Flatshare in Athens

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Athens

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There are a wide variety of characteristics that attract young people from different parts of the world to live for a season in Athens. It has a very good Mediterranean climate, interesting history oozes from every corner and is close to the paradisiacal Greek islands.

Compared to other European capitals, the capital of Greece has a cheaper cost of living. Also, if you live in a shared apartment in Athens you will have the possibility of living with roommates from different cultures.

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Athens 


These are some of the pros and cons of living in a shared apartment in the Greek capital:

Advantages of sharing a flat in Athens 

  • If one of your roommates is Greek, surely you will be able to meet a generous and warm person. The locals offer a lot of hospitality so you can easily integrate in their culture.

  • A lower rent price cost will allow you to choose accommodation in a more central area, such as Ano Plaka, Katao Plaka, Pagkrati or Ampelokipoi.

  • You will be able to allocate most of your budget to activities in the city and to travel to nearby places and the Greek islands, such as Santorini, Eos, Rhodes, among others.

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Athens 

  • In the spare rooms that are part of student residences, you will have to comply with the rules of the building, so you will have less independence than if you live in a private shared flat.

  • Sometimes the floors or appliances may be old, and sometimes the washing machine, kitchen or heating may fail. You must have a good relationship with the landlords, who are usually understandable and logical in their responses to these problems.

Erasmus App for your exchange programme in Athens 

You have at your disposal several Apps for Erasmus+ in which you will find information and data that will help you plan your exchange. You will also be able to read tips from students who live or have lived in Athens, such as shopping in the neighbourhood markets (Laiki) to save on food and make it fresher.

How to meet people in Athens?


In order not to be alone when you arrive in the city, choose to live in an apartment where you will be able to share with your colleagues. We also recommend that you consider the following options:

Student associations in Athens 

In Athens there are several associations for students that you will be able to take advantage of, both to meet people and carry out activities and to answer any questions you may have. One of them is the EMA Greece (Erasmus Mundus Association) and another is the Erasmus Student Network, which has a presence in several of the universities. For example, you will be able to join the ESN Athens AUEB or the ESN Kapa Athens, depending on which institution you go to.

Facebook groups for Erasmus in Athens 

The Facebook groups of the associations are very active and service for young people to see and sign up for the different activities and events that are available. In these groups, you will have the chance to join themed parties, karaoke, laser tag, visits to museums and even affordable trips to the Greek islands or Thessaloniki, for example.

WhatsApp groups for Erasmus in Athens 

You can also join WhatsApp groups, in which you will be in more direct contact with other students, being able to organize different plans on your own.

Tips for living in a shared apartment in Athens

We give you some tips for living in shared flats in the Greek capital:

  • Keep in mind that Athens receives a large number of tourists every year, attracted by the history and atmosphere of the city. If you are going to live in a downtown neighbourhood, you will surely see the streets full of students, tourists and locals.

  • Pay attention to the description and images of the apartments! Some of them have characteristics that differentiate them, such as a garden, a terrace, an outdoor space or even a balcony.

Frequently asked questions about sharing a flat in Athens

How much does a shared flat cost in Athens?
In general, the minimum price of a room in a shared apartment in Athens ranges from €200 and up, with an average of €300-350 per month. In the case of complete apartments to share, one with two rooms starts at €450 per month and up.
How to find roommates in Athens?
The best way to find roommates is through online communities like Erasmus Play, where you will also see the description and characteristics of the accommodation.
Why share a student flat in Athens?
Because thanks to paying a lower rental price, you will have more money to enjoy the artistic, historical and cultural offers of Athens. In addition, you will not be alone as soon as you arrive in the city and you will be able to rely on your colleagues to guide you through the different procedures and on a day-to-day basis.
What should I take into account when entering a flatshare in Athens?
You have to choose the most convenient neighbourhood for you, taking into consideration the location of the centre and your university. Remember that the city is very touristy and this can be a bit overwhelming if you live in the centre, although it depends on you.
How to choose ideal roommates in Athens?
We believe that the ideal is for your colleagues to be of nationalities different from yours, thus enriching your experience more. Likewise, if one of your classmates is Greek, you will learn even more about the local culture.