Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Bordeaux
Flatshare in Bordeaux

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Bordeaux

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Bordeaux is a good option if you want to live in France and have a lower budget than what is needed, for example, to live in Paris. Likewise, living in a shared apartment in this French city is the most affordable option for the average student budget, with the average cost being €500 for a single spare room.

Shared apartments in Bordeaux can have 2, 3, 4 or even 5 bedrooms, so the number of roommates you will have depends on that. Try to think about how many people you want to share common spaces with, such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Bordeaux

The following are some of the pros and cons of living in this city in the west of France:

Advantages of sharing a flat in Bordeaux 

  • From Bordeaux airport, there are usually very cheap flights to different parts of Europe, something that you can take advantage of a lot if you save on your monthly rent.

  • Each of the apartments has different characteristics, and it is normal for many apartments in Bordeaux to have access to a garden or a terrace.

  • You will find spare rooms in neighbourhoods close to all the university campuses, so you will surely find one with a convenient location for you, such as St Augustine or St Genès for students going to the University of Bordeaux.

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Bordeaux

  • In many shared flats there are usually many gatherings and parties at night, especially on weekday nights when nightlife in Bordeaux is not abundant. Ask your flatmates about this to figure out what the conditions of the flat are, like because it can be a situation that generates problems.

  • In the case of shared flats that are part of residences, keep in mind that there is a difference in price between those that are renovated and those that are not. 

Erasmus Apps for your exchange programme in Bordeaux 

With the Apps for Erasmus+, you will make the process of your exchange easier. In them, you will find instructions to carry out procedures, the Learning Agreement, information on services and discounts as well as experiences of students from previous years. One of the tips that students usually give is to look for transport vouchers to use the city's buses, trams and bikes at a discount.

How to meet people in Bordeaux

These are some of the simplest ways you have to meet people in the French city, in addition to connecting with your flatmates:

Student associations in Bordeaux 

One of the favourite associations for Erasmus is the ESN Bordeaux, where student volunteers help those who arrive with questions about the city. They also organize events and activities for internationals to integrate, such as affordable trips to Paris, cultural cafes to share, sports events such as running, going to the movies, among others.

Facebook groups for Erasmus in Bordeaux 

In this social network, you will find several groups for international students. One of them is ESN Bordeaux, where they publish the calendar with the planned events. Other groups are those that differ according to the academic year, in which you can meet other students who will be there at the same time as you.

Whatsapp groups for Erasmus in Bordeaux 

On many occasions, associations, Facebook groups or the students themselves create WhatsApp groups to have instant communication and keep up to date with what is happening in the city.

Tips for living in a shared apartment in Bordeaux

Here are some tips for your life in sharing apartments in Bordeaux:

  • Contrary to what is thought of the French in general, the Bordeaux are usually very friendly, welcoming and generous. Sure you can socialize with them and make good friends, and much better if you live with a local as a roommate!

  • If you like wine, take the opportunity to do tastings and try some of the best wines in the country. Although if you still don't like it, surely after living in Bordeaux you will like it.

  • There are several events and festivals that you can enjoy with your flatmates in the city, such as the Bordeaux Jazz Festival or the Coupé Court Festival, a film festival.

Frequently asked queries about sharing a flat in Bordeaux

How much does a shared flat cost in Bordeaux?
The price of a room in a shared apartment in this French city is usually around €500 per month, but it can have a minimum of €350 and a maximum of €800 per month approximately. An apartment to share usually starts at €890 and up.
How do I meet people in Bordeaux?
To avoid loneliness upon your arrival in the city, we suggest you share a flat, so you are accompanied by your flatmates. In addition, you can meet people through ESN Bordeaux, Facebook and WhatsApp groups that you will find online.
Share a flat or live alone in Bordeaux?
We recommend that you share a flat, but you have to start your search well in advance if you want to find one that has all the essential characteristics for you.
What should I know before entering a shared flat in Bordeaux?
We recommend that you ask what the established rules of the apartment are regarding for example, receiving visitors, smoking inside the apartment, having pets and the cleaning schedule. These are issues that it is better to leave resolved from the beginning so that a negative environment is not generated.
What are the best apps to find roommates in Bordeaux?
One of the best apps/websites that you can use is Erasmus Play, where you will also be able to see the images, characteristics, prices and locations of the available apartments.