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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Utrecht

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Utrecht

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Located in the Netherlands, Utrecht is an increasingly popular city among young people who decide to study or work abroad. They all ask ourselves the same question: How much does it cost to live in Utrecht as a student? What is the best option to search for flats in Utrecht?

For your peace of mind, we have created this guide in which we are going to tell you about the different possibilities you have in terms of accommodation in the city of Utrecht. In addition to this resource, we also provide you with the search engine you can find on our website, Erasmus Play, to look for accommodation across Utrecht.

Do you want us to tell you more? Well, keep reading because this might interest you.

Student apartments for rent in Utrecht

Utrecht is a small and welcoming city, but big enough that it does not lack anything. It is a highly sought after destination for students and Erasmus, so finding accommodation is not so easy, something that you must take into account if you want to rent a student apartment in Utrecht. Our first advice is for you to keep in mind that in Utrecht, the issue is not only that there are few, but they are also in high demand. 

The second advice would be to prepare your pocket because the rentals in Utrecht are not cheap at all. Of course, do not expect to find something cheaper than 800 euros because it will be practically difficult. One of the factors that will influence the final price is the location, the downtown area is the most expensive.

Keep your eyes on the accommodations the Erasmus Play search engine offers, because what you will see is that they are 100% guaranteed flats at the best price. 

Student room for rent in Utrecht

Rooms for rent for students in Utrecht are also in high demand and the demand is just as great as in the previous case. This is explained because the University of Utrecht has great prestige, ranking among the 15 best on the continent. This causes thousands of young people to move here, making Utrecht almost a university town. Luckily, you have the Erasmus Play search engine at hand and you can start looking for your ideal room for your student stay in the Netherlands.

The price is still higher than in other European cities but they are more affordable than a flat for one person. The average price would be between 400-500 euros per room, depending on the location and qualities. In Utrecht, there are different districts or neighbourhoods and some are cheaper than others, but we will see that a little later.

Within finding rooms and sharing a flat with other students, there is the possibility of renting a shared room. This means not only sharing common spaces but also the bedroom. It is something that can make your stay in the city cheaper but is not suitable for all audiences.

Do you already know what type of accommodation you prefer? Don’t miss out on the following information to make the best choice.

Student accommodation in Utrecht

Cities are usually divided into neighbourhoods or districts and in Utrecht, you can find them of all styles and for all budgets. Wherever you go you will find a student atmosphere as many young people travel to the Dutch city every year. 

Among the options you will find for renting student accommodation in Utrecht, we recommend the downtown area or the neighbourhoods of Lombok, Nieuwegein or De Meern, of which we will talk more fully below.

Apartments for rent in Lombok

Close to the central station and the main square of Dom Square we find the Lombok neighbourhood where the apartments for rent for students have a price that ranges between 750-1000 euros. The atmosphere is totally student-friendly and you are surrounded by shops, restaurant areas, nightlife and everything you might need during your Erasmus stay.

Apartments in Nieuwegein

Nieuwegein is not exactly a neighbourhood, but a separate city, although many consider it part of the Utrecht metropolitan area. It is a very quiet area, with many restaurants and there is a very good connection to Utrecht through public transport. The rents are cheaper and the atmosphere is as warm as the city.

Rooms for rent in De Meern

If you want to get away from the bustle of the city but without leaving it, we recommend renting rooms in De Meern, an area about 6 kilometres from the centre where peace reigns. Rent is much cheaper in this area and the variety of accommodation is also different, as it is a more rural area and away from the centre.

Erasmus accommodation in Utrecht Center

The worst thing about staying in Utrecht Center is the price, but for everything else it is quite pleasant. Leisure, the student atmosphere through the old town, the canals ... In addition to having all the services within reach and public transport. You will be interested to know that Utrecht is only 30 minutes by train from Amsterdam.

University residence in Utrecht

Unlike what happens in other cities, the University of Utrecht does not have residences, neither with colleges nor anything like it. Yes, there are corporations or private owners that provide accommodation for students. To do this, you have to process an application but it is not so sure that they will grant it to you.

In the end, what you lose is time, which someone else can take advantage of to rent one of the accommodations that you can find in the Erasmus Play search engine. Be quick and don't miss out on your student flat in Utrecht!

Frequently asked questions about Utrecht

Is it expensive to live in Utrecht as a student?

Despite the fact that rents are expensive, life there is not that expensive, especially if you know how to manage your money well, learning where to buy and which places are cheaper.

Where to find cheap student accommodation in Utrecht?

Finding cheap accommodation for students in Utrecht is not easy as there is a high demand and the area is expensive. However, we invite you to use the Erasmus Play search engine and find your best option.

What is the best area to live in Utrecht?

Undoubtedly the centre is the ideal area to live in as there is a jovial and cheerful atmosphere. Noise can be your handicap, so maybe Lombok could be a better option if this bothers you.

Why choose Utrecht University to study?

The University of Utrecht has great prestige, ranking in the Top 15 of the best European universities and ranking in the Top 100 worldwide.

How much does a student residence cost in Utrecht?

There are no student residences as such in Utrecht. There are corporations that can help you find accommodation but there is no special price or any benefit in doing so.