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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Alkmaar

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Alkmaar

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This city is located in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands, in the west of the country. It is a small city but with a friendly atmosphere, known for the Danish Cheese Market, the canals and the different historical sites that it has.

One of the characteristics that most attracts the attention of students who come to live their Erasmus experience in Alkmaar is that the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, is only 30 minutes away by public transport. Thanks to this, in addition to enjoying everything that Alkmaar has to offer, you will also be able to enjoy the cultural, leisure, sports and artistic offer of Amsterdam. Students often travel to the capital to enjoy its nightlife venues.

Surely you are wondering, how much does it cost to live in Alkmaar for students? Well, you have to know that a large part of the students' monthly budget goes into the cost of the rent. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know when looking for accommodation so that you can find the ideal one for you easily. Meaning that it includes your preferred characteristics, has an affordable price and a convenient location (near the university and the city centre).

Student apartments for rent in Alkmaar

The largest number of apartments available for students in Alkmaar are shared apartments with more than one room. Each of the flats has different characteristics and locations, which determines their price. Of course, most of them are modern, furnished and have basic appliances such as a refrigerator, oven, heating and washing machine.

For your reference, the price of the flats to share in Alkmaar can go from € 1,200 per month onwards and can go up to € 2,050 per month. Pay attention to the details that are named in the description, as some flats can have three rooms but can accommodate six people, for example. This causes the price per person to decrease considerably, when living with more roommates.

Student room for rent in Alkmaar

Are you looking for a room for rent for students in Alkmaar? Keep in mind that this alternative is usually preferred by many of the students who go on Erasmus to this city in the Netherlands, so we recommend that you start your search well in advance. This way you can easily find a room that meets all of your preferred features, including an affordable price and a convenient location.

Most of the rooms are furnished, with a bed, wardrobe, desk and chair. You have to pay attention because they can also include some different details that stand out, such as access to a balcony, garden or a gym in the building in which they are located.

Student accommodation in Alkmaar

In this section we will tell you which are some of the areas preferred by international students to live during their Erasmus experience in Alkmaar, both due to its proximity to the most frequented leisure places and the university.

Apartments for rent in the centre of Alkmaar 

Most of the restaurants and entertainment venues that young people often go to during their stay in Alkmaar are concentrated in the central district of the city. The centre is packed with shops and prominent cultural sites, such as historic buildings and museums.

Apartments in Bergermeer

This area is quieter and more residential than the city center. However, it is very convenient for students because it is located next to the Inholland University building in Alkmaar. It has several green areas that you will be able to enjoy.

Rooms forin rentHuiswaard 

The southern part of this neighborhood is also usually full of students, as it has several restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. In addition, from here you will have easy access to the city centre, the main Alkmaar train station that connects with Amsterdam in a few minutes.

Erasmus accommodation near the Inholland University of Applied Sciences

This is the University of Applied Sciences present in several cities in the Netherlands. The campus in Alkmaar was recently renovated and includes innovative technology labs. It is located west of the city center, in the area called Bergermeer. Classes from all the university's faculties are taught on this campus, including business, education, health, and technology.

University residence in Alkmaar 

The University of Applied Sciences does not yet offer its students the possibility of living in a residence hall, which is why young internationals tend to choose a room in a shared flat. That way they can also have the experience of living with other students and sharing their day to day with roommates.

Frequently Asked Questions about studying in Alkmaar

How much does a student flat cost in Alkmaar?

The cost of the apartments depends on the characteristics and the location they have. For example, shared flats that have several rooms can go from € 1,200 per month onwards and can go up to € 2,050.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Alkmaar?

This depends on your country of origin since each of them has its own rules and different amounts are assigned to students.

How to find a cheap room in Alkmaar?

Access the Erasmus Play search engine, in which you will be able to compare between the different verified rooms, seeing their prices, their locations, their images and their characteristics. In this way, you will be able to find the ideal one for you and make the reservation 100% online and completely secure.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Alkmaar?

He estimates that you will have to have around € 800 per month to live as a student in Alkmaar, between renting a room in a shared flat, food and leisure expenses. However, this always depends on the type of accommodation you choose and your lifestyle, that is, how much you eat out, how much you go out and how much you travel.

Why go on Erasmus to Alkmaar?

In this Holland city, you will be able to delve into its culture, learning about its way of life and enjoying its traditions. You will also be able to enjoy everything that Amsterdam has to offer to young people, since you will be able to reach it in approximately 30 minutes by train. In Alkmaar you will be able to learn Dutch and improve your English, a language that you will use to communicate with other Erasmus students.