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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Viterbo

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Viterbo

Private rooms Viterbo 12 735/month
Apartments Viterbo 2 1300/month

Viterbo is a small medieval city located in the Lazio region, in central Italy. It is a quiet city, although it has many things to do during your stay. In fact, from here you will be able to easily travel by train to nearby places, such as Rome or Florence, and also to areas with beaches and lakes.

As for the student lifestyle, in Viterbo there are no student associations, so organizing plans and events depend on students and young people. Despite being a quiet city, you will be able to enjoy nightlife both in the nightclubs and in the student residences and apartments. However, keep in mind that the party usually ends early, mainly because these places close early in Viterbo.

Surely you are wondering, how much does it cost to live in Viterbo if you are a student? This city is usually very affordable for students, but it mostly depends on the type of accommodation you choose. For this reason, it is advisable to do an intensive search, comparing between the different apartments and rooms available in Viterbo, to be able to choose one that meets all the characteristics and has a good price. On the Erasmus Play housing comparison site, you will be able to carry out this search for free, comparing the different verified accommodations available in this city.

Student apartments for rent in Viterbo

Normally the price of studio flats and apartments with two bedrooms is usually similar, being around € 400-450 per month. However, the advantage of sharing a flat is that you will be able to divide the monthly cost of rent and utility bills, so the monthly expense will be considerably less than in a studio apartment. In addition, another advantage is that you will be able to share the Erasmus experience closely with your colleagues.

Make sure to pay attention to the characteristics of each accommodation, such as the location or if it has a shared lounge, terrace, heating, equipped kitchen, etc... Of course, keep in mind that most of them include basic appliances such as a refrigerator, oven and washing machine. In the Erasmus Play housing search engine, you will be able to see all the characteristics, including the location, images and prices.

Student room for rent in Viterbo

In this Italian city, there are two types of rooms, single and shared. In both cases, they are usually furnished and have what is necessary for each student, including a bed, desk and closet. What you have to think about is whether you want to share both a flat and a room, or rent a single one to be able to have your own space whenever you want.

Keep in mind that the price of shared rooms shown is usually per person, not for the entire room, so each occupant will have to pay a different price. In general, the cost of a shared room goes from € 140 onwards per person, with an average of € 180 per month. On the other hand, the price of a single room is usually around € 170 per month and can go up to € 320.

Student accommodation in Viterbo

This Italian city is small, but there are different suitable neighbourhoods for students that you can consider when looking for accommodation, always depending on your preferences:

Apartments for rent in the historic centre of Viterbo

This is the most beautiful neighbourhood in town, where most of the medieval historical buildings are located. In addition, in the historic centre, there are several clubs, bars and restaurants which are mainly popular with students, as well as some of the University departments.

Apartments for rent in the north of the historic centre

In this of the Porta Fiorentina train station are some of the departments of the University of Tuscia. There is a very good atmosphere here, with several restaurants, bars, parks and shopping centres.

Rooms for rent near Porta Romana

The area to the east of Porta Romana is also very suitable for young people. Here are some of the University departments, as well as a wide variety of shops, restaurants, bars and places to play sports.

Erasmus accommodation near the University of Tuscia (UNITUS)

This institution is called in Italian “Università degli Studi della Tuscia”. It has several departments (old faculties) that are spread throughout the city, so you have to determine which of them you are going to go to to find nearby or well-connected accommodation. The departments into which they are divided are:

  • DEIM: it has the former faculty of Economics, Business Administration, Finance and Engineering. It is located on a campus located northwest of Viterbo. 
  • DISTU: Here are the departments of Modern Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures, History, Philosophy and Law. It is located in the historic centre of the city.
  • DISUCOM: includes the old faculties of Communication, Humanities and Tourism. This apartment is in the building located southeast of Viterbo, next to the Porta Romana.
  • DAFNE: This was the old Faculty of Agrarian and Forest Sciences. It is located near the DEIM campus.
  • DEB and DIBAF: Classes are taught here on the subjects of Biological and Ecological Sciences, as well as on innovation in systems. They are located on the same campus as DEIM.

University residence in Viterbo

It is often difficult to find a place in student residences in Viterbo since there is a lot of demand and little space. For this reason, international young people almost always choose to rent a room in a shared apartment, a type of accommodation in which they will also be able to share the experience with other students who are in the same situation.

Frequently asked questions about living in Viterbo

How much does a room cost in Viterbo?

The cost of a single room has an average price of € 210 per month and a shared one of € 180 per month.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Viterbo?

This depends on the country of origin of each student since in each one there are different rules in this regard.

What are the best areas to live in Viterbo as a student?

Some of the neighbourhoods most chosen by international young people who move to this city are the historic centre, the area to the north and the east, next to the Roman Gate.

How much does it cost per month for students to live in Viterbo?

The cost of living in this Italian city is usually cheap, but it always depends on the type of accommodation you choose. Assuming that you rent a cheap room, adding leisure and food expenses, estimate that you will spend about € 400-450 each month.

Why go on Erasmus to Viterbo?

In this city you will be able to enjoy Italian culture, knowing its traditions, its way of life and its gastronomy. In Viterbo, you will be able to share with a large number of international and local students. You will also have the possibility to travel to nearby places such as Rome or Florence.