Rent of flats, apartments and rooms near the University of Bologna
University of Bologna

Rent of flats, apartments and rooms near the University of Bologna

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The University of Bologna is one of the TOP 3 Universities in Europe. Thousands of students from all over the world want to study in this city. One of the main reasons is its great student atmosphere. For this reason, a very important factor to consider is the search for accommodation.

Do not leave this task to the last minute, since as time passes the difficulty of finding an available apartment for rent for students increases. Student housing waits for no last minute people in Bologna.

Here are some tips to make this process easier.

Student housing in Bologna near the University of Bologna

The University of Bologna is the oldest in the world and is located in the heart of the city. The surroundings of the University are full of young people, with a lot of vitality and common interests. Being lucky enough to have a student experience in Bologna is one of the most wonderful things in the world. Now, if you want to live this experience intensely, you must find a suitable and well-located accommodation. We mainly recommend 2 areas:

The center of Bologna

An ideal place where everyone wants to live. You are right in the center, the most emblematic places of the city are within your reach (Garisenda and Asinelli Towers, Basilica of San Petronio, the University, etc.) The prices of the apartments for rent in this area are slightly higher, something that you should consider.

San Lazzaro and San Donato

They are more affordable places, here the rental price is lower. Communication by public transport is quite good and that is why many young students and professionals who go to Bologna for a long time decide to reside in these areas.

Rooms for rent near the University of Bologna

The first thing you should know before searching is how the Italians call their types of accommodation. Next, we show you the main terms:

  • Monolocal: It is a room in which the kitchen, dining room and bedroom are together. They are usually cheaper but also somewhat small.
  • Camera Singola: It is about renting a single room with the right to kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc.
  • Camera Doppia: Same as the previous one but this will be double, that is, you share it with another person.
  • Bilocal: Loft type but with two bedrooms. Ideal if you go with a friend.

Student residences University of Bologna

There are two types of students: those who wish to live in a student residence and those who do not. What type are you?

As in everything, there are advantages and disadvantages of living in a university residence in Bologna. Surely you have cleaning and dining services included, in exchange for a higher cost than a single room for rent. Another important factor is the internal regulations of each residence. If you live alone you will have more freedom and you can do whatever you please. It will be up to you to decide which place you want to choose to live the next months of your life.

Apartments for UNIBO students

As it has already been explained throughout the page, there are different options for living in Bologna, all of them with their advantages and disadvantages. Renting a furnished apartment for students is usually the best option since you can share it with other students like you. The offer of apartments is quite wide, however, you should make a comparison of all of them to truly find the ideal one for you. We recommend that you value the location and condition of the apartment a lot through the photos that we break down.

Apartmentsnfor rent for students of the University of Bologna

The first thing you should do once you know that your Erasmus destination is Bologna, is to look for an apartment for rent available for students. As a summary, the main characteristics that you should look at are the following:

  • Price
  • Location
  • State of the room / floor
  • Accessories included (washing machine, dishwasher, micro, etc.)
  • Service included (water, electricity, internet, etc.)

With the search engine From Erasmus Play you have access to all that information in a simple and organized way.

Life at the University of Bologna - Università de Bologna

The University of Bologna is internationally recognized for its history and continuous improvement in the quality of its studies. It has the university library with historical archives from 1712, as well as a spectacular museum, the Palazzo Poggi Museum.

The daily life of a student at this university is something that cannot be explained in words, you will have to live it. Its environment, its people and the student spirit that is lived is something that is available to very few cities.