Student housing, apartments and rooms for rent in Arlington

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Arlington is a city located in the metropolitan area of ​​Dallas - Fort Worth - Arlington, in the state of Texas of the United States. The Legacy River runs through the city, and in several surrounding areas, you can find parks and green areas to enjoy.

Students who move to live in Arlington for a season take the opportunity to enjoy all its entertainment offers, including sporting events in its stadiums (such as baseball, American football, among others), Six Flags amusement parks, and museums of different themes. Arlington is also home to a variety of dining options, as well as bars with live music and a few nightclubs.

A recurring question among international youth is, How much does it cost to students to live in Arlington? The cost of living in this Texas city is relatively inexpensive compared to other larger cities, both in terms of rental prices, food and entertainment expenses. Of course, remember that a large part of students' monthly budget goes to the cost of the rent, so you have to keep that in mind when choosing your accommodation.

Student apartments for rent in Arlington

Are you looking for a complete student apartment in Arlington? Most of the apartments available for young people in this Texas city are studio apartments. These have a capacity for one or two people, ideally a couple because their facilities (living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom) are usually arranged in a small space.

In general, apartments in Arlington are fully furnished, with everything a student needs and includes basic appliances such as a refrigerator, oven, and washing machine.

The cost of a studio apartment for students in Arlington usually has an average price of $ 1080 per month, but it always depends on its location and the characteristics that it has.

Student rooms for rent in Arlington

This alternative is usually one of the preferred by students, both national and international, to live in the city of Texas. This is because it has two main advantages. In the first place, that the price is cheaper than a complete apartment because both the rent and the expenses of the services (water, electricity, internet, etc.) are shared between all who live there. Secondly, because living in a shared apartment will allow you to live the experience more closely with other young people, making your day-to-day more fun and not feeling alone when you arrive in the city.

For your reference, the price of rooms in shared flats in Arlington usually goes from $ 480 and up. The average cost is around $ 750 per month, although it can also go up to $ 1,170 per month.

Student accommodation in Arlington

To make finding your ideal apartment easier, we have stated some of the most preferred neighborhoods by international and local young people below.

 Apartments for rent in Downtown Arlington 

Downtown Arlington is one of the best locations you can choose to live in. This is because it contains most of the leisure and restaurant venues frequented by students, so it tends to have a lot of life. Plus, it's just a few minutes' walks from the University of Texas Arlington campus.

Apartments South of Downtown Arlington

The southern neighborhoods of the city are also convenient for young people, as they are relatively close to university facilities. The area is packed with shopping malls and shops, as well as affordable student restaurants.

Room for rent in East Arlington

This area of ​​the city of Texas is one of the largest entertainment centers, as there are amusement parks, sports stadiums, and various restaurants.

Accommodation near the University of Texas Arlington (UTA)

On the main campus of this university in Arlington are all the facilities of the institution in the city, including the buildings of the faculties, the dormitories, its planetarium and the areas to do sports. The campus location is in the center of Arlington, very close to the most popular restaurants for students and places such as City Hall and various museums.

University residences in Arlington

The University of Texas at Arlington offers its students the possibility of choosing accommodation in one of its many residences. Each of them has different requirements for entry, so you have to take a good look at the conditions of each one. We also recommend that you see its characteristics. Some of them may include details such as a swimming pool, entertainment rooms with pool or foosball table, laundry rooms, gym, and transportation to the university campus. When it comes to price, most of them include service charges.

Frequently Asked Questions about studying in Arlington

How much does a student flat cost in Arlington?
This depends, to a greater extent, on the number of rooms in the apartment. For reference, a studio apartment has a price of around $ 1080 approximately and an apartment with two or more bedrooms usually goes from $ 1200 and up.
How to find a cheap student room in Arlington?
In the Erasmus Play search engine, you will be able to compare the verified rooms of different websites and online companies, seeing all their characteristics, images, prices, locations and entry requirements. You will surely find the ideal one for you quickly and easily!
Why share a flat with other students in Arlington?
This type of accommodation has two main advantages. One of them is to live the experience together with other students who are in the same situation as you, being able to share the day-to-day with them. Another advantage is that, generally, living in a shared apartment is cheaper than living in a studio apartment, having to face all the expenses by yourself.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Arlington?
Estimate that between the cost of rent, food expenses and some entertainment, you will have to have about $ 1500 approximately. This assumes you rent a room in a shared apartment at an average price.
Why study in Arlington?
In this city you will be able to immerse yourself in American culture to the fullest, being able to enjoy all its leisure, gastronomy and cultural offerings. In addition, from Arlington, you will be able to easily reach other cities in the area including Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and Houston.