Student housing, apartments and rooms for rent in Toronto

Student housing, apartments and rooms for rent in Toronto

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Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the capital of Ontario. It is a multicultural city with a very good quality of life, very safe and with a good public transport system. The universities and institutions in Toronto are very prestigious, the quality of their degrees and teaching staff are usually of high quality, which attracts the attention of young students around the world.

The atmosphere in Toronto is young, dynamic and cosmopolitan. In it, you will find something to do at all times and for the most varied interests. Also, from Toronto, young people usually take the opportunity to explore the nature that surrounds it, including sites like Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario and Montmorency Falls.

Are you looking for student housing in Toronto? Many students choose this Canadian city to live in for a period of time, so we recommend that you start your search as soon as possible. This way you will be able to choose between a greater number of accommodations, being able to find the ideal one for you easily.

Student apartments for rent in Toronto

Most of the apartments that you will find available in Toronto are studio apartments, which include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a small living room. The cost of these apartments is usually high, but they are ideal for those who want more privacy. Remember to check if the price includes the expenses of the utility bills (gas, electricity, internet, water, etc.) to avoid any surprise at the end of the month.

Typically, studio flats cost between $2,550 and $4,650 per month.

Student room for rent in Toronto

The cost of accommodation in Toronto is high, so renting a room is usually the most popular choice for international students. In addition, this allows you to share your experience closely with other young people. As a reference, know that the price of a room usually goes from $375 onwards, and can go up to $2,200 per month. It always depends on the features you have and the location of the place.

Student accommodation in Toronto

Being the largest city in Canada, in Toronto, you will find a wide variety of neighbourhoods to consider living in. For the number of options to not overwhelm you and to give you a better understanding of the city’s distribution, below we state some of the most chosen areas by international students to live during their stay in Toronto.

Apartments for rent in Midtown

This district is often preferred by young people, both local and international. It is located near the city center and the University of Toronto. In addition, its streets are full of trendy cafes, bars and restaurants, as well as a wide variety of shops, discos and relaxation places to study.

Apartments in Downtown

Downtown Toronto is an ideal place to live if you want to be in the center of everything, where you will never miss a plan to do or a place to go. From Downtown, you will also be able to easily reach other areas of the city. Of course, keep in mind that the cost of accommodation here is usually higher than in the surroundings.

Rooms for rent in Old Town

This neighbourhood is the oldest part of the city. It is an artsy and lively area, packed with vintage shops, old-fashioned cafes, restaurants and art galleries frequented by young international people.

Accommodation near the universities of Toronto

The following are some of the institutions that receive the most international students every year in Toronto:

University of Toronto

This institution has several campuses in the city. One of them is the St George campus, located in the University district. It is the oldest university in the city and has historic buildings. The other two campuses of the University of Toronto are about an hour away from the city center, both in Scarborough and Mississauga.

OCAD University

This university is mainly focused on the faculties of Art, Media and Design. Its campus is located in Downtown Toronto, consisting of several buildings located close to each other.

York University

The University of York has several campuses in the city. In the Midtown area is the so-called Glendon Campus and in the York University Heights area is the main campus, called Keele Campus. From downtown Toronto, it can be reached in about 45 minutes.

University residence in Toronto

In the capital of Ontario, you will find residences that belong to the universities and private residences too. If this is your preferred type of accommodation, we recommend that you compare the different residences that you have at your disposal, to choose the one that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that each one of them has different characteristics and offers different types of accommodation, such as a room, a studio apartment or a shared apartment between several students.

Frequently asked questions about studying in Toronto

How much does a student room cost in Toronto?
The price differs a lot according to the characteristics of each room and the apartment in which it is located. It can be in the range of $375 to $2,200 per month.
Which are the best areas to live in Toronto as a student?
Some of the preferred neighbourhoods by international young students who move to live in Toronto for a season are Downtown, the different neighbourhoods that make up Midtown, Old Town, Entertainment District, University and Old Toronto.
Where to find housing near the University of Toronto?
This institution has three campuses different. One of them is in the University district, in the center of the city. The other two are approximately an hour away, so you should look for accommodation in neighbourhoods close to the public transport stops that lead to them.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Toronto?
The cost of living in Toronto is usually quite high, but it depends on the lifestyle and location of the accommodation you choose - the more central, generally the higher the price. Estimate that you will spend about $1,750 to pay for rent, food and some entertainment.
Why study in Toronto?
Toronto is one of those multicultural cities that holds many activities, events and places for all tastes. Thanks to this, it would be very difficult for you to get bored in this city, being able to enjoy both the city itself and the surrounding nature. You will also construct everlasting friendships with other students from Canada and from all over the world.