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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Turin

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Turin

Private rooms Turin 1014 548/month
Residences Turin 63 564/month
Studios Turin 297 879/month
Apartments Turin 484 1271/month

Have you chosen Turin as a destination for your studies? Are you looking for accommodation in the Italian city of Turin? Well, take notes because we are going to give you a guide so that you know the types of accommodation they have available, the best neighbourhoods to stay in and we will solve all the doubts that you may have about your mobility to Turin.

The adventure cannot begin without having a place to stay, so this will be our starting point and the main challenge before travelling on Erasmus.

Student apartments for rent in Turin

It is not difficult to find a student rental apartment in Turin, although it is recommended that you start your search as soon as possible because the best accommodations tend to sell out quite quickly.

Among the available options, you have the option of renting an entire apartment for yourself, or for you and your friends if you are accompanied. The rental cost is much higher than if you decide to rent a room and share a flat, but you also gain a lot in comfort.

The good aspect of this type of accommodation is that you can invite your friends and be much freer, something that does not happen in a student residence. If you are one of those who do not like to share absolutely anything and you can afford it, you have quite a few options, although prepare, about 250-400 euros in monthly rental expenses.

It is quite common for some owners to include water and electricity in the rental cost, so do not be left with the doubt and ask your future homeowner through the website of our partners.

Student room for rent in Turin

Without a doubt, the star accommodation for Erasmus students in Turin, and in most destinations, is the rent of private or shared rooms. There are a whole lot of verified and available accommodations when looking for individual accommodation sharing flats. The price is much lower, making your stay in the city less expensive.

The prices will vary according to the amenities of your room, since there are rooms with private bathroom. The area in which you are going to be located will also impact the housing price in Turin, bear in mind that the closer to the city centre, everything becomes much more expensive.

We give great importance to being close to the city centre and in other locations this is very much important. In Turin, it is not so necessary because it has good communication via public transportation to be able to get where you want and when you want. So if you want to save money by renting a student room in a more remote area, you can do it without any second thoughts.

In Erasmus Play you will be able to find many rooms for rent for students in Turin and you will be able to see real photographs of each place. We try to have options of all price ranges so that you can compare and choose the best accommodation value for money. Also in Erasmus Play, we only aggregate verified accommodation to avoid any sort of frauds. 

Student accommodation in Turin

Most of the accommodation that we can find in Turin will be found inside buildings, known as palazzo. Hopefully, you can even find a room with a balcony or terrace. What you shouldn’t expect is to find buildings with elevators as they are very rare.

Turin is divided into 5 neighbourhoods, called Municipality, numbered from 1 to 5 and with many differences between them. Let's see which are the most central neighbourhoods and which ones are most recommended to live in and to find your student accommodation in Turin.

Apartments for rent in La Crocetta

The neighbourhood of La Crocetta is one of the favourites when looking for rental apartments in Turin and it is within Municipalita 1, in a very central area and next to all the services and nightlife. A neighbourhood that you should point out when you do your search for rental apartments during your Erasmus trip.

Apartments in Vanchiglia

Located within Municipalita 4 we find the Vanchiglia neighbourhood, another of the most sought after due to its proximity to the city centre. Many consider it to be one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Turin and consider it a privilege to stay there.

Room for rent in Lingotto

Surrounding via Nizza we find the Lingotto neighbourhood, an area well known for the shopping centre that bears the same name. It is an ideal place for all those Erasmus students who will study at the Polytechnic of Turin since it is located in this area.

Erasmus accommodation in Turin Center

The centre of Turin is considered as another neighbourhood, a fairly recent conception since before that centre was divided into other neighbourhoods such as Misericordia or San Filippo. The centre would be located in Municipalita 1, very close to La Crocetta and this is where we will find more services within reach.

University residences in Turin

An alternative to rented flats, private or shared rooms is that of student residences. Many universities in Italy have a wide range of residences for people who come from all over the world, so the ideal thing is that you inform yourself within the University you are going to attend.

In the case of Turin, you should know that Italian students who come from other towns or distant places have priority, so you will have to face a long waiting list to get a room.

Some of the student residences you can find in Turin are the Olimpia University Residence, the University Residence Borsellino, or the EDISU Giulia di Barolo University Residence.

Frequently asked questions about Turin 


Downtown can be the most comfortable place to stay, but also the most expensive. Turin has many beautiful areas to live in and has great communication between its neighbourhoods through public transport.


A student flat for just one person in Turin can cost up to 700 euros. Through the Erasmus Play search engine, the option is varied and you can find something cheaper from 250-400 euros.


Your best option is to use the search engine on our Erasmus Play website and forget about your worries. We have a wide selection of student accommodation in Turin, of all tastes and prices. We compare the entire offer of verified flats for you so you don't waste time searching.


Living in Turin is not as expensive as we might think if we compare it with cities like Rome or Milan. With a rent of around 350 euros, we could estimate that the total expenses could amount to approximately 700-800 euros.


Complete apartments for rent in Turin are not suitable for all budgets, so sharing a flat becomes the best option. Saving can be the main incentive but it has many other advantages such as meeting new people and different cultures.