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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Aveiro

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Aveiro

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Aveiro is located on the west coast of Portugal very close to Porto and if you are looking to rent a flat, an apartment or a room for students in the area, you are in the right place

At Erasmus Play we want to give you the keys to the types of accommodation you can find in Aveiro and also help you find your apartment, so don't worry if you don't control the local language (Portuguese). 

How do we do it? Through the search engine that you can find on our website. You just have to write the name of the city and see all the available accommodations in Aveiro. Access all fully verified flats for rent, apartments and rooms for students in Aveiro.

Here are some useful tips about accommodation in Aveiro.

Student apartments for rent in Aveiro

Luckily for you, Aveiro is a fairly inexpensive destination for a study trip and we can find rental apartments at a very affordable price, although there is something for all tastes and pockets.

Are you one of those who does not like to share a flat with other people? Well, for you the ideal would be to rent a small studio or apartment for yourself. The price of this type of accommodation can vary depending on its location but already for 400-500 you can find quite good options.

It is also very common that you have requested this destination with a friend or classmate and that you want to share a flat together. In that case, student rental flats in Aveiro with 2 bedrooms cost around € 700-800 at least, so it can also be very economically advisable.

Through our map you can see the location of each accommodation and thus choose the one that best suits your needs.

Student room for rent in Aveiro

If you want to adjust your budget a little more and you don't care to share a house, we recommend that you take a look at the rooms for rent for students in Aveiro. There are options for all budgets and you can find modern and furnished rooms at a great price.

From 200 euros a month you can find rooms for rent for students in Aveiro, a price that can rise depending on the characteristics and location of the apartment. The variety is very wide and fits every budget, making it a very interesting option to consider when looking for student room rentals in Aveiro. 

Student accommodation in Aveiro

Aveiro has a subdivision of the very particular territory of Portugal which are the parishes. In practice, they are like neighbourhoods or districts within the city and you should know which of them is the most suitable for you. 

Next, we recommend some of the most popular parishes in Aveiro such as Aradas, Glória or Esgueira. There are many others, access our search engine and discover the best floors in each of the parishes.

Apartments for rent in Aradas

Aradas is one of those places far enough away from the centre to find more affordable apartments for rent but close enough to approach it when you want to enjoy the life that is breathed there. It is also quite close to the Santiago Market and very close to the Glória parish that we will see below.

Apartments in Glória

The parish of Glória is located south of the centre of Aveiro, so it is one of the closest neighbourhoods. Here the rents are somewhat lower than in the historic centre of the city and you can continue to enjoy the advantages of being located in a central area, with all the necessary services nearby.

Room for rent in Sao Tiago

Undoubtedly, students who have a place at the University of Aveiro will want to look for something in or near Sao Tiago, since this is where the campus is located. The prices around here are very consistent with what a student is looking for, both for renting rooms and for renting flats or studios in Aveiro.

Erasmus accommodation in the centre of Aveiro

The centre of Aveiro is a charming place that many do not want to get away from. There is a lot of life thanks to the tourism that comes to the city every day and the hundreds of students who have turned this fishing town into a university town. The prices here are somewhat more expensive but if that is not a problem, we advise you to consider it.

University residence in Aveiro

We cannot finish this article without talking about student residences in Aveiro and that is another of the options available to stay in the city during your trip or experience. 

There are different residences scattered throughout the city, being more numerous in the districts of Aveiro centre, Glória and Sao Tiago. The freedom you have in a university residence is often not the same as a rental apartment, but it depends on each person, this will be more or less important.

Frequently asked questions about Aveiro

Why choose Aveiro as your study travel destination?

Aveiro is a city on the Portuguese coast, with a wonderful climate and a very quiet environment to live in, different from that of large metropolises. It is also very well located if you want to visit other cities such as Porto.

How much does a rental apartment cost in Aveiro?

The price of an apartment for rent for students in Aveiro will depend on different factors, including the housing situation, but we could estimate an average of € 500.

How to find cheap rooms for rent in Aveiro?

The most viable option at this time is to go to our website, Erasmus Play, and do your search to find the cheapest rooms comparing all the offer at once.

Is life expensive in Aveiro?

No, everything will depend a bit on the type of accommodation you have chosen. To give you an idea, with a rent of around € 250/350 you can live well with around € 600-700 per month.

What is the best area to live in Aveiro?

There is no single answer to this question and it is that it will depend a lot on each person. What we can do is recommend some neighbourhoods such as Glória, the centre of Aveiro itself, Esgueira or Aradas.