Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Boadilla del Monte
Flatshare in Boadilla del Monte

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Boadilla del Monte

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Are you planning to live in Boadilla del Monte during your exchange? You have to remember that most students choose to live in a shared flat. In this way, they can be accompanied from the first moment they arrive in the city since roommates are usually some of the first friends and acquaintances in the city. In addition, this will make the day-to-day of your exchange more lively, considering that Boadilla del Monte is usually a quiet city for students.

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Boadilla del Monte

In case you still don't know if sharing a flat is the ideal type of accommodation for you, here are some of the pros and cons of living in shared flats in the Spanish city:

Advantages of sharing a flat in Boadilla del Monte

  • Take advantage of the savings on rent to enjoy everything that Madrid has to offer in terms of leisure and entertainment, since it is approximately one hour away by public transport.

  • As there are many rooms available in Boadilla del Monte and Madrid, you will surely find a room in one of the convenient neighbourhoods for you, depending on the university you attend. Some of the most chosen neighbourhoods are the centre of Boadilla, Las Lomas and El Olivar de Mirabal.

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Boadilla del Monte

  • In this city, there are still no student residences, so you will not be able to pick a spare room in that type of accommodation.

  • Some apartments can have up to 10 rooms, so you will have to share the common space with many people.

Erasmus App for your exchange programme in Boadilla del Monte

In these apps, you will be able to investigate a large amount of relevant information for the exchange in the Spanish city, and you will surely find the answers to the doubts you have and more. One of the data to take into account is that Boadilla del Monte corresponds to the B2 fare zone of public transport in Madrid. To save on public transport, you should buy a monthly subscription with the discount for young people under 26 years of age if it applies to your age.

How to meet people in Boadilla del Monte

Are you nervous about arriving alone in this Spanish city and not knowing anyone? Don't worry, it's easy to meet other students who are in the same situation as you. Here are some of the ways you can do it:

Student associations in Boadilla del Monte

Most universities in the Madrid area have a branch of the Erasmus Student Network, the association for Erasmus preferred by the majority of young people in different European cities. For example, you can join the ESN Madrid UPM if you are going to the Polytechnic University of Madrid. With it, you will be able to be part of many fun activities and events.

Facebook groups for Erasmus in Boadilla del Monte

You can find university groups that you can join, as well as ESN Facebook groups. We recommend that you join the latter because in them you will be able to see the programming of the different activities and events that you will be able to take part in. Some of them include cultural visits to Madrid, nature outings to nearby sites such as Navacerrada and gatherings of beers and tapas.

Whatsapp groups for Erasmus in Boadilla del Monte

Both Facebook groups and student associations often create WhatsApp or Telegram groups so that young people can communicate with each other directly. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself and meet people who have similar interests to make plans together.

Tips for living in a shared student apartment in Boadilla del Monte

Keep in mind these recommendations related to living in shared flats in this Spanish city:

  • If you will visit Madrid frequently, you should look for accommodation that has a good public transport connection with the Spanish capital.

  • Are you one of those who like to walk outdoors in their leisure time? You can look for an apartment that is near the green areas of the Guadarrama River!

Frequently asked questions about sharing a flat in Boadilla del Monte

How much does a shared flat cost in Boadilla del Monte?
The average price of a spare room in a shared flat in this city is around €500 per month, although it can be between €340 and €1,000 per month.
How to find roommates in Boadilla del Monte?
One of the best places to search is the Erasmus Play online community, where you will also have the possibility to compare the different verified shared flats that you can rent.
How to meet people in Boadilla del Monte?
You can join the different associations for university students, such as the ESN Madrid UPM of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. There are also Facebook and WhatsApp groups where you can meet other students before arriving in Boadilla del Monte.
What are the advantages of sharing a flat in Boadilla del Monte?
This city is small and quiet, so living with roommates will make your exchange livelier and more fun. On the other hand, you will also be able to take advantage of the savings in the monthly rental cost to enjoy Madrid to the fullest and the rest of the cities and natural sites in the surroundings.
What to ask before entering to share an apartment in Boadilla del Monte?
You have to find out what the basic established rules of the apartment are, especially about aspects of coexistence such as cleaning, visits, schedules, etc. In addition, you should ask the owner if utility bills are included in the price.