant to study in Turin, we recommend that you contact your home university. The conditions and characteristics of this scholarship may vary depending on the country you are in, so it is better to ask your university directly to have the exact information.

Best areas to live in Turin?

The city of Turin is divided into 5 neighbourhoods, numbered from 1 to 5 and known as Municipalita. The centre is located in the area of Municipality 1, where there are more services and atmosphere, however many students prefer to live near their study centres and avoid daily trips to the centre.