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Information and tips for Erasmus students in Warsaw

Erasmus in Warsaw

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Warsaw

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Why should you do your Erasmus in Warsaw? How is the Erasmus experience in Warsaw? In general, Poland is one of the favourite countries for Erasmus students. Warsaw, especially, is a city full of parties and with a great student atmosphere. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about Warsaw. Get ready to live one of the best years of your life!

Cost of living in Warsaw, Poland

The cost of living of an Erasmus student in Warsaw is much lower than the one he or she would have in other cities such as Paris, London, or most European destinations. That gives you more possibilities to travel, to go out without spending so much money or, simply, to be more relaxed. However, it is better if you aren’t reckless and you control the expenses you have each week. Keep in mind that your biggest expense will be the accommodation rent. From our browser, we help you find the cheapest accommodation.

Many international students that study for a year in Warsaw use this time to travel to different countries. From this city, the transport is quite cheap and you will find many offers for students. Above all, think that this is a year to enjoy, meet people, discover new places and live unforgettable experiences.

Erasmus parties and leisure in Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is one of the cities with more students in Poland. Going out in such a city can be quite cheap, which is a great advantage if you are doing your Erasmus there. This city is full of students, how could there not be parties? You will be able to go out every time you want and whatever the weather is like. Winter is usually very cold and, sometimes, people don’t feel like going out… don’t worry, you will always find a party in a student apartment near you. However, if you go to a bar or a nightclub, you will notice the heating to the maximum, so forget the idea of being cold.

Erasmus from the previous years’ advised new students to look for a student group or association. They are always planning things to do, visits, or events so the Erasmus students can know and enjoy the city and its culture to the fullest. 

Culture and gastronomy in Warsaw, Poland

If something is abundant in Warsaw, it is its culture. We are going to name now some places that are a must-stop when you visit the city. On one hand, the Warsaw Rising Museum, which shows how in 1944 Warsaw rose against Nazis. Then, the Palace of Culture and Science, or the Royal Castle, are also emblematic and iconic places. Besides, you will also find a great variety of museums, galleries and tours through Warsaw. You have a lot to discover in the city, that’s for sure.

Something you will also know to perfection is Polish gastronomy. Generally, the traditional dishes are filling and quite cheap. Some of its most popular dishes are pierogi, bigos, zurek or, one of their most famous desserts, apple pie. Surely you will get to discover this wonderful cuisine to the fullest.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Warsaw, Poland

The destination you choose for your Erasmus will have a crucial role in this experience. If you are wondering what Warsaw can provide you, here you have some of the advantages this city has to offer.

  • Warsaw is located in the centre of Europe, therefore, if you are planning on travelling during your Erasmus, this is the perfect location.
  • The city has many offers for its students. On transportation, for example, you can get really good discounts.
  • Living as a student in this city is very affordable, which gives you the option to enjoy your Erasmus without stress regarding money problems.
  • The gastronomy of this city is exquisite and its people are very welcoming.
  • You will find students from all over the world who will become your family and friends forever.

Cheap accommodation in Warsaw, Poland

Do you need accommodation for your Erasmus in Warsaw and don’t know where to find it? On our browser Erasmus Play, you can compare many accommodation options (apartments, rooms and flats) for students in Warsaw and choose the one that suits you best.

Frequently asked questions from students doing Erasmus in Warsaw

How much does it cost to live in Warsaw as a student?

The cost of living of an Erasmus student in Warsaw tends to be cheaper than in many other European cities. With around € 700 per month, you can live quite comfortably in this city.

How is student life in Warsaw?

Warsaw is one of the cities with more students in Poland, therefore, there is no doubt that the student atmosphere in this city is very dynamic and it fills the city with life. Warsaw has a lot to offer and its students make the most of every opportunity.

How much does student accommodation cost in Warsaw?

The accommodation price can depend on different factors, such as the location or the type of accommodation. On Erasmus Play you can find rooms for students in Warsaw for around € 300-400 per month.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Warsaw?

The information regarding this question can vary depending on the country of origin of each student. Erasmus scholarships are subject to the norms and conditions of each country. We recommend that you contact your university in your country of origin, you can ask in the international relations office. They will help you with no problems.

What are the best areas to live in Warsaw?

Students usually pick the locations near their universities. It is better to search and compare different options before choosing one. Having your accommodation secured before going on Erasmus saves you a lot of problems. You can find flats, rooms, and apartments for students in Warsaw on the Erasmus Play platform easily and quickly.