Flatshare in Warsaw

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Warsaw

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type.residence 12 312/month
type.studio 265 1029/month
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Having a different lifestyle and culture than other European countries, the capital of Poland attracts many international students to live a different experience for a season. Arriving alone in a new city can be overwhelming at first, which is why many young people choose to live in a shared flat, to have company from the moment they arrive in the city. Surely your roommates will be from different parts of the world! Take the opportunity to share with them as much as you can, learning from their cultures and they from yours.

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Warsaw 


These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of living in shared flats in the Polish capital:

Advantages of sharing a flat in Warsaw 

  • The low price of rent and the cost of living helps you save money and allows you to do more trips around the country, also taking advantage of the fact that it is usually very affordable.

  • Poles have unique customs. If any of your roommates are from that country, try to learn as much as you can about their culture. At first, they can be a bit distant, but they surely end up being good friends.

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Warsaw 

  • During the winter and autumn, it is very cold in Warsaw. Look for accommodation that has a good heating system, although it often happens that utility bills are not included in the rental price. This can lead to arguments, so talk to your peers to reach an agreement on its use.

  • Some apartments and spare rooms are not in very good condition. Pay attention to the photos and characteristics of the apartment before deciding to book it.

Erasmus App for your exchange programme in Warsaw 

To facilitate the entire process of your exchange, we recommend that you use the apps for Erasmus+ that are available. One of them is the European Commission app in which, in addition to requesting a new mobility program, you will be able to carry out different procedures, view the Learning Agreement, read different tips on life in the city, among other necessary aspects for your exchange.

How to meet people in Warsaw? 


Apart from connecting with your flatmates, here are some ways to meet people in Warsaw:

Student associations in Warsaw 

The Erasmus Student Network has a branch in most universities in Warsaw. ESN volunteers organize affordable activities, events, workshops and excursions for students, making it a great way to meet other young people in the Polish capital. Another advantage is that they usually organize activities between the different universities, so you will also have the opportunity to connect with their students.

Facebook groups for Erasmus in Warsaw

The objective of Facebook groups is young people who come to the city on an exchange can meet other students who are in the same situation, at the same time that they are informed about the organized activities in the city. You will find, for example, several groups created by the ESN divided according to the academic year, which makes it easier for you to meet other young people who are going to be in Warsaw during the same time as you.

Whatsapp groups for Erasmus in Warsaw 

In the case of WhatsApp groups, the idea is for students to be in direct contact, quickly organising plans and finding out about everything happening in the city at the moment.

Tips for living in a shared apartment in Warsaw

Keep these tips in mind when living in a shared flat in the Polish capital:

  • They tend to be very strict about noise after 10/11 p.m. Comply with these rules to avoid generating problems and so that the landlord does not call your attention.

  • If the language throws you back in the decision, don't worry! Most of the locals can speak English, so communication will be easier. Of course, we suggest you learn some Polish to delve deeper into their culture.

  • In the months before the start of the school semester, rental prices tend to rise. Try to have your apartment assured several months before you arrive, thus avoiding the rise in cost. Search for accommodation as soon as possible.

  • Warsaw welcomes many students so making friends is easy as it gets, many young people tend to be friendly and open.

Frequently asked queries about sharing a flat in Warsaw

How much does a shared flat cost in Warsaw?
If you want to rent an apartment with more than two rooms, you have to know that the minimum price is €450 without expenses generally, to be divided among those who live there. If you prefer to rent a room in an already inhabited flat, calculate that the monthly cost will be around €250 per month.
Where to look for shared flats in Warsaw?
Do it in the Erasmus Play search engine, where you will be able to see both rooms and complete apartments for several people. Compare between the available accommodation and, when you find the ideal one for you, make the reservation completely online and safely.
How to meet people in Warsaw?
In Warsaw, there are many student associations that you can join, as well as various Facebook and Whatsapp groups. Also, sharing a flat with your flatmates is a good idea to not be alone when you arrive in the city.
Why share a student flat in Warsaw?
Mainly because you will be able to save on rent, being able to invest more money in other activities and trips to enrich the experience. Also, your roommates will surely become some of the closest people to you during the exchange.
What to ask before entering a shared apartment in Warsaw?
Some questions you can ask your flatmates are: Do they like to party a lot or are they rather quiet? Do they listen to very loud music or play an instrument? Do you organize gatherings in the apartment regularly? Can you smoke inside? Think about what aspects are important to you.