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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Athens

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Athens

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The capital of Greece is waiting one more year for thousands of students to come to experience the adventure of spending a year of study outside their country of origin.

Without a doubt, Athens is a very attractive destination for young people, since it has a very attractive climate and from there you can go sightseeing and get to know the famous Greek islands. Besides, its university has great prestige and the accommodation here is very numerous, so we do not think you are going to have huge issues.

Of course, you have to know what types of student accommodation there are in Athens and for this we are going to help you. Once you are clear about your favourite type, we invite you to use the Erasmus Play search engine to easily compare all accommodations prices. Besides, Also, we are going to guarantee you access to verified accommodation so that you do not fall for the scams that usually occur on the Internet.

Student room for rent in Athens

If you have come to live the full Erasmus experience and you don't mind sharing a flat with other people, rooms for rent for students in Athens are the solution. This option is much cheaper than renting a complete apartment, and you can also find yourself in a more central area for a lower price.

There are two types within the rental rooms for students in Athens there are two types: single rooms or shared room. The individual rooms guarantee you that space of privacy, even if you later have to share common areas with your colleagues. Shared rooms lack even that privacy, so we only recommend it if your roommates are friends or close acquaintances.

The basic price you can pay for rooms for rent for students in Athens is around € 250, a figure that may increase depending on the qualities of the property and its location.

Student accommodation in Athens

At this point, you must know which are the most prominent areas in Athens to establish your student accommodation in the capital of Greece. There are many other neighbourhoods in addition to these that we are going to comment on, but if you want to take into account the location-price ratio, you should take a look at the following areas of Athens.

Student apartments for rent in Athens

Apartments for rent in Pagkrati

When you are looking for a flat you have to take into account the location and that communication by public transport is good. At this point, renting a flat in Pagkrati is one of the most recommended options. It is located near the centre, it has a good transport connection and housing prices are more affordable than in other areas.

Apartments in Ampelokipoi

Following the previous dynamic, we find the Ampelokipoi neighbourhood, another that is quite close to the centre and that offers student apartments in Athens at a price that most students with a more limited budget can afford. This neighbourhood has all the basic services and is well connected by public transport with the rest of the city.

Rooms for rent in Panormou

In the same vein as the previous one, we have Panormou, a neighbourhood whose distance from the city centre is not worrisome. The prices for renting rooms in Panormou are affordable for most budgets and are usually very well furnished. For example, to be able to move freely, you have nearby metro stations.

Erasmus accommodation in Plaka

Right in the historic centre we have the Plaka district of Athens and it is divided into two areas: Ano Plaka and Katao Plaka. It is an area with a lot of tourist traffic and noise, so if this bothers you, we recommend a previous option. If this does not matter to you and you can afford to pay for an Erasmus accommodation right in the centre, Plaka is a neighbourhood that will provide you with what you need and will allow you to live the experience to the fullest.

University residence in Athens

The last of the accommodation options in Athens for students to know about is living in a student residence or university residence in Athens. There is a good variety of them and the prices vary according to the residence, its location and the services that each one includes.

As a general rule, you should ask for a place at the residence hall and wait for it to be accepted. Living in a residence is very good but you will have to assess the degree of freedom you want to have during your experience in the city of Athens.

Frequently Asked Questions about Athens

How much does it cost to live in Athens?

Athens is one of the cheapest cities we can travel to and our monthly spending could reach € 600-700, this will depend on the expenses of each person and the accommodation they choose.

Why study in Athens?

Greece is a very interesting country to visit and experience the local culture. It is easy to communicate in English on a day-to-day basis but we recommend that you take a course to learn a word in Greek, it is not as difficult as it seems.

How to find cheap student flats in Athens?

If you are not familiar with the language this task can be more complicated. Luckily, we offer you the Erasmus Play search engine so that you can find the ideal accommodation at the best price, comparing the entire accommodation offer at once.

How much does a student residence cost in Athens?

The price will depend on various factors such as location, services included, room characteristics, etc. To give you an idea, the average is usually between € 300 per month, although this varies a lot by season, area and residence.

Where to live in Athens?

The best areas to live in Athens are found in the districts of the north and the south, however, it all depends on where you locate your centre of studies or work. Access the Erasmus Play search engine and find the best accommodation for free, comparing all the options.