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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Wroclaw

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Wroclaw

Private rooms Wroclaw 225 346/month
Residences Wroclaw 5 643/month
Studios Wroclaw 9 765/month
Apartments Wroclaw 50 1351/month

Wroclaw, also known by its Polish name Wrocław, is located in the west of the country, on the Oder River. It has a very good environment for students and young professionals, with many young people from all over the world enjoying the different leisure offers, such as nightclubs, restaurants, parks, museums, among others. Besides, the city itself is very interesting to explore and has a very beautiful old town where the places visited by students are concentrated. You will be able to visit the most central areas easily by bike.

Wroclaw is a quiet but captivating city. It was declared the European Capital of Culture in 2016. It is also in a very good location for travelling to other parts of Poland and nearby countries such as Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Are you looking for student accommodation in Wroclaw? We recommend that you start your search well in advance, as it is the most student city in Poland. Also, in this article, we inform you of details that you have to take into account in the search, such as locations, prices and different types of accommodation.

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The price of student flats always depends on both the location and the characteristics they present. In Wroclaw, most of the apartments for rent come with details such as heating, internet and basic appliances such as washing machine, oven, microwave and refrigerator.

The price of a studio apartment goes from € 290 per month onwards, with an average of € 300. As for an apartment to share with other students, the price usually starts at € 540 for a two-bedroom apartment or € 680 for a three-bedroom apartment, onwards. Bear in mind that many of the flats do not include service charges in the price. You will have to face these expenses yourself or divide them among all the roommates.

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The price of a private room in a shared flat in Wroclaw ranges from € 160 per month onwards, with an average of € 200 per month.

In this Polish city, it is also normal to find rooms shared with other students. They usually have a desk and closet for each person, although this is not always the case, so pay attention to the characteristics of each room. The cost of a shared room can go from € 220 per person onwards, it will depend on the location and quality of the apartment.

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Wroclaw is a city where most of the places of interest for students are concentrated in the centre and historical centre. However, sometimes it is convenient to look for accommodation near universities. We tell you which are some of the best neighbourhoods to live in Wroclaw.

Apartments for rent in Stare Miasto

This neighbourhood is located in the centre of the city, close to many of the most interesting places to see in Wroclaw. It is one of the preferred areas for students to live in since a large part of the restaurants, bars and nightclubs are concentrated here. The price of a studio apartment here is around € 300 per month.

Apartments in Przedmieście Oławskie

This neighbourhood is located very close to the main train station, Wrocław Główny. From here you will be able to reach the city centre in approximately 20 minutes, both on foot and by public transport. A flat to share with other students has an average price of € 800 per month.

Rooms for Rent in Szczepin

The Szczepin area is located west of Stare Miasto, although the city centre can be reached in a few minutes. The price of a room in a shared apartment in this neighbourhood has an average of € 400 per month.

Erasmus accommodation near the University in Wroclaw

The following are some of the institutions that receive more international students every year:

University of Wroclaw

The University of Wroclaw has different buildings scattered throughout the city, so, conveniently, you define which one you will go to before choosing the neighbourhood to live in. One of its main buildings is located in the old town, but some other faculties are located further away from the centre of Wroclaw.

Wroclaw University of Technology

This institution is located east of the city centre, across the Oder River. From the historic centre or Stare Miasto you have about 15 minutes by public transport, so living there would be a good option. You can also choose other nearby neighbourhoods, such as Ołbin.

University residence in Wroclaw

There are several university residences in which to apply for a place in Wroclaw, as each university has its own. They are usually located in old buildings and divided into shared flats with private rooms. In most cases, they have basic appliances (such as heating, refrigerator, oven, etc.) and an equipped kitchen inside the accommodation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wroclaw

How much does a student room cost in Wroclaw?

In this Polish city, you will find both private rooms and shared rooms. The price of private rooms averages € 200 per month and the cost of shared rooms is around € 220 per month.

Why share a flat with other students in Wroclaw?

Most international students moving to Wroclaw choose this option. It allows you to share the experience with other young people closely and you will also be able to reduce the costs of renting the apartment.

Where to live in Wroclaw if you are a student?

The busiest entertainment venues in the city are in the centre and most of the university buildings are nearby. For this reason, the centre and old town of Wroclaw are good areas to find accommodation, as well as the Przedmieście Oławskie and Szczepin districts.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Wroclaw?

Living in Poland is usually cheap, so the cost of living in this city is not high. Of course, it always depends on the lifestyle you lead and how much you travel. Supposing that you rent a room in a shared flat, and adding expenses for food, leisure and some travel, think that you will have to have between € 400-500 per month.

Why go on Erasmus to Wroclaw?

This Polish city is the most prepared to receive students in the country, so the atmosphere among young people is very good. There are many activities to do, many beautiful and interesting places to enjoy, and also the cost of living is cheap.