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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Bordeaux

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Bordeaux

Private rooms Bordeaux 1195 686/month
Residences Bordeaux 49 603/month
Studios Bordeaux 9 2467/month
Apartments Bordeaux 257 1271/month

Bordeaux is one of the most beautiful cities in France to do Erasmus. One of the reasons why many young people move here every year is because, in addition to being a city with a wide range of leisure and culture, it is relatively close to the beach. Note that it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Are you looking for student accommodation in Bordeaux? You have to know that in this French city you have the possibility of staying both in fully furnished flats, in rooms in shared flats or in university residences. If you do not know where to start looking for accommodation, here you can find everything you have to take into account to find a verified rental apartment in Bordeaux and how to make a safe and 100% online reservation.

Student apartments for rent in Bordeaux

Finding a rental apartment in Bordeaux can be a bit tricky if you don't do it well in advance. Many students are looking for accommodation in this French city, which makes the demand very high. That is why we recommend looking for it as soon as possible, and what better way to do it than with Erasmus Play, where we help you compare the offers of different online platforms and companies specialized in accommodation! Also, for your safety, all accommodations have been previously verified.

In the search engine, you will see the most important characteristics of your room and the apartment for rent. Pay attention because each accommodation has its peculiarities. In Bordeaux, you will see, for example, that many of the apartments that appear include a garden!

Student room for rent in Bordeaux

A large part of the students who come to this city choose to rent a room in an apartment shared with other students. This alternative has many advantages, such as being cheaper than looking for a complete apartment on your own and being more fun, being able to meet people and share the experience.

The price of a room for rent for students in Bordeaux depends on characteristics such as the location of the apartment, but keep in mind that it goes from € 500 per month onwards and that the average is € 600 per month.

Student accommodation in Bordeaux

Finding student accommodation in Bordeaux can be a difficult task. For this reason, when you see one in the search engine that suits you, make up your mind quickly and rent 100% online and secure.

We will tell you which are some of the best neighbourhoods to live in Bordeaux if you are a student.

Apartments for rent in Hôtel de Ville - Quinconces

This neighbourhood is part of the city centre of Bordeaux, so if you choose to live during your Erasmus, you will be in a place with a good atmosphere, located near the most emblematic and important places in the city. Besides, there is a very good connection with universities.

In general, in the Hôtel de Ville - Quinconces neighbourhood the apartment offer is studio type. The price ranges from € 600 per month onwards, with the average being about € 1000 per month.

Apartments in Mériadeck

Are you looking for cheap student apartments in Bordeaux? The Mériadeck neighbourhood and the surroundings will probably be where you will find the right accommodation for you. The monthly price of a studio apartment in these neighbourhoods starts at € 380 and you can find a two-bedroom apartment to share from € 480 onwards.

Rooms for rent in the Saint Genès neighbourhood

This neighbourhood has a good location, between the city centre of Bordeaux and the universities. Besides, it is an area very chosen by young people to live in, so it has a good university atmosphere. The price of a room in an apartment shared with other students goes from € 540 per month onwards and the average is about € 690.

Erasmus accommodation near the University of Bordeaux

This institution is separated into four independent universities, located on two campuses in different parts of the city. For this reason, it is convenient to determine in which of them you are going to study before looking for accommodation, both to look for an apartment near the university or to have a good transport connection.

University of Bordeaux

This campus is home to the Faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences. It is located in the neighbourhood of St Agustín, so that neighbourhood or that of St Genès are good options to find student accommodation.

Segalen University of Bordeaux

Here are the faculties of Medicine, Sports, Oenology and Humanities. It is located on the same campus as the University of Bordeaux, so the two neighbourhoods named above are good alternatives. Also, they are located about 25 minutes by tram from the city centre, so you can also look for accommodation there.

Montesquieu University of Bordeaux

Here are the faculties of Law and Economic Sciences. The campus is a bit out of the city centre, but there is only about a half-hour tram ride away.

Bordeaux-Montaigne University

In this university, the careers of Humanities are studied. It is located on the same campus as that of the Montesquieu University of Bordeaux. The St Agustín area is also a good alternative to find accommodation with good connections.

University residence in Bordeaux

There is a network of university residences that offer rooms to international students. To be able to live in one of them you have to apply for a place, but there is so much demand that it is very difficult to get one.

There are four accommodation options available in the residences, it can be a studio apartment or a shared apartment with two, three or four bedrooms. Another feature is that they are divided between renovated and non-renovated rooms. The former usually have a private bathroom, although the non-renovated ones are cheaper.

Frequently asked questions about Bordeaux

How to find an apartment near the University of Bordeaux?

First, we recommend that you determine which campus you will go to since they are located in two different places. Then, access the Erasmus Play map to see the offer of verified apartments near that location and book quickly and safely.

How much does it cost to live in a university residence in Bordeaux?

This depends on whether you want (or are assigned) a studio flat to yourself or a room in a shared flat. The price can range from € 200 to € 400 approximately.

Where to look for a student room in Bordeaux?

We recommend looking for accommodation as soon as possible, as this French city receives many students every year. Erasmus Play compares hundreds of rooms in Bordeaux so you can find the best one.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Bordeaux?

The average monthly expense is around € 700-800 per month, assuming you decide to live in a room in a shared apartment or a student residence. Everything will depend on the rhythm of live and the extra expenses that you have.

Why go on Erasmus to Bordeaux?

This French city is perfect for a study season as it is relatively small but has all the comforts of a big city. Here you can immerse yourself in French culture and interact with thousands of international students.